I Felt The Magic, But Won’t Drink The Kool-Aid!


Sports Authority Field @ Mile High

Denver, Colorado

Yes It is true, I went to a Broncos Playoff game. I have gone to games at Mile High before, But it was when the Jets were in Denver in 2005. Than I did work at Mile High in the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 Seasons but never really saw much of the game. So the day started as any Sunday I have off which usually starts with what the F@<K am I gonna do today. Which because most of my life I have worked weekends. So really not a fan of Sunday’s off.  So than the phone rang and it was a friend with an extra ticket, So I than got ready to head to the game. Got on my Broncos hat from when I worked at Mile High and dug out my Broncos shirt I bought on an employee sale. No, still doesn’t mean I am a fan I also own a Carolina Panthers shirt and other teams I have never or probably will ever be a fan of. I headed to the stadium got dropped off closer to downtown and took a slight walk down the south Platte trail to Mile High it was a great morning for a walk in the slight snow we had the night before.

After arriving at SAF@MH I took in the enviroment of the pre game outside the stadium from a live band playing, to the smell of BBQ from the parking lots, Players arriving by the south tunnel to a Christian group standing by the tunnel chanting about the Broncos, Denver and Tim Tebow.

After awhile hanging out by the tunnel I decided to head over to the parking lot where all the smells of BBQ was coming from.

One of the buses in the parking lot.

Than I headed back over to the Tunnel and saw a player signing autographs. So I grabbed an index card to have him sign.(I have been carrying index cards for people to sign that I don’t have a specific item to sign)

The player was Ebenezer Escoban. Now he is a player that is with the Broncos and not signed with them or plays.

Than I head in the direction of the parking lot I had to meet The person who had the ticket for me.

Here is a shot of the Stadium and  City Skyline from a parking lot on the west side of the stadium.

So than I met up with the person who had the ticket for me hung out for a little bit outside and then headed in.

So who was the person with the extra ticket.

It was the Rockpile Ranter. Here he is entering Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

It was very cool of him to offer me the ticket. Thanks again.

After we entered the stadium I headed for my seat. Here is a look from the 2nd level down to the lines of people outside gate 10 on the south side of the stadium.

Shortly after arriving at my seat the pre-game festivities started.

This is one of the parachute jumpers who jump into the stadium from a perfectly fine airplane high above the stadium!!!

There was a total of the of these guys. It is actually really cool to watch. I use to head to the field to see these guys land when I worked at Mile High.

The Broncos entering the field.

The Coin Toss!! The Broncos won the toss and deferred to receive the ball in the second half.

 The Steelers got the ball at their own 20 and then moved it to the Broncos side of the field for a field goal.

The Steelers scored a quick 3 points to take the lead.

The Broncos than received the ball and here is a photo of Tim Tebows first playoff play.

After the Broncos did not advance far they punted this is the first play a hand off from  Ben Roethlisberger to Isaac Redman.

After a few more plays they advanced to the Broncos side of the field scoring another 3 points for a 6-0 lead.

The Broncos did not really advance the ball well in the 1st quarter. Than the 2nd quarter was the first time the Broncos were on the south side of the stadium.

Tebows pass to Eric Decker.

Eric Decker jumps for the pass.

Than was hit by 2 Steelers defensive players. He was injured on the play and did not return to the game. The injury ended up being  a mildly torn MCL. The catch was called incomplete on the field.

Eddie Royal after scoring his touch down in the second quarter. 6-6 than 7-6 after the extra point, Broncos.



The Broncos head off the field at the end off the half.

 The Broncos would kick a field goal and end the quarter with a 20-6 lead. I missed a field goal somewhere along the way.

Steelers kicker  Shaun Suisham kicks off the 2nd half of the game.

Tebow running with the ball.

Isaac Redman scores a touchdown. it did look like he lost control of the ball but it was still ruled a touchdown. 20-13 Broncos

Tebow throws in the 3rd quarter.

End of the 3rd quater. The cheerleaders dance between the quarters in the south end zone.

The Broncos score another field goal in the 3rd quarter. 23-13 Broncos.

here’s afew photos from the 4th quarter.

Isaac Redman

The Broncos defence put pressure on Roethlisberger.

Troy Palamalu and the Steelers defense run down Tebow.

Tebow being tackled after a run.

  Jerricho Cotchery after scoring a touchdown. Some how I took 600 photos this game an I missed the one TD in the end zone closest to me.

The Steelers kick the extra point. I Missed a Steelers field goal somewhere in this quarter. 232-23


Tebow throws to Daniel Fells


With about 2 minutes left and the Steelers heading down the field I decided to start heading to the opposite side of the field so I could meet up with “D” The Rockpile Ranter after the game. I like most in the stadium thought the Steelers would get into field goal range and the Broncos would lose and the season would be over. Roethlisberger would drop the ball and then recover it. The game would than go into overtime so I figured I would head up to the Ranters seats to watch the rest of the game while I was walking up the ramps the OT started and as I was in the tunnel to his section Tebow made the pass to Thomas and I missed it all I got was the fire works going off.

The Broncos win 29-23 and are Shipping out to Boston( Thanks to the Dropkick Murphy’s for the line)

It was really cool to be at this game I had a lot of fun and this was a very exciting game. despite popular belief I don’t think I will drinking the Orange cool-aid just yet. I do wish the Broncos well the rest of the play offs it is really great for the City of Denver when the local teams are doing well. Hopefully the next Play off game I go to is in October.

That’s it for this one I won’t be changing to the Broncs Addict anytime soon. That Just sounds like a Yankee fan blog anyway. Enjoy the Baseball off season and see you at Coors for fan Fest on Jan. 21 and 22. Tix now on sale for Sunday.

THE END!!!!!!



    MIKE- Cool hang’n with ya at the game. Very cool to see your pictures of the game from the other side of the stadium. I really like that fireworks shot looking up. Remember if you don’t like the Kool-Aid you can substitute Tang…”D”

  2. Billy Wright

    I won’t be drinking Bronco Kool-Aid either. Good to see you Saturday at Fan Fest. Might run into on the road. In the meantime, take care.

  3. captain america

    You guys can watch a real qb play this Sunday, well two but I hate the Patriots. Anyways as always, very cool Mike. You attended a great football game and took some awsome photos as usual. I am so happy you can provide us fans with a different perspective of the game. Tebow played the game of his life in the playoffs and won and you guys were there. that is just too cool for school! im jealous
    jealous again

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