The Last Coors Game of the year !! Cookie’s last stand (Allegedly)!


San Diego Padres Vs. Colorado Rockies

This game was the last Rockies home game of this very long and baffling season. One that started very well with a 9-1 record in their first 10 games of the season. The Rockies went 17-8 in April and it looked like the road to Rocktober was well paved.  Than May came and it was almost a complete opposite record of 8-20 for the month. They would fall to under .500 on may 24 and end the month 25-29 4 games under. That was just a quick example of this maniacal season. Going into this game they were 70-84 and just 3.5 games ahead of the Padres for the basement in the west. The Rockies were 18.5 games behind the first place Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Starting pitcher for the Rockies was Aaron Cook this is possible his last appearance at Coors Field. As the rumor mill says he will be traded in the off-season. Cook started this game with a 3 and 10 record. Both Kevin Millwood and Alex White had 3 wins but they have only been with the team about a month. Cook only had 1 home win the entire season.

Before the game like always most of us got to Coors early in hopes of one last batting practice. That was not a reality so it was just an hour or so hanging out with some of the greatest people to share baseball with game after game. So we hung out talked about the season the future of the team and plans for the off-season. It like every last day of the season felt like the last day of school. We all took photos with each other and here are a few.

Here’s a photo of Douglas and I. Doug has a cool website called It shows a lot of stadiums from the last 30+ years. This was his 77th game at Coors this season.

Amy, “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I with AX photo bombing.

“D” pondering the Vanny Castilla project and how he is going to blog about the Broncos in the off-season. Robert in the background also pondering.

Robert, Amy, Me, Douglas, X and AX photo Courtesy The Rockpile Ranter

“D” The Rockpile Ranter and I photo courtesy of him taken by Robert I think.

Kevin “Doc” and I. Doc is another photographer who runs around Coors taking photos.

 It was great hanging out with everyone before this game and all season, so now it was time for baseball.

Aaron Cook runs to the outfield for his warm ups in the outfield with Chris Iannetta.

Aaron Cook stretching in the outfield

Cook throwing his bullpen session before the game.

Chris Iannetta catching Cooks bullpen session

The NORAD and US Northcom Joint Color Gaurd

The Rockies during the National Anthem.

Aaron Cook and Bob Apodaca During The National Anthem.

Cook, Iannetta and Bob Apodaca head in for the start of the game.

So than it was time to head to my seat for the start of the game. Today I sat behind home plate for the first time. they are really cool for watching a game but because of the netting not as great for photos. But I managed!!!

Here’s a view of Cook pitching to Padres lead off Batter Cameron Maybin.

Maybin would hit a lead off double and score on a Chase Headley sac fly out to left.

Maybin crosses the plate for the first Padres run. Pretty much that is all they needed.The Padres than scored 3 more times in the inning.

Bob Apodaca makes an early trip to the mound in the first.

The Rockies offence was horrible in the 1st, everyone made contact but all grounded out. They also went down in order 2nd and 3rd.

The Rockies dugout looking on in the 1st inning.

Eric Young Jr. watches a pitch go by for a strike.

He did make contact, but grounded out to short.

Dexter Fowler at bat in the 1st. He also grounded out.

After getting hit in the butt by a line drive in the 3rd Cook takes a few throws as the training and coaching staff evaluates if he can continue pitch. He was able to continue and then struck out the next four batters one to end the 3rd and all 3 batters in the 4th. Always thought a good kick in the butt would help this pitching staff and this proved it.

The worst ump in MLB brushes the plate off between innings. He was a call up earlier in the season because of an injury to another umpire. He  has no strike zone, which is horrible for pitchers and batters alike. I saw him call 2 pitches in a row to the same place be called a ball and a strike.

The Deuce  stares blankly back at the pitcher as the ball passes and is called a strike. So much for keeping your eye on the ball. He would than fly out to left to end the 4th. The Rockies did get their first hit of the game in this inning it was a double by Dexter Fowler. He would be left on base.

Seth Smith takes a swing in the 5th inning.he would ground out. The Rockies got their 2nd hit of the game from Jordan Pacheco who would get out with a Kouzmanoff hit to the pitcher.

Cook pitched 5 complete innings allowing 6 hits 4 runs and 8 striking outs.

Matt Reynolds came in and pitched the 6th inning for the Rockies.

Justin the hardest working bat boy in MLB. I don’t care what a Cleveland newspaper rumors says!!  ; )

Hey Joy did you ever find that link!!!

Matt Lindstrom pitched the 7th for the Rockies. He also sat the Padres down in order. Matt Belise pitched the 8th and Greg Reynolds finished the game pitching in the 9th. So the Rockies started the season at Coors the same way they started it in April with a loss. If you were not paying attention the Rockies lost 4-0 with all the runs being scored in the 1st inning. despite Cook pitching the next 4 innings very well. That’s it for the 2011 season.

 I would like to thank everyone who has read the Rox Addict during the season. The many fans from Rockies Nation who I met though the season at Coors and on the Road. To my dysfunctional family from Coors and to the best stadium staff in MLB thanks for making this lack luster year as much fun as it could be. Can’t forget the crew from Root Sports and of cause the Colorado Rockies for giving it their all even know it was not what we expected.

Then there is the Question what is the Roxaddict going to do in this off-season? Well Work will be busy til Christmas. I will also get my fix in the mountains participating in one of my other addictions snowboarding. I will be posting through the off-season mainly about snowboarding and Rockies fan events including the Holiday Party, Rockies fest, and other adventures along the way. I will be doing a season recap in photos soon.

Well That is it once again! Can’t wait to see what the 2012 season brings us. Til then see you around Colorado and at Coors on April 9th against the Giants request the day off now I did!!!

Thanks Again,



One comment

  1. Captain America

    “One that started very well with a 9-1 record in their first 10 games of the season. The Rockies went 17-8 in April and it looked like the road to Rocktober was well paved. Than May came and it was almost a complete opposite record of 8-20 for the month” There is an awesome song by one of my favorite bands called LAst Days of May. Do you guys know the band?
    Well they are perhaps the most underappreciated group ever. THe song though is not positive at all its about a drug deal gone wrong and well you know the rest.
    So there is something about the MOnth of May that makes us sad gloom doom weary. Say what? Dont Fear the REaper.
    YEAH! Now May was long ago and the months go by and the losses will pile up.
    Baseball just a game not real life. Life not a game but can be a ball.

    Now, I am not so sure which collapse is worse The Colorado Rockies or The Boston Redsox?
    Must be an “R” thing. It maybe time for a name change. I’m not so sure I like the ring to Colorado “Ockies”. How about the Boston EDSOX? EDSOX, I could live with that.
    At least the Boston team defeated their curse. The Rockies have yet to identify theirs. Then again The Cubs have found located discovered and tried to conquer their curse for so long. Maybe the Rockies are in denial. They may not actually believe a curse exists. OK well only one way to find out. They must hire Terry Francona. Pay the man!!!!!!!!!
    At least the Rockies will be interesting well into SEPTEMBER.
    PLayoffs? Playoffs? Are you kidding ME??????
    You know its Sad but true.
    SAD but TRue.
    Then they bring in Rivera oops wrong song!
    Well my money isnt on the Yanks anyway unless ofcourse they make a trade after the waiver wire for Aron Cook!

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