What Can I Say I think They Forgot How To Play!


Rockies Vs. Diamondbacks

Once again the Rockies Played The Diamondbacks last night at Coors. For the 4th and final game in 3 days.

Of Cause like always I headed right for the pavillions for batting practice. The Rockies where on the field hitting it wasn’t long before The Deuce hit the first long ball of the afternoon, but it was to the section that was empty exept for me!!! I got my first ball of the afternoon. When the Diamondbacks took the field I countinued to do well and always have during their Bp’s I got to more balls from them one was a catch and the second was a roller. 3 for the day.

Then Like always I headed to firstbase line, and like always no Rockies signed autos. Hmmm Maybe if they start signing the may start playing better. This team should be lucky that people are still turning out the way they have and they can’t sign.

 The Rockies line up during the National Anthem.

Starter Clayton Mortensen and Chris Iannetta warming up in the outfield.

 Jonny Hererra and Todd Helton tossing by the first base line.The Rockies Relief Pitchers heading to the bullpen. I believe that the guy with the pink backpack is Juan Nicacasio who will be starting Saturday’s game. Juan has been brought up from the Double A Tulsa Drillers. Juan Leads the Texas League with 63 strike outs and is second in the league with a 2.22 ERA with a 5-1 Record. Goodluck Juan in your first MLB start.Clayton Mortensen and Chris Iannetta heading in for the start of the game. Clayton pitched a very good game, unfortunatly once again the offense did not give him much support. He pitched six innings with 5 strike outs. Two in a row to get him out of the 2nd inning. It’s great to see the call ups do well on their starts.

Clayton Got threw the 1st inning realy well getting the D’backs out in order including his first strike out of the game for the 2nd out of the inning against Kelly Johnson.  Willie(not Mike) Bloomquist and Justin Upton both Grounded out. The Rockies fared alittle better after  Seth Smith struck out. Jonny Herrera would then get a single, but the dynamic duo of The Deuce and Cargo could not score the run. I find it weird that somehow these 2 can’t score runs when needed but are 1 and 2 with RBI’s on the team.

The 2nd inning inning started out rough on Clayton with a lead off double by the D’backs Steven Drew and then a double also by Chris Young but the Rox held Drew at 3rd. Young would then get out on base. Miguel Montero and Juan Miranda would both also get on base but Mortensen turned up the heat in the inning and struck out the next 2 batters. Getting the Rox out of the inning. Clayton pitched well to get himself out of a tough inning. The Rox side of the inning looked promising when Todd Helton lead off witha walk. but the Rockies whoas countinued as they were unable to advance the runner as the next 3 batters sat down in order. dexter Fowler was the final out in the inning batting in the 8th spot hopefully the 8th spot will benifit him with the pressure to get on base is reduced and he can start hitting.

Both The D’backs and Rox went down in order in the 3rd.

Jonny Herrera dive back to first.

The next to are the sequence of the pick off attempt. He was safe!!!!!

Once again the lead off walk hurt the Rox in the 4th when Drew lead off the inning with a walk, Then Clayton also walked Young and Montero hit a three run HR. 3-1 D’backs. The Rox responded in the bottom of the 4th with a run of their own. Following a Cargo single The Deuce single scored cCargo the inning kept rolling when Helto also hit a single advancing The Deuce to 2nd Ty Wiggington would then hit into a double play getting Helton and himself out. Iannetta would then fly out to left to end the inning.

The D’backs would then score another run in the 6th ex. Rockie Melvin Mora would hit a single to the outfield which scored Young from 3rd. Then Mora tried to stretch a double and was tagged out 2nd to end the inning.

The Rox would get a minny rally going in the 7th when once again Helto lead off with a walk he would later score as well as Wiggington. 4-3 D’backs.  Spilli would pinch hit for Seth Smith who was taken out with tightness in his groin. At theis point the game looked in reach and very promising for some Lodo magic to occur in the next inning. Matt daley pitched in the 7th holding the D’backs off getting them out in order. Striking out Johnson and Upton way to go Matt, good to see ya back. Daley is a RoxAddict favorite because he also grew up on Long Island and was a Mets fan growing up!

Skipping to the 9th Huston Street came in to finish the game and boy did he stick the fork in the gameas he walked the 2nd batter of the inning and  let up a Homerun that I think landed on Park Ave or the bullpen but it was a shot. Scoring 2 runs once again the walk realy hurt. The D’backs would win their 3rd straight against Rox. The Rockies would drop to below .500 for the first time since opening weekend. If it wasn’t for the 3 walks the game would of been 3-3 at this point. The walks have seen to realy hurt the Rockies in this series. It cost them runs in the 2nd game on Tuesday also.

Well the D’backs took 3 out of 4 from the Rockies in this series. They have moved to 2nd place in the West. The Rockies are now in 3rd but only 3 games out of first because of a few Sf Giants loses come Rox pick it up it is still in reach.

The Rockie now have a 3 games over the weekend as Matt Holliday and the Cardinals come to Coors.

See Ya There!

Their were not to many photos for one I was at the game with a big group and did not take many and  2 wordpress could not load 2 that I was using for this post.

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