Compadre Stadium


This day we decided not to got to a game, Because we had to pick someone up from the airport. We did decide to check out an old abandon stadium I read about a week before we headed down. It is Compadre Stadium. Compadre Stadium was the old Milwaukee Brewers spring training facility. The stadium was built-in 1985 for 1.6 million dollars and was the top of line Complex as Salt River Fields is today. The Brewers used the stadium for 11 seasons before moving to Maryvale Sports complex.

We did not get too much time there because it was private property and they are very rude not even answering question about the structure. We were trying to see if there was away to view the stadium with permission, but the one person who drove up to use was very rude. He just started yelling that this is private property. When we weren’t leaving quick enough for this guy all he said was to you want to speak to the cops. Now I understand that this is private property and is why we stayed by the parking lot and did not enter the structure.

After leaving the property we walked up the side-walk towards the back of the complex and took a few photos.

This was upsetting because this is a part of baseball history and these people don’t understand what they have they can go about the asking to leave a lot nicer or provide the baseball fan opportunities to view the structure with permission. Hell I would pay a few bucks to check it out.

There are a few websites about Compadre Stadium if you are interested check them out because it’s not worth the trip to be disappointed.

Well that was our day few more games from Spring Training til we leave. Til than see Ya around. So far this trip has been great. Been meeting a lot of great people and hangin with great friends. Dan,Emily and Amy were down here for the first few days and Jim, Geoff and a few of his friend were there for the last few games.

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