The Deuce Strikes Again!!!!


Jackson’s Lodo.

I should have titled this the Douche shows his true colors part Deuce, but I was torn I could have went many directions with this post as far as Title such as Dex needs better friends. Dex and friends the Tulo experiment! Dex and Douche!!!!

Ok so why the hostility you ask. Today as always when the Rockies are home or have an off day on Thursday’s Jackson’s in Lodo host ESPN Radio 102.3FM and they do a live show called Dex and friends. Dex and friends is a show featuring Dexter Fowler and another player. I have mentioned these briefly in posts before. Past guest were Jeremy Guthrie who was really cool and signed and took photos with the fans. Chris Nelson also really cool. Jordan Pacheco was awesome too!

Todays guest was no other than the star Short Stop and All Star Troy Tulowitzki better known on this blog as The Deuce. After spring training I dropped The Deuce! Lol!  Because I thought he kinda changed his attitude and seemed to be very cool with the fans in spring training.  As of today he will once again be called the Deuce.

Why am I bring back the Deuce. Today I headed to Jackson’s knowing that The Deuce was on Dex and Friend it is usually kinda laid back with about 20 people. Today there was probably about 75 to a 100 not a huge crowd. So before they started the broadcast, people formed a line to the left of the area where they set up for autographs and photos. Usually there is no need for a line. After we were inline someone said he would just be signing for fans under 18 now this is a bar at Happy Hour not many kids there except a  few that came to meet Dex and Friend with their parents. So as we were standing listening to the show someone was asking why The Deuce won’t sign and he was having a rough day and it would be cool for him to  sign a photo for him. With that someone called a bouncer over and the guest was removed from the property. Now I was standing about 2 or 3 people behind him and he was not being loud or rude. He just was asking if he could have his photo signed.

 Now It would have been cool even if he said you know I would sign one item for everyone. He doesn’t have to sign everything that a person brought. He did say to someone I sign things for you all the time now that is not the right attitude from a star player from a team.  I am a Coors Field regular and in 4 season I only have gotten his autograph 3 times. For another fan who was there he had signed before actually 7 times since he came up in 2006 now some would say that is a lot but for us collectors it only means he signed a team ball for each year. Mariano who was the fan that was remove has a team ball from every season the Rockies have been around. So he has gotten his autograph before but once again on an annual team item. For me he signed a team ball in 2010 on an Autograph Sunday, A ball at Fan Fest and a card at spring training this year. Now  the card was for a team set of cards from 2009. The Team ball was the 2010 team ball and the Ball was because I collect signed baseballs as do many Rockies fans. Now I have photos for him to sign that I have photographed. Which really have no value to anyone but me that I have been carrying around for 4 seasons and also cards for other team sets which basically he is the only one missing from the sets which were signed by all the other players.

 Before other  incidents with the Deuce in the past he was one of my favorite players. I even have a Deuce jersey I bought in 2009. But after the 2010 last home game of the season he stopped and signed for people outside the Chop House he signed 4 autographs and there were 5 people out there. Guess who he did not sign for.  Another time he was rehabing in the springs and stopped a person or 2 before our group, only signing 10 to 15 autos. Not saying he needs to sign for everyone but a good amount would not hurt considering it was a sold out game because everyone was there to see him. Last year at photo day in July he took a photo with 1 person in the section we were in and walked away, So this was not the first time he has done something like this. This being the year of the fan it really is not quite fan friendly not to sign at a public event. As for Mariano he was banned from Jackson’s which is kind of B.S. He had to pay for a beer he never received and did not get his autograph!.

I also brought my Mom to Jackson’s who is a big baseball fan and really liked The Deuce as a player. She heard the story of the way he is towards fans but never witnessed it.  She wears a Tulowitzki jersey every game she attends at Coors. Lets just say I don’t think she will be wearing it.

Other fans did not like that it was advertised as a come down and meet Dexter and Tulo which on many occasions was the case except today.

Here are a few photos from this disaster. People gathered in front of the ESPN Radio table.

The Deuce answering a question. Wow, red I thought his eye would reflect brown because he is full of shit when he says how good he is with the fans.

Here is Amy asking him if he would do random Rox talk which many players have done for her blog. The Take from Blake. He said NO!

Here he is being escorted out after the show.

So after a person who had brought this Photo to be signed wrote “Big Dick Move Tulo” on it. I like that it was held up in front of his jersey while someone else was photographing it.

After we all signed it with a little message to him. Some of the things was “Fuck You deuce” “Year Of The Fan” “Go Cubs” “The Douche” “Year Of The Fan Douche Bag” Mine was “Thanks Again For Showing Your True Colors” “With All My Love, Karma”

So as you can see many fans where very disappointed in The Deuce.

Here is Mariano signing it out side of Jackson’s

And holding the photo up outside.

I think he was treated unfairly by the Staff at Jackson’s this could have been handled differently. Now this is not about Jackson’s they did not know that the Deuce was a Douche. This is not against ESPN Radio who does an awesome things for the fans by doing this show in a public venue(not a studio). There should be some kind of agreement with the players that do this are willing to participate in all aspects of the show, Meeting the fans, doing the radio show and taking photos. It is also very cool that Dex does this almost every week and is a true professional! Thanks again Dex. For many fans this is the first time they have seen this side of The Deuce, for many regulars like my self this was not the first time and most likely will not be the last.

DA DA DA your Douche!!

Is what should be shouted for his chant! Lets Get it started!!!

Maybe someone will see this and let him know how much a disappointment he was to his fans. It was nice that he signed for the kids, but he must also realize they are not the ones who pay for the tickets at the stadium and the merchandise that helps pay his salary. I think players should realize this and be courteous to the grown ups as well. Now remember we have another 8 years to deal with this and his $157.75 milion contract throw 2020.

