2011 Dew Tour @ Breck


Breckenridge, Colorado

Dew Tour 2011/2012

This is the 4th Year that the Dew Tour has been at Breckenridge. The Tour feature the worlds best skier’s and snowboarder’s. Competing in 2 events The Superpipe which this year was 602 feet long with 22ft. walls. The Second Slopestyle which is a series of rails jumps and obstacles. Snowboarder’s and Skier’s both compete separately in both events, which both also have a Men’s and Women’s Division.

My Day started By heading up the Colorado Super  Chairlift at the base of peak 8 and heading down the 4 o’clock Run which leads to the top of both the Superpipe and Slopestyle courses. To view I had to go a little further down the run where I missed the turn to Hike over to view the events and had to head back to the base area and start over. The second time I made it to the half-pipe. When I arrive the women’s snowboard superpipe was finishing up and I caught the last 5 riders or so.

This is a look at the Sponsors Village at the base of peak 8.

Looking up from the Peak 8 base to the Viewing area for the Slopestyle course.

Looking Down at the Sponsors Village from The Colorado Super Chair. With the One ski hill building in the background.

Looking to the south off the Chair Lift  towards the Dew Tour set up.

After My second attempt to get to the Superpipe and light hiking I had made it to the bottom of the 602ft Super-Pipe.

Sarah Conrad Halifax, Ontario, Canada was just finishing up here 2nd run of the day when I got a spot at the bottom of the Superpipe.

Maddie Schaffrick from Colorado Springs getting some air.

Gretchen Bleiler going big in the Super-Pipe

Gretchen Bleiler finishing up her run.

Than 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Womans half-pipe Hannah Teeter took to the Super-Pipe.

I got to meet her a few years back at Breck and is a really cool person.

After the woman were done it was time for the men’s semifinals.

I climbed about half way up the superpipe for these photos during the Men’s first heat.

Above is a unidentified rider. From where I was I could not see the board that posts who is on course or it was a name I could not spell from just hearing it. Not every body has simple names like Shawn White, Zack Black or Mason Aguire. Competitors from all over the world including Japan, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and many other countrys around Europe and Asia.

Danny Davis going big.

Danny Davis looking down at the crowd.

Greg Bretz shaking hands with Luke Mitrani after his run.

During the first heat I headed back to the bottom for some of these photo’s . Here is Nathan Johnstone from Australia.

The Yeti hangin out by the Toyota booth.

Looking at the sponsors village which was 3 levels.

After wandering around the village I did a few runs before heading back to competition area. Where they were competing in Mens Skiing Superpipe and Mens snowboard slope style. Here are a few random shots from the rest of the day at Breck.

Here is Shawn White once again totally going huge on the Breck box he was one of only a few people to use the giant box during his run. Most used a rail that was next to the almost 20 ft high bax.

 This is a skier in the Superpipe with the sun almost directly above the start of the pipe. They had to stop competition for a few minutes for the sun to move because it was affecting the riders and the crowd could not see up the Superpipe.

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