Yeah Cows! 2012 National Western Stock Show Parade


Downtown Denver, Colorado

Once again it is that time of the year. After spending most of the year defending itself as a cow town, Denver  hosts the National Western Stock Show and well becomes the biggest cow town for 16 days each January. The Stock Show kicks off with the annual stock show parade the Thursday before the official begging of the show on Saturday. The stock show also features Rodeos, western show, a trade show livestock auctions and all the other suff that a state or county fair may have but on steroids. It draws over a half million people in attendance and over $100,000,000 to the local economy in its 16 days.

So it was agreat day for a Parade with temperatures in the 60’s in downtown Denver. The parade starts at noon and is held on 17th street between Wynkoop and Broadway. This is the third year I attended the parade I original (wait for it…The Baseball connection) went to the parade in 2009 when I had the day off and heard that Todd Helton was the Grand Marshall so I headed down town. Now three years later I made it a tradition to go. Now I take the day off to make sure I could go. I am not huge on the whole western thing or Rodeos and what not but it is an interesting event to see each year.

The Parade starts off with Long Horn Cattle being herded down the street and is one of the highlights of the whole parade. I don’t know I think long horn cattle running down a street is kind of funny! Here’s a few photos from the parade.

So I arrived about a half hour before the parade started and the coaches were heading down Wynkoop Street to the staging area on 17th St. in front of the Oxford Hotel. These coaches are used for the Grand Marshall, Stock show organizers and other notable people. This is the one that was used for th National Wester Stock Show CEO Paul Andrew.

The same coach outside the Oxford Hotel

So after milling around looking at the different horses and then the word goes out to clear the street the cattle are 2 blocks away. Everyone scatters to the side-walk and then the Longhorns turn the corner of 17th and Wynkoop and the parade officially begins.

17th and Wazee

After the Longhorns pass this intersection I followed them down the block til I got to the spot I like to photograph the parade at on the Corner of 17th and were else Blake Street!!

Another from 17th and Wazee You can see the light trusses from Coors on the top of the photo.

After the Longhorn Cattle pass the Coaches and equestrian groups start down the route.


 The Westernaires they are a riding group based out of Golden.

 Another riding group not sure which I think it is CSU’s team but not sure. I have seen them at this parade before and they were also in the Parade of lights.

Parade Grand

Marshall and former Denver Mayor federico Pena. He is also the guy that Pena Blvd the road that runs from the airport to I70 is named after.

 Miss Rodeo Colorado Cassidy Cabot. Not sure how this whole miss Rodeo thing works but hey it is mostly pretty girls on horse, what else can I say about that.

Heres another Miss Rodeo Miss Rooftop Rodeo which is a Rodeo that is held in Estes Park.

Another riding group and the 1st BNW to show off the mad photo skillz.

This is a riding group out of Brighten called the crusaders. If the name doesn’t give it away they are a Christian riding group. I give them the most props because they are rockin the black and purple.


Then a bunch of these funny looking wagons came down the street. I think they were from Denver limo and was just a advertisment op. Dam and I just gave them another one!


I belive this is the Colorado Vintage Tractor Club or something along those lines. The groups were not well define this year. But well they are on old tractors only one can assume who they are.

1952 John Deere model G

Luckly it has it writin on the side how else would this Photographer from NY know what a tractor model is.


So that was it for the official parade. and as always it is followed by a smal convoy of street sweepers.

After the end of the parade on 17th street I headed to 15th street which is how the horses tractors and coaches get back to the staging area and it is kind if a wierd traffic situation with these things going dow the street with the Downtown traffic.

Here’s a few photos of the odd traffic jam.

2 More creative BNW to show the mad photo skillz.


I don’t think the right lane must turn right applys to farm vehicles or live stock powered vehicles.

  So after the parade I headed back to where I parked on the northside of Downtown. Oh Just as a FYI Larimer is now a two way street north of Park Ave.

On my way back I passed by the ice rink by the DNF Tower.

and then returned back to 17 and Blake where you could hardly tell their was a parade an hour before. 

  Took a walk pass the lonsome Coors Field. Standing Dormant just waiting for that magical spring day that we will once again hear the words playball. While the other venues around are all being used with The Av’s and Nuggets at the Pepsi Center, The Broncos extending the use of Sports Authority Field for atleast a week. The stock show using the stock show complex and the Denver Coliseum. Coors will be briefly busiling at the end of the month when Players and the fans return for a brief few days in the middle of the off season. Before it once again remains dormant til the season begins.

And this section of Blake street is once again the center of Denvers sports world.


Before going I would like to thank all the readers of the Rox Addict blog with out you I would not of been in the top 100 blogs for MLB Blogs. I was 83rd. Which is pretty good for my first year.

Well till this place is jumping again see ya around town.


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