A Tourists Drive, to beat the Drive!!!!!!


Greenville Drive Vs. Ashville Tourists

McCormick Field Ashville, NC

Greenville Drive is the Low A Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox

Ashville Tourist Rockies fans should know!

After a quick 3 hour drive (even quicker because I did not Drive this time) drive up I-40 and driving in circles trying to navigate Ashville we arrived at the stadium with time to spare.

McCormick Field was opened in 1924 and has been home of the Tourists since. It also was the home of the Ashville Blues an independent Negro league team from the 1940’s til 1955. The Stadium is built into the side of a hill. It has short fences and high walls right field is only 297, but has a 36 foot wall in right field.

Still with plenty of time before the game I walked around the stadium. Here is the view from right field. The Stadiums capacity is about 4,000.

On the main concourse on of the light towers are painted as a Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

Kyle Parker being interviewed for a local TV affiliate.

Tourists starting pitcher Peter Tago long tossing in right field.

 Tourist manager Joe Mikulik and Drives manager Billy McMillion exchange score cards before the game.

 Peter Tago and 3rd baseman Helder Valesquez look on as the Honor Guard takes the field for the National Anthem.

Peter Tago throws first pitch to the Drives Felix Sanchez.

Felix Sanchez runs to second, for a lead off double.

A look at the Tourist dugout during the first inning.

The Drive took a quick 1 run lead in the 1st.after Sanchez’s lead off double it was followed up by Sean Coyle double to score the first run.

The Tourists went down in order in the 1st. In the 2nd the Drive sent 4 batters to the plate in the 2nd. The only batter to reach base was a walk by DH Drew Headman.  The Tourist tied up the game at 1 in the 2nd when lead of batter Kyle Parker scored on a Mark Tracy double.( Mark Tracy is the son of Jim Tracy)

Dustin Garneu hitting a single in the 3rd inning. Scoring Helder Vasquez from second making the score 3-1 Rafael Ortega also scored on a Valasquez single. The Tourists would then score 2 more for a 5-1 lead.

Kyle Parker slides into second, breaking up a double play.

The Tourists also scored a run in the 5th. 6-1

Kraig Sitton warming up in the bullpen in the 6th inning.

Joe Mikulik comes out to take Tago out of the game in the 6th. He brings in Sitton with 2 outs and he would get out of the inning.

Sitton pitches to Felix sanchez in the 7th inning. Sanchez did strike out but the Drive scored  3 in the 7th on a Christian Vasquez HR. 5-4 Tourists. Both runners and the HR were with 2 outs.

The Drive would also score 2 on a David Renfroe HRto take the lead 6-5.

They would add a run in the 9th. 7-5 Drive.

The Tourists came into the 9th down 2 runs. They would score 1 to make the score 7-6 drive. The Tourists would load the bases with no outs and down one run. The game was thiers for the taking. The Drive would put on a shift that brought the centerfielder to play up the middle at second almost on second base. Corey Dickerson would then hit a single to center to score the run to win the game with a single for the walk off the Tourist won 8-7. It was a realy great game with something I am not to use to these days and that would be a walk off win.

The shift is on!!!!

Corey Dickenson runs to first after his single to the outfield to win the game.

The celabration starts at first base as the Drive walk off the field.

Then carried to the outfield. I needed to get the creative BNW to show off the mad photo Skillz!!!!!

That was game 1 in Ashville. Check back for game 2. Then I am heading back to Durham for another Bulls game and the to Washington where hopefully the Rox can change their luck after a horrible series in Atlanta.

Till then I am the Rox Addict and your not!!!!



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