Havin’ Fun in the Sun!!!!! Spring Training 2012 Day 1.

March 14,2012

After a long winter and off-season spring has sprung, with the arrival of the Ranter and I to Phoenix. We left Denver at about 3 O’clock on Monday afternoon. After about 15 Hours in the car and virtually no sleep we arrive at the Spring home of the Colorado Rockies Salt River Fields at Talking Stick at 6:30. We hopped out and took a few photos with the rising in the Sonoran Dessert.

Sunrise over Salt River Field

Trrough the Home plate Entrance.

The gates were still closed at 6:45ish in the morning.

We had a quick breakfast and headed back as Salt River Fields showed alittle life. Players were starting their morning work-outs. On the Minor league fields.

Players heading to the Minor League Fields.

A hole bag of baseballs just wanting to be caught!

Minor League players all grouped together. These are the players that will make up the GJ Rockies, Ashville Tourist, Modesto Nuts and Tulsa Drillers.

I think they are mocking me, Are they doing a group running man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Players stretching.

After the players started hitting we headed to beyond the outfield fences. To snag some of those waiting to be snag baseballs. On the way out I found one next to a field, First easter egg of the season. It was a California League baseball. The Ranter than snagged a Texas League Baseball. Before leaving Salt River Fields to set up camp blogosphere we headed to the Diamondbacks side for there Major Leaguers BP. I ended up getting 1 more there and Ranter got 2.

With camp blogosphere all set and ready to go. It was time for our first game. Apon arrive and walking to the stadium I had one of those WOW this is a small world moments. As someone with a Mets hat and shirt was walking thru the parking lot and was joking with a friend about his attire. So I overheard and said something about growing up a Mets fan and coming from NY. So the normal from where? Long Island. What town? Me well grew up Levitown/Hicksville area. Ok so that is where the normal convo starts this time it went down to what street and the gentleman I was speaking to in the Mets hat lived diagonal from my grandparents and dad on Sycamore Lane in Levittown. It was really cool talking to him.

Now back to Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So before heading in we heard the Rockies were taking some BP on the Coors replica field located by the center-field entrance. We off than headed over there by catching a golf cart ride from the Rockies entrance. To start Vinnie Castilla tossed a ball up to Ranter. I than got my 3rd of the day after a few near misses. The ball was hit to the tunnel between the fiels and the elevated section that you can watch from. A security guard tossed it up to me.

Entering in centerfield we than established our place on the berm and proceeded to the first base line for some autos. No X we got none for you so don’t ask!!!! Just kidding but, we didn’t!! A good portion of the starters for the game signed first was Charlie Blackmon. Johnny Herrera, Rex Brothers,  Jeremy Guthey, Michael Cuddyer signed a few for some Twins fans and a few others, Jaime Moyer ( Usually if a player played when I was in High School I address him as mister because they are past their playing days and are coaches, but he unlike most players when I was in HS he is still playing). Normally I will not address a current player mister because they are about my age or 10 plus years younger.

Charlie Blackmon signing cards for the fans.

Jaime Moyer and the BNW creative photo to show off the Mad  Photo Skillz.

As we were standing by the first plays line we noticed Juan Nicasio was warming up in the out field for the start game. Juan is fully up to his pitching potential. For those who may not know he was the pitcher that was hit in the head with a line drive and broke his neck when he fell to the ground it is great to see him on the mound again. It is close to a miracle he got the chance to do that again.

 Juan Nicasio warming up in the bullpen with Jim Wright, Edgmer Escolona, Esmil Roger and Jorge De La Rosa.

Juan Nicasio throws first pitch to the Diamond backs Adam Eaton.

Eaton would ground out. Nicasio would strike out 2 in the inning. He pitches 3 striking out 3.Giving up no runs.

Carlos Gonzalez crosses home after his 1st inning 3 run HR.

Nicasio pitching in the 3rd inning.

Dexter Fowler at bat in the 4th.

D’backs turning a double play on the Rox on a Cargo hit Johnny Herrera was out on second and Cargo on first.

Michael Cuddyer at bat in the 4th.

 Matt Reynolds came into pitch in the 5th started out striking out 2 than let up 2 runs on 3 hits.

The Rockies went on to win the game 7-3

Finally got a night sleep and Ready for todays double-header.

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