The Snakes bite first and last.


Double Header

Diamondback Vs. Rockies

 As we entered from the Tunnel in left field. We saw that the tarp was down, which was almost a givin considering it was pourin the whole way downtown and while we were waiting for the gates to open. The real questions were will they get in both games and how long of a delay til the first one starts. Gary X had a question of his own.

Where is everybody?

After they opened the rest of the concourse we headed over to the first baseside of the field where a few pitchers were doing their morning workouts.

Matt Lindstrom Throwing to Bullpen Catcher Pat BurgessGreg Reynolds getting in throws
 Matt Reynolds getting in a few tosses to Greg Reynolds. While other guys where on the field trowing Esmil Rogers was throwing a bullpen session. Matt Lindstrom signing autographs for the fans standing out in the rain.

The Game was delayed 20 minutes from it s original 1:10p.m. start time. The Coors Field grounds crew then started removing the tarp. Then the players took to the field for pre game warm ups. Jorge De La Rosa throwing the first pitch to the D’backs Mike Bloomquist  who grounded out for the first out of the game. Roberts and Justin Upton would then both hit singles but would be left on base as Chris Young struck out and Xavier Nady would ground out.

The Rockie or the D’backs would not score runs til the 3rd inning. When the D’backs scored 3 runs Roberts who hit a double would then score on a Upton single. Then Upton would later score. 2-0 Jorge De La Rosa leaving the game in the 3rd inning with tightness in his left elbow Greg Reynalds would the come in for him and he walked Chris Young who would later also score 3-0 D’Backs.  Greg reynolds comes in in the 3rd inning.

Jorge would have a MRI done showing  a torn  ulnar collateral ligament. Jorge will have to under go Tommy John surgery and will be out for the rest of the season and probly most of next. Jorge who was pitching very well for the Rockies this season with a 5-3 record. Hope the surgery goes well and Jorge can return to form.  Aaron Cook is scheduled to return from the DL on monday and will be worked into the starting rotation shortly after.  Carlos Gonzalez after hitting his HR in the 4th inning.

The Rockies would score runs of their own in the 4th inning, with a Carlos Gonzalez solo HR to lead off the inning. Sethe Smith would later hit a solo shot of his own. 3-2 D’backs. The Smith HR was hit to opposite field and was caught by Dan, this was Dans 80th HR in Coors. You may remember he also caught Ty wiggingtons first HR which ws also Wiggy’s 1000th career hit. The Rockies would Continue to score in the 5th Jonny Herrera would score on a Fowler single, who would then score as well on a Seth smith single the Deuce walked in the inning as well. 5-3 Rox. They then went on to score 2 in the 6th. The hit parade continued in the 7th as they score 5 additional runs making the score12-3 Rox. It was nice to see them hit when needed and produce runs. The Rockies would then give up one run in the 8th. Matt Daley had his first outing at Coors since being called back up from Colorado Springs during the Milwauke road trip when Felipe Paulino was designated for assinment to the springs.

We then headed to Roots Sport Post game desk where their was a short celabration before we had to head out of the stadium so they could get it ready for the second game. After heading in we once again headed to the first baseline. Jhoulys Chacin heading to the bullpen for his warm ups. He started for the Rox in the second game and Joe Saunder pitched for the D’backs. Chacin and starting catcher Jose Morales heading to the field to start the game. Chacin throwing the first pitch to the D’backs Ryan Roberts. Roberts would ground out and then Kelly Johnson would hit a solo HR. 1-0 D’backs.

The Rockies would then score a run of their own on a Jason Giambi Solo HR in the 2nd. 1-1

 So their is alot going on in this photo. During The Deuces at bat d’backs pitcha Joe Saunder threw wild pitch. Dexter Fowler tried to score from 3rd. Saunders  tagged Dex high and Dex’s foot touched the plate before the tag. Dex hit Saunders pretty hard and he went over. Then Rockies Manager Jim Tracy came out and argued the call at the plate, while the D’backs staff was attending to Saunders. Tracy would then be kick out of the game and Joe Saunders would return to the game and that was the final out of the inning. Tom Runnels would then manage the Rockies for the rest of the game. Young gettin put out at second as the Rockies Try to turn a double play in the 4th inning.

The D’backs would then score a run in the 4th. After Johnson was walked to lead off the inning. 2-1 D’backs.

In the 6th the D’backs would then score 3 more again after a lead off walk to Roberts the he Johnson and J.D.Drew would score.

The Rockies would lose the second game 5-3 unfortunatly they couldn’t carry runs from the first game. Well it was a long day at Coors the Rockies are 3 games out of 1st place in the west and only a half a game above the D’backs in 2nd place. The Rockies will take on the Diamondbacks again tonight at Coors.

See Ya @ Coors.

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