Four in a row say it ain’t so!!


St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Colorado Rockies

 I will make this an Easy read The Rockies Lost again. Ubaldo pitched 6, let up 6 runs. Got no Run Support once again.The Cardinals won 10-3.

For this game once again I headed to the visitors side of the field trying to get a Matt Holliday autograph, well that did not happen.

 Heres a photo of the Rockies during the National Anthem.

 But Look who signed on the Rockies side. This is very rare occurrence. For those who don’t know that is Todd Helton and here does not sign much.

So the Cards scored 1 in the 1st.The Rockies did respond in the 2nd after going down in order in the 1st. They scored 2 runs to take the lead after the Deuce walked to start the inning Ty Wiggington would then hit a single which score The Deuce. Wiggington would then score on a Chris Iannetta double. 2-1 Rox. The lead did not last for long the Cardinals would then score 2 more. The inning started with the guy withthe 2nd coolest name in baseball Ryan Theriot “The Riot” hit a double then scored on a Pujols single. Pujols scored after a few singles by Berkman, Craig and Rasmus.

The Rox score an additional run in the 3rd. After loading the base’s. The would only get thoughs 3. Unfortunatly the Cardinals continued to play the game. scoring 3 in the 6th and 7th and one in the 8th winning. 10-3 Ubaldo is still looking for his first win of the season.

 Matt Holliday being intentionaly walked in the 6th inning. Holliday pinch hit in the pitchers spot and then Lohse pinch ran for Holliday. That would account for 1 of the 3 scored in the 6th. Chris Iannetta tags out Daniel Descaldo in the 6th inning Wow good thing he got him out it may of been 11-3 if he scored!!.

 Matt Daley pitched in the 7th inning he struck out Albert Pujols. The inning started well then the Cardinals scored3 Runs, But Daley also ended the inning striking out Descalso!!!!!

The Rockies will finish the series over the weekend.

Since I am writing this after the Saturday game I will give you  a hint it was a real good game.

I do have a correction from a photo I posted in my last post.  That is Not Juan Nicasio with the backpack it is Bruce Billings.

Well See Ya at Coors this weekend for the rest of the Cardinal series.

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