The Grasshoppers get crushed like a bug on a windshield by the Intimiadators!


Kannapolis Intimidators Vs. Greensboro GrassHoppers

NewBridge Bank Stadium Greensboro, NC.

So we stopped and took a few photos (not Posted Here)

Whats more welcoming then a Giant Green Monster (Or oversized grasshopper named Gilford)

We immediately entered the stadium and like always the grounds crew was getting the field ready.

But the clouds changed things quickly. The clouds that were Looming since we left my cousin’s house a few miles away.

An the grounds crew stopped prepping the field to bring out the tarp. Here we go a rain delay shortly after it started raining and we were officially in a rain delay.

After the tarp was on the field for about an hour and a half, they started removing it and the game would begin at 8:15.

 A look at the Concourse during the rain delay. So the game was delayed for an hour and 15 minutes.

While the tarp was being removed the players started pre game warm ups in the out field or small marsh depends on what side field you were on.

During the National Anthem the sun started shining from behind the clouds.

As the Grasshoppers players took the field their was a rainbow appearing in centerfield. It defiantly did not bring a pot of gold to the grasshoppers team.

Jheyson Manzueta throws first pitch to the Intimidators Carlos Sanchez

As you may notice the textured look to the first pitch photo, it is a net that goes completely around the field about 5 feet from the top of the wall. It limited the # of photos I took from my seat because it makes it hard for the cameras to focus.

The black lab theme seems to be a major thing at this stadium they have 2 black lab mascots. Named Master Yogi Berra and Miss Babe Ruth.  During a few innings bring balls to the umpires and retrieve the bats, like bat boys would. Another thing they do is one of the mid inning contests. A ball is launched to the outfield and the dog brings it back to fans waiting by the dugout. The winner is whoever the dog brings the ball to.

Manzueta Pitched well in the first inning sitting down the Intimidators in order. The Grasshoppers would also go down in order, including 2 striking out. Against Kannapolis starting pitcher Paul Burnside.

Then in the 2nd after a lead off walk to Trayce Thompson, followed by a HR by Brady Shoemaker. Followed by numerous hits, The first out was not recorded til the 8th batter in the inning. The Intimidators ended up scoring 5 runs in the inning. Manzueta was taken out of the game after the 5 runs were scored and only 1 out. Holden Sprague  came into pitch.

 Kannapolis runner scoring a run in the second. The camera focused on the screen but i liked the action of the photo so I am using it.

 Tonight they also had The Zooperstars between innings performing. The Zooperstars a group of dances that dress in inflatable animal costumes named after MLB Stars. Such as Ichiroach Suzuki, Clamy Sosa, Alex Frogriguez, Manatee Ramirez and Harry Canary after famed Cubs announcer Harry Carey. Oddly enough I wanted to see these things since finding them on youtube during the off-season. It was fun to see live. You can find more out about the Zooperstar @ or on youtube.

 Here’s on of the black lab retrieving a bat from home plate.

Grasshoppers SS atempts a double play. But overthrew first after getting the runner at second.

The Grasshoppers 3rd pitcher of the game Kevin Cravey pitching in the 5th inning.

In the middle of the 5th I decided to wander and check out the stadium and get some photos. First I headed to left field. At this point the score was 6 or 7 to 1. The Intimidators would score 4 in the inning. The 1 Run the Grasshoppers scored was in the 4th from a Brian McConkey solo HR.

Here’s another look from the top of the berm in left-center.

Kannapolis starter Paul Burnside pitching in the 6th inning.

Aaron Dudley gets called safe tagging up at third after Danny Black single. (Note there is a Dan Black on Kannapolis also). Who I did not mention in this post. But did for the Post from Kannapolis.

Then got caught not tagging up on a Jacob Realmuto fly out to center.

Manatee Ramirez Dances between innings.

A view from behind home plate during his at bat in the 6th.

Harry Canary sang “Take Me Out to The Ballpark” during the 7th inning stretch.

In the middle of the 8th inning one of the contests is a sausage race or box of sausage race?!!! I am putting this in because if you look at the country sausage he to keep with the theme of losing footwear has also lost a shoe.

You know you are in the south, when you can win free BBQ at a Baseball game.

That is it from Greensboro after a rainy beginning and a Kannapolis fireworks performance on the field it was time for the NewBridge Bank Park fireworks. The final score was 13-1 Kannapolis.

This was the first time I had seen fireworks actually be shot off on the field. The pulled a trailer to center field and launched from there. The fireworks last approx. 10 minutes and was worth the wait.

All and all it was a goodnight for baseball. The home team lost but it was a great night with family and friends that live in Greensboro. Even cooler  it was my cousin’s 2 year olds 1st ballgame. I have now watched a baseball game with every person in my immediate family except 2, for 4 generations.

Next up 2 games in Ashville.

That is the Rockies single A affiliate in the South Atlantic League.

One comment

  1. Captain America

    Wow some awesome gimmicks. I must say I love Manatee, Harry, and Grasshopper.
    Also very nice ballpark (looks new) and cool location. This certainly looks like a great time at the game even if the home team gets crushed. The only thing missing here would be the selling of chocolate covered bugs ie shall i say it

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