Goodyear Bad day part Deux! Day 3 of Spring Training 2012


Rockies Vs. Reds

Goodyear Ballpark

The day started to waking up to a sky full pf hot air balloons.

No really it was a sky full of hot air balloons!

Than we needed to head from camp Blogshere towards Phoenix to get some stuff done before the game later in the day.

and was able to get this photo. At one point one flew right over the road we were on about 10 feet of the ground. I think it was the landing area there were at least 10 in the air at one point.

So now back to baseball!

Day 3 we did one game and that was the Rox at Goodyear vs. the Reds. I have been to Goodyear before. This year it was a night game.  First we headed over to the training facility for BP.

 Here is a look at the field where they were taking.

Than I noticed another ex Rockie out on the field.

He is standing behind the screen.

All the Rantics that were at the game got a ball. Don, Dan and Amy got 2. Emily and I got 1. It’s nice I got as many as the 8-year-old!!!

We than headed over to the stadium. We heard the Rockies were taking batting practice Dan and Don Headed to left field I went to right none of us got a ball inside the stadium I did get the most chances, but there is a tunnel in right, where 3 were hit.

We than walked around the stadium. First we headed to the Rockies side of the fields which was the 1st. baseline. We than headed back up to the concourse. As we were walking a noticed a familiar face and huge Rockies fan talking to someone.

It was former Colorado Governor Bill Owens he was really nice to use and took some photos with use and signed a few items for each of use. It was really cool meeting him.

Governor Owens with Amy

Don The Rockpile Ranter with Gov. Owens

Gov. Owens and I

If you read this thanks again Governor.

We than took a walk to the Rockies Bullpen where the starting pitcher Alex White was warming up.

We also stopped and got a photo with Zizi the Goodyear Park Mascot.

 Here’s one of him with “D”

Than last year when I was in Goodyear George Foster was on the Concourse signing autographs. After the fact actually for the last year I was mad I didn’t. But he signed this year and I did get one. It was really cool because he was part of the Big Red Machine in the lat 70’s and most important an Ex Met!

George Foster and I.

We than continued to walk around and headed to the Rockies Bullpen in left.

Alex White in the Bullpen. This was not the best I have seen him pitch, but it is only Spring Training.

The Rox went down in order in the first. White hit the first batter of the game Drew Stubbs. The second wasn’t so good for them either.

The Reds scored 4 in the 2nd. It was not a pretty inning Jay Bruce scored the first inning and should have been an out or close to an out and home and White cut off a really good throw by Dexter Fowler to home.

Drew Stubbs than hit a 3 run HR. to make the score (4-0) Reds

Here’s a look at Michal Cuddyer make a catch for the 2nd out of the inning.

The good news was that 2 outs that inning were strikeouts, but 4 runs were scored and Alex White faced 10 batters in the inning.

Michael Cuddyer gets out in the 7th inning.

Don’t have many photos for the beginning of the game because I was just hangin out on the berm.

Jordan Pacheco at bat in the 8th.

Non Roster invitee Carlos Fisher pitching in the 8th.

Reds Player gets out in the 8th inning.

Chad Tracy heads to 3rd after his 8th inning. Hit it was ruled a Ground Rule Double.


…the ball went through a space in the gate in right field.

it did score 2 run ( 4-3) Reds the 1st Rockies run was also in this inning.

Chad Tracy than  got out at home the next at bat after the batter got a hit. That was the end of the game.

Here’s the final score board.

After the game there was fireworks.

That is it for day 3.

Next Game was st. Patrick’s Day and we were at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.

Lets say the Luck Of the Irish was with me this day it was Epic!!!

 Well That is all for this one.

See Ya around Phoenix we still have 5 more days here and check back as I catch up with my posts.

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