U Pitched Well, But Did not get the Double U!


SF Giant Vs. Colorado Rockies


SF Giant Vs. Colorado Rockies

So this day was 9 News weather and science day. The Event was hosted by Kathy sabine and Steve SpanglerThe did a bunch of experiments for about and hour this one they created a cloud. I blame this for the rain in the 7th inning!!!!

after checking out a bit of the the science and weather stuff I headed over to the bullpen where Jason Hammel was throwing a bullpen session.Here’s a few photos of him and Pitching Coach Bob Apodaca.Then I headed out to the Pavillions “D” and a few others were hangin out theirThe Stevie’s were also out there.Joy, Brittany and Mike Murphy were also out there but I have know photos of them from this game.Headed over to the first baseline and the hosers were doing their thing. The Rockies Relievers heading to the Bullpen before the game.The Giants staff lead by Brian “The Beard” Wilson

Ubaldo Jimenez throwing the first pitch to Giants Andreas Torres who swung at the 1st pitch and flew out to Spilli in Right Field. The Giants Scored 1 in the 2nd and then The Deuce Troy Tulowitzki Lead off the Rox 2nd inning witha solo HR 1-1.

So How far did it go?????Before they even posted the choices I said 401ft the actual distance was 402ft.

The Giants scored 2 in the second and then their was not any runs til the Rockies 8th when they put together a series of hits and scored 4. I like it when they play fundemental Baseball and produce runs with out swinging for the fences, I think if they did that more they would be alot better the when they are playing catchup and swinging for HR with no runners on and down by 3 or 4 runs. Dex Grounding out to the 2nd baseman in the 3rd inning.

The next few pitchers are from different points in the game the Rox did win this game 5-3. Ubaldo did not get the win because the Rox were down when he left in the 7th inning. I Man taking a swing in the 5th. He hit into a double play for the first 2 outs of that inning. Dex very high pop out to Aubrey Huff in the 6th inning. The 2 of the Matts warming up in the bullpen in the 7th inning Belise on the left Reynolds on the right.

Since my last post and this game their have been a few changes to the bullpen franklin Morales was traded to the Red Sox. Felipe Paulino was sent to Triple A Colorado Springs and Matt Daley was called up from the springs. So their are 4 Matts in the Bullpen now.

Warmed up and waiting for the call Ubaldo would get out of the inning and Matt Belise would come into the game in the 8th.

Rockies fan celabrate the Rockies win in the Pavillions.

Alanna X throws out the Helmers my Homeboy T-Shirts at the Root Sports post game desk.

Like always when the Rockies win gthe crowd is fired up for the post game!!!!!!

Well Thats all I got. Figured I would try to get a post done before the Rockies Return home tomorrow for a 4 game series against the D’Backs starting off with a double header tomorrow  and games Wens. and Thurs day then 3 Against the Cardinals this weekend.

So See You at Coors!!!!!!!


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