Historic Night at Coors!


Padres Vs. Rockies

My 6th game of the season

Starting Pitchers. Anthony Bass for the Padres and Jamie Moyer for the Rockies


Today as I was entering the stadium there was  excitement and anticipation in the air that is normally not there on a cool Monday night at Coors. Batting practice was going on.  I got a ball from the Rockies (the first from them of the year from the bat of Chris Nelson) and a second from the Padres. My first 2 ball game of the year.  The excitement and anticipation tonight was not because of  that. It was because the starting pitcher for the Rockies tonight was 49-year-old Jamie Moyer now this was his 3rd start of the year and his 2nd at Coors.  If he wins tonight he would be the oldest pitcher to ever win a MLB game. I had written about this before, last week when he pitch. It is an 80-year-old record set by Jack Quinn. So here is my story of the Historic night at Coors Field.


Ok beside the dramatic first paragraph it’s still baseball and basically the same things happen leading up to the start of the game like the starting pitcher and the catcher heading to the dugout from the bull-pen!

The starting pitcher this night being Jamie Moyer still has to throw the first pitch to a batter from the opposing team. Tonight that batter would be the Padres Cameron Maybin unlike the strike out the night before, tonight he would ground out to second for the first out of the game. Mark Kotsay would be the next batter and he hit a single. After Chase Headley flew out to Dexter Fowler in center he would get out at second on a ball hit to Tulo at short for the third out of the inning. Jamie Moyer got out of the first inning unscathed and still looking for the first win as a Rockie, of the year and as the oldest player to win a MLB game.

 The only Rockie to reach base was Carlos Gonzalez in the 1st. inning. He walked he he is being held at first base.


Tulo would get out for the third out of the inning. Here he is arguing the call with home plate umpire Joe West. He is arguing that he got tagged out om a ball he thought was a foul but was called fair and he was tagged out at home. Jim Tracy did come out from the dugout to protect his poor performing hot-headed player. Ooops was that my outer voice. More on this later! Baseball is played in order so no reason to skip to the 7th so soon!

Moyer would also get out of the 2nd without letting up runs. Not without a little drama, he did walk the third batter of the game after letting up a single to the second batter Chris Denorfia.  Jason Bartlett would Fly out to center to end the inning. 

Denorfia gets tagged out at second.

After the Padres batted in the second I decided to wander around. Here’s a look at Padres starting pitcher Anthony Bass pitching to Todd Helton.

Helton would get out and the Rockies went down in order in the inning. Moyer would only face 3 batters in the 3rd.

After Chris Nelson lead off the 3rd. inning for the Rockies, Flying out to right and Moyer striking out. Marco Scutaro hit a single and then Dexter Fowler would head to the plate….

..and hit his second home run of the season for a 2-0 Rockies lead. Way to go Dex!!!!

Which puts Moyer in a winning situation! Moyer would only see 3 batters in each of the next 2 innings both ending in a double plays. The Rockies did get a third run in the 4th.  (3-0) Rox

The runs were scored after Michael Cuddyer singled and was scored on a Wilin Rosario double.

While I was wandering around I met up with Geoff who was with one of the newest Rockies fans his 3 or so month old son Summit who attended his first game.

Now here is Geoff showing off his mad dad skillz as he feeds Summit and intently watches the game. An makes the BNW to show off the mad photo skillz for this post. It was cool that his first game was such a historic one.

 A look at the cool clouds over Coors during sunset.

OK now back to the game after the A.D.D. break pretty clouds,cute baby, ooh yeah baseball game! Michael Cuddyer scoring after Rosarios double.

After visiting with Geoff, Summit and his wife Mary I headed up to the Rockpile to visit The Ranter. Here is a shot of Moyer pitching in the 5th inning to Denorfia who would again get out on second on a double play hit by Jason Bartlett.

Three Rockies Blogger on MLB were here for this one.

Amy Take On Blake, “D” The Rockpile Ranter and I.

Than we all headed down to the concourse to get a few more close photos before Jaime was taken out of the game. This was his 77th pitch of the night to Andy Perrino in the 7th inning.

Parrino would hit a grounder that would have been a double play that went through the legs of Tulo. That resulted in 2 runs for the Padre. (3-2) Rockies. If The Rockies did not keep the lead I know who I would blame. This was his 6th Error of the year matching his total of all of last year in just 11 games. So not being clutch at the plate is carrying out to the defensive end as well. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt this year he was really cool in Spring Training. Been signing for fans this year and seemed to turn a new more fan friendly leaf . Now his hitting and fielding is depleting. I know I am very critical of Troy but he has one of the most natural swings I have ever seen but chases crap pitches and swings like a monkey swatting at a fly. I always said he is one of the best I have seen play the field and the 2 gold gloves prove that, But I hope this influx of errors stops. It is not just affecting him but the team. As a leader he has to play by example not be the reason for unnecessary base runners and runs. Enough of the Tulo bashing, I even stopped calling him the Deuce!

Here is Jamie Moyer walking off the field after the 7th inning. He struck out 1 and walked 1 and got the job done. Rex Brothers would pitch the 8th.

 He would face Michael Cuddyer.

Cuddyer would hit a double scoreing….

With that final out  Jamie Moyer at 49 years 150 Days becomes the oldest player to record a win in MLB history.

The graphic on the LED board after the game.

After the game I heard Marc Stout conducted a great interview with Moyer that I had seen live but did not hear. It is cool to see that a good guy and man with vast baseball knowledge was able to be part of the history. I mention this because they usually put the interview on the Scoreboard after a walk off but not for this? Just find that weird.

Well Congratulations To Jamie Moyer for accomplishing such a long-standing record. Which he has the chance to break every time he takes the mound for the Rockies this year.

That is it for this one. Another game left from this series. Than the Rockies head to Milwaukee and return to face the Mets April 27,28 and 29th.

See ya at Coors in a week.



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