Dodgers end the streak, Rox hitting was weak.


Dodgers Vs. Rockies

Game 2 My 27th game of the year.

As Yogi Berra would say: “It was deja vu all over again” another very slow and somewhat uneventful BP. Not much action from the Rockies or the Dodgers. I started in the front row and decided to move back to the regular seats for the 3rd. Dodgers group but not much was hit out. The Dodgers did toss-up a few baseballs. Again Jamey Wright was stand up, he handed a ball up to a little kid in the front row of the pavilions and signed it for him. It was the last ball hit in BP another player caught it but Wright asked him for it and brought it over. Once again that was really cool. I know I am being redundant Talking about Wright, After things I have seen and player ignoring or just being kinda rude to fans I really like to see and give recognition to the players who treat the fans like it is the year of the fan and especially that he is on the opposing team.

Today after BP I headed down to the wall again but did not really pursue autographs it was very crowded by the wall and I just stayed back. Michael Cuddyer did sign today and was the only person I saw sign during warm ups. It did look like a few pitchers signed during BP.

Juan Nicasio and the starting pitching entourage heading in from the bullpen.  Lead by pitching coach Bob Apodaca. Wil Nieves was the starting catcher today, Giving Rosario a break with a night game followed by a night game. The Rockies also rested Helton and Cuddyer started at first.

Nicasio throwing the first pitch to the Dodgers Tony Gwynn Jr. He got on base after the ball was hit to D.J. LeMahieu.

Lemahieu bobbled the ball, but did a good job keeping with it and most likely would have got the out if it was not a fast lead off hitter it was a close play.

The second time when Elian Herrera hit to D.J. and got him out for the first out of the game. Gwynn did score on a Andre Either single. (1-0) Dodgers.

Dexter Fowler Started the bottom of the 1st with a mission and he accomplished his end of it. He hit a lead off triple.

Dex dives into third base for his 5th triple of the season and his career 44th. Tieing Larry Walker for second on the Rockies all-time triples list and just 5 behind Niefi Perez.

With Dex still on 3rd Cargo came up with 1 out.

He tipped one and it hit Umpire Chad Fairchild. You can see the ball over A.J. Ellis’ right shoulder.

It looks like it caught him in the hand. After a few minute delay he remained behind the plate. Slightly before this point it started to get really windy and started to rain lightly. Fowler would eventually score on a Cuddyer double to tie the game at 1.

The Dodgers would score 2 more runs off the Nicasio before he was taken out of the game with a strained knee. (3-1) Dodgers

 I am not sure if it happened during a pitch and he landed wrong or if he slipped trying to make a play on the ball hit up the middle. Josh Roenicke came into pitch in the second. He faced one batter Bobby Abreu and got him to ground out.

Between innings the Coors Field Grounds Crew came out to spread some the field dry stuff on the field since it was raining for a while and hard at times.

Roenicke kept the Dodgers from scoring in the 3rd and allowed one batter tp reach base. James Loney.

Roenicke pitched in the 3rd. inning.

Cargo did not bring the natural swing to the plate in the 3rd. This was just a really bad hack at a bad pitch. with bases loaded in the 5th he also did not fair to well. He popped out to the third baseman in foul territory, with only one out. The Rockies did not score a run in the inning that they should have easily scored 2. The Dodgers scored an additional run in the 4th. (4-1) Dodgers.

Matt Reynolds came in to pitch for the Rockies in the 5th inning. He did let up a double to start the inning but he did then did strike out the next 2 batters and Aaron Harang grounded out to end the inning.

The Dodgers extended the lead in the 6th with a Bobby Abreu 2 run HR.

 Rex Brothers made his return appearance in the 7th inning for the Rockies. After walking the first batter of the inning A.J. Ellis he gained a little control of the fast ball and got out of the inning. He did balk to move Dee Gordan to second Gordan got on with a fielder’s choice which got Ellis out at second.

Scutaro throws to Lemahieu at second to get Ellis.

He then attempt to turn 2


Could not leave out a Don Mattingly photo here he is coming out to switch pitchers in the 7th inning.

He took out Guerra and brought in Elbert.

Ohh yeah creepy and it looks like they have hostages.

 Brothers pitched the 8th with a 1,2,3 inning and Esmil Roger came in for the 9th. Here he is writing in the dirt before he pitched. So I have a question. What does he write? A few times a week I get a hit from the search topic what does Esmil Rogers write on the mound before he pitches. If anyone knows leave a comment.

He pitched well get the Dodgers out in order. Unfortunately so did the Rockies! No late inning rally for this one.

 The Final was 6-2 Dodgers.

 Andre Either making the last out of the game hit by Wilin Rosario.

Well that is it for this one the Rox and Dodgers do it again Sunday.

This will bet the last game in the home stand before a quick trip to Arizona.

I will See you at Coors!

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