Snowball in the Springs


Las Vegas 51’s Vs. Colorado Sky Sox


        After a overcast day in Denver we still headed down to the Spring despite the weather. Denver and Colorado Springs are like different planets when it comes to weather. Sometimes rain in Denver means warmth and sun shine in Colorado Springs, But not this night the further south we traveled the worse it got but we kept going!


 Traveling over Monument pass their was almost zero visability. We did debate turning around, but since we traveled that far already we decide to see if they were going to get the game in. Like always in the Springs we headed to the field behind the stadium to see if we could find some Easter Eggs. I found 2 real quick. So Gary X and I headed to go into Security Service Field. We then headed by the dugout to get a few autographs. Robert remained out back looking for more balls. He ended up finding 12 or so.

IMG_4906.JPGIan Stewart was reassigned to the Springs last week. Here he is warming up (well as warm as you could get when its in the mid 30’s). He signed a bunch of auto for us and others in the crowd. He seemed to be up beat and was like Ian of 2 years ago at Coors it realy showed in the game as well.

IMG_4909.JPGEric Young Jr. getting some sprints in during warm ups. When asked what he thought about the weather he said he did not like it and this was Football weather not Baseball weather. He also signed a few autos like always EYJ is one of the nicest players, always signing and talks with the fans in the Springs and at Coors. 

IMG_4912.JPG                      Ian Stewart and Cole Garner tossing the ball around.

IMG_4915.JPG Well their were no hosers today but the did put down the stuff that helps keeping the field dry. The grounds crew did a great job of keeping the field in good shape despite the cold weather and snow.

IMG_4920.JPGEric Young Jr. Cole Garner and Chris Nelson chat during warm ups. Note the head gear and turtle necks.
IMG_4924.JPGChris Nelson Heading to the dugout after warm ups. He also stopped for some autographs.


IMG_4926.JPG                                          The Umps heading to the Field 


IMG_4930.JPGHere is one of the photos to show off my mad photo skillz. This one is in color BNW to follow.

     The Starting Line Ups For The Las Vegas 51’s and The Colorado Springs Sky Sox


IMG_4940.JPG              Ian Stewart leads the team out onto the field for the start of the game. 


IMG_4944.JPG                     EYJ, Cole Garner and Charlie Blackmon head to the outfield 


IMG_4955.JPG                 Ian Stewart getting in some throws to 1st baseman Mike Jacobs 


IMG_4969.JPG        Sky Sox Pitcher Josh Mueke Throughs first pitch to Ex. Rockie Scott Podsednik 


                                       Mike Jacobs making the play at first.

 Scott Posednik lead off the game with a ground out. followed by a Brett Lawrie double and a DeWayne Wise single. Eric Thames would then hit in to a double play the hardway going 3,4,3. in English firstbaseman got the ball threw to second and the back to first. Here is a sequence of photos from the play.




                                      That was the end of the top of the 1st.

Eric Young Jr. Leads of the inning with a bunt attempt that went foul down the first baseline. Gary X jokingly yelled he got it and the 51’s 1st baseman picked it up and tossed it to him. that was the first game ball one of us would recieve. Alfredo Amezaga then hit a double. Charlie Blackmon would flyout Josh Fields would walk and Ian Stewart came to the plate, he would crush a homer to left which would score 3 runs. So Robert head out of the stadium to look for the HR ball. he at first did not find the ball but found 2 more practice balls. He would later find out during another trip that a member of the grounds crew grabbed it and then did give it to him. So for those keeping score at home that is the second ball we got from the game. The 51’s would answer back with 1 of their own in there own in the 2nd inning. The Sky Sox did not score in the second and was the only inning besides the 8th that they did not score a run.

IMG_5016.JPG                     Ian Stewart Running the baes after his 1st inning Home Run

IMG_5051.JPG                             The Sky Sox Bullpen as the snow comes down 


                     OK here is the BNW photo to show off my mad photo skillz!

IMG_5079.JPG              Chris Nelson Standing at first after his Fielders choice hit in the 3nd inning. 


                Before the game one of the Sky Sox promotional staff approached Gary X and I about doing one of the contests before the game. I said I did not want to but that was all Gary X. So during the 3rd inning Gary headed down to the field. The game was to identify of a blurry photo of a famous person.
IMG_5093.JPG                                                 So who do you think it is?



            So Gary X did get it correct and he won 2 tickets to a future Sky Sox game.


IMG_5100.JPG                                     The photo was of President Barack Obama.


IMG_5108.JPG             Ian Stewart reaching for 1st base after he hits a single in the 3rd inning.

       Took a lot of close ups of first base just because, we were so close to the field.

The Sky Sox would score 2 times in the 3rd on a Josh Fields HR and you guest it Robert headed out and got that ball. That was His second HR and the third for the group for the night.

The Sky Sox would then score 1 in the 4th. 5 in the 5th. with the home run parade countinuing with Charlie Blackmon’s first homer of the game making the score 11-1 just incase you lost count!!!!! Yes Robert got that ball also. # 3 for him 4 for the group. Later on a trip to the bathroom Gary X got a foul ball that was hit to the section he was walking past. #5 for the group 2 for him.


IMG_5121.JPG                     Charlie Blackmon catches a fly ball in the 4th inning. 

     The Sky Sox hit fest countinued with 4 more runs in the 6th. 2 in the 7th. The 51’s also score a run in the 6th and their 3rd run in the 8th. In the 8th inning a 51’s player hit a pop up to the first baseside I was ready to catch it drifted back towards the field and Mike Jacobs bounced it off his glove and into the stands which i picked it up that was my first game ball ever in a Minor or Major League game. That brings the group total to 6. Robert would chase another home run but was confronted by a toddler who kick him in the shin and ran off with the ball. (Thats my story and I am sticking with it). So he did not get it. Sky Sox 1st base caosch Rene Lacheman also tossed up a ball to Gary X. So between the 3 of us we got 7 gameballs. and about 15 easter eggs from the field behind the stadium!


               Earlier in the game i got this next sequence it is kind of funny.



The 51’s 3rd baseman making a throw to first. 


to the Right: Then the first baseman David Cooper relizing it is going over his head.





Me relizing it is coming at me!!! The ball ended up hitting the wall about 3 or 4 inches from the top.



  In the game the game the Sky Sox had at least 5 batters to the plate in every inning but the 8th. Charlie Blackmon would hit 2 home runs. Josh Fields was just a triple shy of the cycle and Ian Stewart was a double away from the cycle going 4 for 4 with 2 walks. Chris Nelson also fell a double short of the cycle. Catcher Jordan Pacheco would go 5 for 5. In all the Sky Sox had 24 hits 17 runs. The 51’s would hit 13 and score 2. This game despite the weather was alot of fun.



                                                        The Final Scoreboard



                                Jordan Pacheco signing autographs after the game.



The Next Rantics Field trip to the Springs will be next Tuesday. Till then the Rockies will be home for a 3 game series against the Pirates this weekend See Ya at Coors.


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