Juan Returns and Someone comes through in the clutch!


Diamondbacks Vs. Rockies

This was the first game of a series with the Diamondbacks. My third game of the season and the 4th home game for the Rockies. It was also Juan Nicasios first game back at Coors since his August game that he was hit by a comebacker and broke his neck.

Here is Juan warming up in the outfield before heading into the ball game.

Before the game the Rockies showed a video of Juans determination to get back to the field. Than they showed the people who help him get to where he is today including Keith Dugger the Rockies trainer, EMT’s and Dr’s who were involved not just getting back on the ball field but to survive an accident that most would not fully recover from.

Here he is taking the field with catcher Ramon Martinez.

This was Juans second start of the season but his first back at Coors Field. I had seen him pitch a few inning very well in Spring Training.


Here he tosses his warm up ball to the crowd.

Todd Helton leads the Rockies onto the field for the start of the game.

 Michael Cuddyer heading to the outfield.

Juan Nicasio pitching to the Diamondbacks Willie Bloomquist for a strike.

Bloomquist would ground out to second for the first out of the game.Nicasio would than strike out Jason Kubel for the second out. Things started not going Nicasios way when he walked the next 3 batters resulting in 2 runs when Paul Goldschmidt would hit a single.

After the Rockies got off the field and grabbed the bats. They started to chip away at the D’backs lead with Dexter Fowler first HR of the season.(2-1) D’backs.

Nicasio regrouped in the 2nd sitting the D’backs down in order. Including his second strike out of the game.

Ramon Hernandez would running to first after hitting his 2nd inning HR to tie the game at 2.

Juan Nicasio stands on first after walking in the 2nd.

Nicasio was taken out after a rough 2nd inning. Than starting to get in trouble in the 3rd. He pitched 2 2/3 innings. threw 86 pitches with a very bad strike to ball ratio throwing 91 pitches, 42 for balls 49 for strikes. He did strike out 3, walked 5, struck out 3 and lets not forget letting up 6 runs 4 in the 3rd.

May not have been the best start in Nicasio’s career but it was once again a start in a big league uniform. Hope things continue to get better for this young pitcher who has been though more than anybody to return to the field. Good Luck Juan. personally I would like to see Juan be the first 20 game winner for the Rockies. Lets hope he goes big this year.

Esmil Roger, Yes Esmil not Ismail. Ismael is the whale in Moby Dick!

Pitched the next 2 innings. Here he is throwing his last out in the 5th inning to Todd Helton. He also struck out 3. with no walks and did not let up any additional runs.

The Rockies did tie up th game at 6 in the 4th after getting 2 runs in the 3rd and 4th.

Matt Belisle came in o pitch in the 6th.

Marco Scutaro throwing to Helton at first for the last out of the 7th.

Still think this is ridiculous…

…and after seeing them up close a little scary!!!

They actually ran from the Tunnel in left field to in front of the Rockies dugout. The  2 others I saw the stop in front of the visitors dugout.

I may have nightmares after this! probably something to do with a toothache and crazy dental products chasing after me.

Rex Brothers pitching in the 8th inning.

Scutaro catches a Bloomquist pop up in the 8th for the 2nd out of the inning.

Carlos Gonzalez dives back to first after hitting a single in the 8th.

He would then get to third on an overthrow from the pitcher to first base that hit the wall and ended up in right field.

With Carlos on third Tulo would come up and in his not so clutch way struck out. I still don’t understand how such a big numbers guy can not do it in the clutch.

So Todd Helton would come up and hit a 2 out double to score Cargo and that would lead to a Rockie lead to the Rockies  7 th run and take the lead 7-6.

Who’s clutch now bitch?

This Guy!!!

Todd Helton heads to second after his double and game winning RBI!

That was Todds 557 double of his career. He is currently 24th on the all time list for doubles 3 behind Eddie Murray and Jeff Kent.

Tulo throws to Scurtaro for the last out off the game.

Tulo and Hernandez high five after the win.
Todd Helton was the Shane Co. player of the game he is being interviewed by Jenny from Poop Wart or the Network not to be named!! I realized watching the Sat. night game while I was writing this she is a major blink as you can see in this photo as well. I do think she is improving and doing an Ok job.

Well that’s it for this one. The Rockies win 7-6, Great game Juan returned and Helton does what he does best show everybody how it is done.

Up next for me my first Sky Sox game of the year and most of the beginning of the week at Coors. See ya there.

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