Don’t call it a comeback….

 …I been here for years Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear..

Thanks, L.L Cool J for the Title!


Mets Vs. Rockies

3rd game of series

My 10th Game of the season.

Today as all Sunday’s at Coors was Autograph Sunday. The signers today were Drew Pomeranz, Esmil Rogers, Wilin Rosario and Josh Roenicke.

The first line I got on was Drew Pomeranz and had him sign my default Coors Field photo I than had Esmil also sign it. The photo now has 5 autos on it. It is the item I use when I don’t have other things for guys to sign or have cards and other items already.

After the autos were done I headed down to the wall and waited to see who would head out. First Michael Cuddyer signed and I finally got him to sign a card he has been very elusive to me this year. I missed him a few times at Spring Training and had a few missed opportunity at Coors. Than Carlos Gonzalez headed over to the wall. I did not have anything for him to sign so I grabbed a card for X. He signed it.

Now gotta hop on the soap box a second. This year has been a good year for autographs at the wall Helton, Cargo, Tulo, Cuddyer and many of the Rockies start players have been signing which we appreciate of them. BUT please stop the pushing and shoving for one if this becomes a problem they may stop signing and that would suck. The second is for the people in the front row that concrete wall does not move no matter how hard you push! Be Respectful of the people in front and around you and sometimes if you ask the people in the front will hand your stuff down. OK stepping off soap box and back to the game!

Jaime Moyer was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. He once a gain is going to be the oldest pitcher to win a MLB game. This is him warming up in the out field.

A few of the Rockies starters during the National Anthem.

I like the look Michael Cuddyer had with the high sox and the bat lean needed to focus just on him for one.

After the Anthem he put the bat to work using it to get some swings in before the start of the game.

Jamie Moyer throwing the first pitch to Denver Native and Met Kirk Niewenhuis. He started the game with a single which was followed by a Ruben Tejada single. Moyer would than strike out Daniel Murphy, David Wright would hit a double to take the lead scoring both Niewenhuis and Murphy. (2-0) Mets. The Mets would go on to score 1 more run for a 3-0 lead. The Mets had 9 batters come to the plate in the first after a rough inning for Moyer he did settle in and pitch well in the next few innings.

Mets starting pitch Johan Santana at the plate in the 1st. inning. Love that smooth pitches hack at the plate! Is it just me or does the swing of a pitcher just look painful.

 That one was a strike!

The Rockies and the Mets both did not produce much til the 5th inning Santana kept the bases pretty empty except for a walk in both the 4th and 5th. The Mets did get another run in the 5th when Josh Thole hit a solo HR. (4-0) Mets.

 This was Moyer being tagged out after a sac bunt after Chris Nelson was walked in the 3rd.

Dexter putting down the bunt in the 6th inning, He hit it a little hard and it was picked up and he was tagged out.

But you can’t say he did not try to escape the tag from Ike Davis.

While walking the concourse I ran In to Mohawk Joe, who had a mini me with him!! His nephew who was also rockin the purple hawk!

Now he totally look like he is having a good time!

Jason Giambi hits one to second for the third out of the 6th inning for the Rockies.

Hey look who was at the game and seemed to be very cool to the fans down behind home plate.

 It is Broncos QB and former Indianapolis Colt Peyton Manning.  Also seated next to him was broncos wide receiver Eric Decker.

In the 8 th inning Peytons friend and former teammate at Tennessee Todd Helton stepped to the plate with bases loaded.

Helton would hit his 351st HR of his career and 4th of the season. It was also his 6th grand slam HR of his career this would tie the game at 4.

 Running to first base.

Celebrating with his teammates at home. Usually you don’t see much emotion from Todd but he totally showed it here very excited while celebrating with teammates.

 This one you can see he was cheering and excited. I wonder if he yelled out “Who’s Clutch Now Bitch”! Ok maybe not. But he has been a great clutch hitter this season and in his career. Great in pressure situations and comes through for his teammates and the fans. Very un Todd Like and with the fans still going crazy after he entered the dugout he did come out for a curtain call.

After he tied it up the  and nobody scored in the 9th it was time for some free baseball. The Game headed into the 10th where The Mets would than score a run for a 5-4 lead. Pinch hitter Mike Baxter scoring on a Niewenhuis double.

The Rockies would than after Fowler grounded out in the 10th. Carlos Gonzalez came up and hit a shot just clearing the auxiliary score board in right field to once again tie the game at 5.

Carlos high five’s Troy Tulowitzki. I wonder if he said who’s clutch now bitch! Probaly not!

The Mets did score a run in the 11th and the Rockies were not able to come back once again. This was a very exciting game even with the loss. Sometimes games are just great as a baseball fan. Even know your team doesn’t win. This was a great series between my 2 favorite teams and glad I made all 3. Fridays night game was one of the intense and exciting game I have ever seen. defiantly in my top 5 including Cargos walk off for the cycle and Giambi’s to beat the Red Sox.

The Rockies are now 10-11 and are now in 4th place in the west.

The Mets are 13-9 and in 2nd behind the Braves and Nationals by 1 game.

The Rockies now have 3 against the very hot LA Dodgers.

The Dodgers 16-6 lead the west by 4 games and have the best record in the National league.

I will be at all 3.

See ya at Coors.

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