Winning in the rain, a dramatic ending in the Springs.


Nashville Sound Vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Security Service Field, Colorado Springs, Colorado

This night was a Carlos Gonzalez figurine give away. So we got to the Field early. Like always we headed out to the outfield for a little easter egg hunting. At first we did not get many baseballs then BP started while we were out their “X” and “D” The Rockpile Ranter along with Hunter and Lil X had a catch with one of the baseballs I got. We all got about 2 or 3 balls each.

After about an hour and a half out their we headed to the main entrance where Mrs. X was holding  spot online for us. We were about 6 or 7 people from the gate. We got in and got our figurines. Which were pretty cool. It was Cargo holding a Silver bat and a Gold Glove. This was to cooperate the awards he receive last season. After we left we checked the # and Gary X got 0001 of 1000 and I had 0009 of 1000 with others in the 200.

Then we headed down to the wall or autographs. I got a couple of photos of Jordan Pacheco, Cole Gardner and hitting coach Rene Lachman signed that I took earlier in the year.

The Nashville sound are the triple A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Sky Sox Pitcher Throwing first pitch to the Sounds  Schafer. The Sound would not score in the 1st. The Sky Sox would also go down in order.

Ryan Rohlinger Breaks bat in the 1st. Inning.

The Sound would score a run in the 2nd. after a lead off base hit by Matt Gamel. A few walks were allowed on top of a sacrifice bunt by …. Rias with bases loaded scored Gamel. The Sky Sox would not responded in the second.

The next runs would not be scored til the Top of the 6th when Nashville would get 2 more (3-0). The Sky Sox only had 2 base runners from the 3rd to 7th inning. A walk to Gandolf in the 3rd and a Pagnozzi single in the 5th. The Sound’s runs in the 6th were scored by Gamel and Masonett.

In the 8th inning former Rockie reliever Randy Flores came into the game for the Sound.

Flores let up a HR to Mike Jacobs to for a 2 run HR. (3-2) Sky Sox.

The Sound threatened in the 9th with no success.  Greene hit a triple and was then tagged out at home for the 2nd out of the inning.

The sky Sox would come up in the ninth Mike Paulk would lead off the inning with a double.  Scott Beerer hit a bunt single that was bobbled by the Sounds 3rd baseman. Mike Paulk would score on a Matt Pagnozzi to tie the game (3-3) Beerer would later be out at 3rd on a fielder’s choice which would move Matt Pagnozzi over, who hit a single the previous batter.

Beerer bunt single being bobbled by Nashville’s 3rd baseman Taylor Greene.

Michael Paulk Scoring the tie

 In a dramatic Hollywood manner the wind picked up and it started pouring,

 Rohlinger would strike out. Matt Macri would get on base with a single and Mike Jacobs would come to the plate surrounded by debris and garbage that flew on the field from the stands. He hit a single to score Pagnozzi for the walk off win (4-3) Sky Sox. They could not of wrote this ending better for a movie.

Matt Macri running to first after hitting his walk off single.

Had to use to for dramatic effect.

 Mike Paulk rounding 3rd heading for home.

Paulk getting to home for the 4th and winning run (4-3) Sky Sox.

The Sky Sox celebrate at home plate.

                                                 The End

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