Cargo to Houston we have lift off!!!


Astros Vs Rockies

Game 3 of series

My 24th game of the season @ Coors

Before the Game the Rockies announced that they would designate starting pitcher Jamie Moyer for assignment. So he can be sent to the Springs, traded or fully released from the team. The Rockies would be responsible for his 1 Million dollar salary no matter what happens. It has been interesting watching the Moyer story unfold from Spring Training to Now, But after most of his starts may have started well but rarely ended that way. Well no matter which decision is made it was cool having the opportunity to watch him make history here at Coors. From being the Oldest pitcher in the MLB to win  game to being the Oldest to get a hit and score an RBI.

The batting practice was just OK today. The since I came from work I only saw about 2 or 3 minutes of the Rockies BP. The astros did hit pretty well but not as much as Monday’s BP and not in the same areas or as consistent to where they hit. I did have a chance on a few but did not get any. Today after heading to the wall Jordan Pacheco signed and at the very end Cargo signed a few.

Carlos Gonzalez and Esmil Before the game. Everyday while the bullpen pitchers head out I have noticed Caargo and Esmil do a very elaborate hand shake. Today i photographed the whole sequence but just used this photo. This post will have plenty of Cargo!

Jordan Pacheco throwing to Dex Fowler. Both will be at Jacksons today at 1P.M. for Dex and friends on 104.3 ESPN Radio.

Wilin Rosario and Christian Friedrich heading from the bullpen for the start of the game.

Pacheco tosses to Helton to get t Jose Altuve out for the first out of the game. It did advance lead off hitter Jordan Schafer to second.

I did not get Friedrich’s first pitch because Astros first base coach Bobby Meacham stepped in my way. Friedrich would face 4 batters in the inning. The Rockies Dexter Fowler started the bottom of the 1st by striking out. Marco Scutaro walked Cargo hit a single. But was out at second when Tulo hit a single, Tulo would then steal second and Helton would hit a single to load the bases.

Tulo stealing second base.

Michael Cuddyer would hit an opposite field HR over the scoreboard in right.

The ball landed above the SEA /Tex score above the scoreboard.

Glennallen Hill  made the play official when he signaled the HR!!!!!! He has been making some great call lately. The Cuddy safe at home call on Monday and now this one!!

Cuddy high-fives Helton at home!!

For a second the Umpires did not think it was an HR. weren’t they watching Glenallens call! After about 30 second of review. They came back out and signaled HR. The Rockies take a 4 to nothing lead.

Wilin tried to leg out a single to extend the inning but was thrown out.

The Astros scored a run in the 2nd. (5-1) Rox

 Marco Scutaro steals a base after his single that scored Dex from 2nd. Look he got the call right also.

Christian Friedrich throwing in the 5th inning. The Astros tied up the game in the 3rd. He pitched well in the 4th and he was very good in the 5th. Despite letting up 2 single, all three outs where strikes.

Cargo took the lead for the Rockies in the 5th hitting a lead off HR (6-5) Rox.

Wilin Rosario slides into  home for a run in the 6th. he lead off the inning with a double and scored (7-5)

Ok it’s a sequence!!

Not quite text-book!

But he is really excited about getting the 7th run so Colorado gets Tacos!

Jordan Pacheco steals second as the ball bounces past Astros second baseman Jose Altuve.

Glenallen Hill makes another great call as Dexter Fowler rounds first for his 6th inning 3 run HR. Way to Go Dex!!! It would score 3 runs. (1o-5) Rox.

Dex heading to home after his HR.

dex High fives Eric Young Jr. he pinched hit in the 6th and was on base when Dex hit the HR.

Cargo thought we needed a few more runs so he hit his second HR of the game for 2 runs this time! (12-5) Rox

The ball was hit to Douglas from looks like he had the catch…

..til it bounced out!!! This is his second HR this week he also caught Tulo’s on Monday.

The Rockies did bat around in the 6th sending 10 batters to the plate. Scoring 6 runs.

After Tulo left the game after he strained a leg muscle Scutaro moved to short and D.J. Le Mahieu played second here he is  throwing to Helton at first.

To get Carlos Lee out to lead off the 7th.

Ohh yeah you guessed it still creepy!!!

Esmil pitched the 8th inning for the Rockies. He faced 5 batters letting 2 runners on base and ending the innig striking out Carlos Lee.

In the bottom of the 8th. Cargo figured the third time would be the charm hitting his third HR of the game on three consecutive at bats. (13-5) Rox. He was 4 for 5 with 3 HRs and 7 RBI’s single-handedly getting Tacos. So I guess the commercial is right he has your Tacos right here.

Michael Cuddy’s 1st Inning HR was his second grand slam od the season and his 6th of the season. Dexter Fowlers was his 8th of the season. Cargo hit his 11th,12th and 13th today and has 41 RBI’s this season.

Marc Stout interviewing Caros Gonzalez after the game.

Then he interviewed Michael Cuddyer.

After that I ran into these shady people behind the dugout!

What Up? from RtoL Joy, Brittany, Brad and Keelan.

Durring the game Umpire Tim Timmonds did another cool thing.

He brought a ball over to the kid who was sitting in front of me. It is really cool when the umpires do things like this. even know this is a profile you can totally tell he has a huge smile on his face.

Great game a Coors the Rockies now have a winning streak! winning 3 games in a row. Tonight they go for the sweep of the Astros for the 4th game of the series.  I hope they carry this momentum this weekend when the face the first place Dodgers for 3 games. It is great to see the offence really getting things together. now to get this pitching in order and we may have a chance for a very long and what will be a difficult run in the standings. Lets turn this around guys. I still believe, Do you!!!

Well see you tonight at Coors. I will also be at Jacksons at 1 P.M for Dex and friends todays guest is Jordan Pacheco!


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