Two @ Night @ The Knights!!!!!!


Durham Bulls Vs. Charlotte Knights

Fort Mills, S.C.

Double Header

I got to this game just in time for the National Anthem

Here’s a look at the field during warm ups

Knights pitcher Lucas Herrell throws to the first batter Desmond James

The Bulls would not score in the first and Brandon Guyer was the only hit in the inning.

The Knights first batter Alejandro De Aza got on base with a single.

Then Stole a Base.

Leslie Anderson Running to first after hitting a 2 run HR for  The Bulls

Felipe Lopez scores the first run after Andersons HR

 Leslie Anderson dives to first base after getting the ball to get Knights Jordan Danks out at first. For the first out of the 2nd inning.

Anderson being called out after lining out to the Knights Shortstop in the 4th inning.

Knights batter Dayan Viciedo lose’s his bat after a swing in the 4th

Then Looks at his gloves like it was their fault (stupid Gloves)

The Bulls would score a run in the 4th inning making the score 3-0 Bulls.

The Knights would then have a 6 inning 5th inning on a series of singles and a wild pitch.

Donny Lucy scores after a wild pitch from Bulls pitcher Alex Torres who is now covering home plate. this was the 5th run of the inning.The Knights would go onto win game 1  (6-3) Knights. The Game was only seven inning which I guess that is what they do in Triple A with a double-header. I have never been to a Minor league double-header before.  Then It was time for the game to the teams headed for the locker room and the next game would start in about a half hour after the first game ended.

 The Knights celebrate their win over the Bulls.

So between game I decided to walk around the concourse a little bit. Even though I have seen about everything that could be seen in this stadium over the 2 previous days between a rain delay and a day game the day before.

One unique thing that this stadium has is a carousel in the family play area. I think they charge a dollar or 2 a ride.

I then headed down to the berm on the right field side of the field.

Knights Catcher Tyler Flowers and starting pitcher Jhonny Nunez getting ready for the second game.

Nunez throwing in the bullpen.

The Knights Bullpen staff before Nunez headed to the field for his start.

Flowers and Nunez Heading to the dugout for the start of the game.

The Knights on the field During the Nation Anthem before the start of game 2.

Like Many other minor league teams they have little leaguers on the field with them during the Anthem and then autograph a ball for them.

Desmond Jennings taking an inside pitch during his at bat in the 1st inning.

The Bulls went down in order in the 1st and the Knights sent five batters to the plate that resulted in no runs De Aza would get on base but get out at second on a Gallagher base hit and Mcpherson walked but no runs were scored.

The Bulls would go down in order including 2 strike outs by Nunez. Nunez was taken out in after the second even though he was pitching well. Not sure if he was re habing or just getting work in.

The Knights would use the momentum of the first game as they scored 2 runs in the 2nd both runs came with 2 outs.

Drew Garcia slides into Home after a Edurdo Escobar double in the second for the first run of the game.

Escobar rounds third as he scores the 2nd run of the 2nd inning for the Knights.

The second run was when Escobar scored on a De Aza sngle. 2-0 Knights

The Bulls responded in the 3rd with 2 of their own to tie the game at 2-2. Daniel Mayora Scored on a J.J. Furmaniak double. Furmaniak would then score on a Leslie Anderson double.

Tyson Corley would come into pitch for the Knights in the 3rd. He was the player who tossed my the ball Wednesday during warm ups. He is another side arm pitcher. making the third side arm pitcher I have seen on this trip.

Bulls batter gets thrown out at first after a sac bunt.

Viciedo turns on third and heads for home after his 5th inning solo HR. This is also the BNW to show off the mad photo skillz for this post. I like the way I got the fans high fiveing.

A view from the seats I sat in for the second game.

Jordan Danks steals 2nd in the 6th inning. looks like he is going to be out here, BUT

 The Bulls second baseman bobbled the ball and Dank had a stolen base.

Former Sky Sox pitcher Shane Lindsey pitched in the 6th inning. I also got a ball in the 7th inning. Pitched by him and fouled off by a unidentified Bulls batter possibly Jose Lobaton.

This game was also scheduled to go 7 innings the Bulls would tie the game once again in the 7th 4-4. the game would then go an additional 2 innings and the Bulls would win 7-4 when they scored 3 sending 9 batters to the plate. The Knights were unable to get on base in the 9th and that would be the end of the game slightly after mid night.

It was a really good 3 game series in Charlotte. The Bulls took 2 out of the 3.

Still trying to figure out the stadium it was a looked like a cross between a prison or an elementary school built-in the 70’s. I hope the Knights get their new stadium in downtown Charlotte going soon I think they need it.

Well that’s it for Charlotte I will be heading to Kannapolis for a Game against the   Kannapolis Intimidators and the Rockies affiliate Ashville Tourists.

I wonder maybe I will see the worlds biggest Rockies fans at Kannapolis or Ashville!!!!!

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