Can Someone tell me how to get to Huston Street!


Rockies Vs. Padres

Peoria Sports Complex

Spring Traing Home of the Mariners and Padres

Peoria, Az

This was the second time I had gone to Peoria Sports Complex. The first was the Giants Vs Mariners on day 2 of this trip.

Who’s got big balls? Peoria Sports Complex does they would make AC/DC jealous.

Now from the 2 good to be true file!

When we arrived I asked somebody that worked at the stadium where do they do batting practice. So he said back over on the Padres back fields, The Rockies will be using the Mariners back field ok so I start walking in the direction the employee pointed to and saw the field where the Rockies were taking batting practice. Walked around the field a little. Said hey to players took photos was there a good half hour. So they start BP baseball start flying out I picked up one, Ranter pick up one and then someone asked who are we here with? We said this was the direction we were sent in when we asked where do they do Batting Practice. It ended up being a not so secure secured area between the 2 complexes that was not open to the public needless to say I got a ball and good photos while over there.

The Rockies stretching before BP.

Jim Wright throwing to Rich Dauer.

Willin Rosario getting on the gear before heading to the bullpen, to warm up with Jhoulys Chacin.

Jordan Pacheco taking some grounded for infield practice.

Nolan Arenado taking some swings before getting in the cage.

After being asked to leave we got on a cart and headed to the San Diego Padres side of the complex. The cart drove right through the secure area.

As we got over there the Padres were still taking BP. The only place to get baseballs was in foul territory. I did find and easter egg out there. 2 Baseballs for the day. So after about 10 minutes or so they finished and the players started walking to the clubhouses.

A Padres player taking a few swings and the creative BNW to show off the mad photo skillz.

 A few players signed autos for the crowd by the gates.

Than we saw Huston Street signing so headed over to him. As I walked up I asked can anybody tell me where Huston Street is? It was a thing he did for the MLB Fan Cave last year. So some lady says he is right here, as he was laughing and told he it was something from the MLB Network last year.

 D got a photo with him. We both got baseballs signed by him.

When we were done there we headed into the stadium.

Afte walking around a little we headed to the Rockies side of the field on the third base line.

Players started come out and the first one out who signed was this guy ok this is real get ready!!!!!

This Guy!

 Yes, That is Troy Tulowitzki. For any Coors regulars you know it is very rare. But it was cool of him to sign.

Willin Rosaro, Johnny Herrea, Tyler Colvin and Dexter Fowler.

Michael Cuddyer during Warm ups.


Jhoulys Chacin and Ramon Hernadez heading in from the bullpen.

WHAT? Another BNW to show off the Mad Photo Skillz.

Dexter Fowler turning second for his lead off triple.

He scored on A Pacheco ground out. The Rox scored 2 in the first. Unfortunately so did the Padres. The Padres also Scored in the 2nd on a Cameron Maybin HR. (3-2) Padres

After watching from the outfield for a while I took a walk around the stadium.

 Mark Kotsay fouls off a Chacin pitch in the 3rd.

Chacin throwing in the 3rd inning.

 Herrera tossing a John Baker grounder to first.

 Jason Giambi slide into home on a wild pitch by the Padres (3-3)

 Johnny Herrera take that warning track power to the track for a triple. Scoring Cuddyer and Rosario. Rosario was brought into the game when Ramon Hernandez got hit by a pitch.

 Cuddyer steps on home as Rosario turns at third.

 Rosario slide into home 2nd run (5-3) Rox

Herrera scored on a Chacin ground out (6-0) Rox.

Then it was time for some more important things. The Sonic Menu Items race.

Rounding the infield and heading for the line it is Coney Dog in first the shake in 2nd and the potatoes tots in last.

despite a late surge by the shake the coney dog won!

Padres player dives back to first in the 7th.

The Padres had a 5 run 5th. (8-6) Padres

Rafael Betancourt protects the plate after a wild pitch in the 8th.

(9-6) Padres.

Nolan Arenado takes a swing in the 9th inning.

Stephan Dodson strikes out for the last out of the game.

final was 10-6 Padres it was a great baseball game. unfortunatley the Rockies lost.

Well just a few days left here in Spring Training.

On Wensday we dicided not to go to a game because of a airport trip we did try to check out the Old Compadre Stadium More on that in the next post.

Til than I will see you around Phoenix. As I finish this we will be headed for a Double header day Game 1 at Temple Diablo Stadium and than to Salt River Fields for the Giants/Rockies. Jaimie Moyer is scheduled to start.

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