The Rockies got a Sunday What?????


Los Angeles Dodgers Vs. Colorado Rockies

Title picture with some game notes.

After the autographs were done it was time for some baseball.

Kevin Millwood heads out to the Bull Pen with Pitching coach Bob Apodaca. This is Millwoods 3rd start for the Rockies and 2nd at Coors.

Millwood heads in for the start of the game with catcher Eliezer Alfonzo.

Than it was time to head to our seats today I sat with Geoff, it was the first time I watched a game with him. Geoff is a fellow Long Islander I met here at Coors. He also grew up a Mets fan. It was agood time.

Kevin Millwood throws first pitch to the former Rockie Aaron Miles.

Millwood would get the Dodgers out in order in the 1st. Miles grounded out to “The Deuce”. Justin Sellers popped out to Millwood and Either who would go (0-4) on the day grounded out to Mark Ellis at second.

The Rox would start getting some early runs. After Dexter Fowlers lead off fly out. Ellis hit a single and Carlos Gonzalez would hit a 2 run HR. To get the Rox the Lead. (2-0) Rox

Cargo Running the bases after his 1st inning HR. That was his 21st of the season.

Mark Ellis at home after Cargo’s HR.

Cargo steps on base after his HR.

The Dodgers began to chiseled away at the Rockies lead in the 2nd. Kemp lead of the 2nd with a single and would score a few batters later on a James Loney double. (2-1) Rox. In the inning Juan Rivera hit a single between Kemp and Loney’s hits. After hit to the firs three batters the next three went down in order, including Strike out to Navarro, a Jamie Carroll Line out and ground out by the pitcher Chad Billingsley.

The Rockies went down in order in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th inning. While the Rockies struggled at the plate in though innings. The Dodgers would tie and take the lead in the game it looked like once again we would not see the Rockies win their first Sunday game since April 17th. The Dodgers would tie the game in the 3rd. When Kemp hit a double scoring Justin Sellers (2-2). Than they would take the lead with a Jame Loney HR in the 3rd. (3-2) Dodgers.

Cargo grounds out to led off the 4th inning.

The Rockies than struck back in the 7th. After “The Deuce” Grounded Jason Giambi walked and Seth Smith stepped to the plate and hit a 2 run HR to the second deck over the Rockies Bull Pen. The hit was a shot and a half to section 203 or 204.

Seth Smith rounds first after his 7th inning HR. This was also the 20,000 photo I took with this camera since getting it in March!

These guys were sitting behind me and got on TV with their sign “We Want A Sunday Win”

Guess what they did with Smith’s HR in the 7th the Rockies got and kept the lead (4-3)

Don Mattingly heads out to take Chad Billingsley out of the game in the 8th inning. Had to work Donny baseball into the post somehow!

Hong-Chih Kuo came into pitch for the Dodgers.

The Rockies celebrate their Sunday win.

The Rockies after taking the lose on Friday have won to straight and took the series 2 games to 1. As I am writing this they have a 5 game winning street and sweeped the Astros. I was at 2 of the games and have posts about them. This weekend they will be heading to L.A. this weekend and also face the first place Diamondbacks and Padres on this road trip. They are now 8.5 back in the west so there is still hope and I still believe!!!!

Go Rockies! Lets make something of this road trip.

Also Matt Lindstrom and Huston Street are rejoining the Rockies after their rehab innings in Colorado Springs. More on that game also.

Well that’s it. I have a few more posts to do from this home stand. So keep checking back.

One comment

  1. Captain America

    The real question here is which franchise is worth more? When Kemp is on the Yanks next year and Billingsley and the other stud starter are in Boston or Philly, What will be left?
    Andre Either? That Korean relief pitcher?
    When compared to the Dodgers, Colorado’s future looks so much brighter now. So very bright. Yeah Baby. Game Set!!!!!!!!!!! We win We win Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rockieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Winnnnnnnnn
    on Sundays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We win on Sundays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant Lose Sundays.
    Look it up in Webster and you will see the Colorado Rockies Logo.
    I am about to sing………………………………”I can See Clearly Now the Rain IS gone” “I Can see all obstacles …………………………………………………….gonna be a bright bright

    And for all the haters, We should have a chant at the ballpark. CLS CLS CLS
    Maybe start a new TV NETWORK called CLS
    Tell all the players, CLS!!!!!Oh yeah I can feel the excitement.
    Rockies win on Sundays or better yet, Cant lose Sundays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Put that in your pipe Tebow!!!! Get jealous! Cargo is listening. So is Smith and Giambi. Tulo hears me loud and clear. Sorry John Fox you dont have a thing on us. It feels so nice to be the only successful Colorado professional sports team on Sundays. I bet Orton wishes he was back in Chicago. Saturdays in Florida are fine but Sunday’s in Denver is the real deal. This aint Kansas anymore Timmy TEE!
    Is it Tebow or Teblow?

    By the way breaking news and totally off topic. This is big news on the East Coast and in Tampa Bay (Florida). Dante Bichette Jr has been tearing it up and looking like a top prospect with the Yankees.All these teams that passed on him at the draft (you know who you are) allowing him to fall to the second rd where the Yanks were more than glad to take him shall be forever cursed. Not drafting bichette maybe the reason the Rockies will never win another playoff series.

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