One last question if this was you where the owner or coaches, even teammates is this the type of person you want to be representing your team?

Ok Stop voting for him as an All Star Have you seen his ## this year. Vote For Cargo, Dex and Helton.

I hope this explains the discontent of myself and other Rockies fans.

Well that’s it I have Ranted enough thanks for your time. For Now I am the Rox Addict

See You At Coors!!!!


  1. Bob

    You should spell check and proof read before you post something like this. Tons of misuses of the word “where” when it should be “were”. Capitalization in places where there is no need.
    With that being said it was a good read. It stinks that not a lot of Rockies Fans know this side of Tulo. It stinks even more that he acts like this around the people that come out and support him the most. Lighten up Tulo, you get to play baseball for a living. Have some fun!!

    • mlblogsroxaddict

      I do the program actually like to change the wheres on me. And saves older versions after spel check is done. Thanks for letting me know I have not seen it published. Just checked it before publishing

  2. jaredean

    Brutal…i hate hearing things like this about him because he is such a fan favorite, and works so hard to be the best at the game, but he will never be a true HOFer until he realizes that real heroes are humble and fans deserve better…


    MIKE-I too though “The Duece” had changed his ways at spring training this season. I personally have had a few more “being dissed” moments from Duece than you have. He may be a helluva ballplayer but he just not a nice person to hardcore Rockies fans. He doesn’t like to sign jerseys, if he remembers you it’ll be a year or two before you get another autograph if you’re lucky. I’ve seen the Duece in countless situations where he could have shined and he played the turd. I personally have never sold anything I’ve ever had autographed. I’ve been watching Duece for six years now and he’s not a complete player and does not deserve to be an All-Star. Maybe folks will start to notice now…Props to you Mike for telling it like it was…”D”

  4. Ann Miky

    While I agree that Tulo can often come off as a “cold fish” in regards to his personality, I don’t think that should take away from appreciating his play on the field. Players are paid to play the game, not to smile and sign autographs. Sure it’s nice when they do and my husband and son have collected many autographs over the years, but that’s not why we go to the games. That being said, we were at one of Tulo’s rehab games in the Springs as well. At that game he signed literally dozens of autographs, including a card for my son, starting before any of the other players and continuing until the last possible moment. He was cordial and polite the entire time. While he may not be as friendly or charming as Giambi, Spilly, Pacheco or some of the others, I still enjoy watching him play and appreciate his talent.

  5. Ken

    Bummer that he was being a jerk. If he doesn’t want hang with fans he should not do these events. He is probably pissed that he is on the DL and that the Rockies are sucking this year. He likes to win.

  6. jesse

    Who cares that tulo didn’t sign something for someone, the person probably kept asking and tulo probably got sick if saying no and,had him removed. He has the choice to sign or not, just cause he said only 18 and under doesn’t make him an asshole. What do you have to say about the ones who charge for a autograph?

    • mlblogsroxaddict

      Actually he didn’t
      keep asking. If he did have him kicked out which he did not that would be a messed thing to do to a fan.
      An it was not that he did not sign for 1 person he did not sign for a hundred people. And only signing for the people under 18 doesn’t make him an asshole his attitude towards the fans constently makes him an asshole this is not the first time he has done things like this. Now the under 18 now think about it it is a bar at Happy Hour how many people under 18 do you think were really there!!!
      Now I am going to post the FB ad for this event:
      Troy Tulowitzki will be Dexter Fowler’s guest this afternoon, live from Jackson’s across from the ballpark from 5-6. Come by early to make sure you get a spot, and then stay and get an autograph. Tulo and Dex with CJ & Kreckman from 5-6 at Jackson’s.
      Now that is why people are pissed. As far as the ones who get paid, They already get paid where do you think the money for the tickets you buy go. Not excactly to the hot dog venders and ushers who work for minium wage. If they are a retired player making a living at it well its all good, If it is someone doing it for charity very cool. If Money is the only reason the sign autographs that makes them an Asshole. Thanks for reading.

  7. Jesse

    What if he was having a bad day? We all have them. Or he is sick of seeing all the same people everytime trying to get his autograph, whom he has already signed for.

    • mlblogsroxaddict

      Unfortunatly the rest of the world has to do thier job if they are having a bad day. Well those familiar faces are the fans, if it was not for them the team and his job would not exist. The same faces are still the people that make up the Coors attendance. If it was not for regulars most businesses including baseball teams would not survive. Like I mentioned in the post He may sign for people once or twice a year, but memorabilia collectors may have many Items to have him sign. Personally I usually have a team Item ( Baseball, Helmet and Photo) a team baseball card set each year. Now in 4 years he signed 3 times for me, is that too much? I understand that sounds like a lot but for someone that attends 50 + games a year and has 3 unfinished sets and Other team Items that are not the full team because he is the only one not on most of it. What about the person who has never got his autograph that was there, that spent a few hundred dollars on a jersey of his? These are his fans is that how they should be treated good or bad day.

      • Jesse

        Just because you are a fan doesn’t mean you are expected or deserve to get something from them. Do you like certain actors? If you saw them on the street and asked for a picture or a autograph and he says no, are you gonna stop going to his movies? No, these people are bombarded all the time. And Tulo probably doesn’t want these ‘regular faces’ or ‘collectors’ making money off his signature by selling it. He doesn’t know. If you want his signature send it in to the rockies office, along with a donation to the rockies charity or tulo’s if he has one and i’m sure it would get signed.

      • mlblogsroxaddict

        O.K. once again this is promoted as a take a photo and get autographs!! Yes, he does do autographs for charity. Dexter also does the signining for Childrens Hospital or what ever organization also this is a separate obligation from that. Just because we are regular faces does not mean we are selling them. As far as yoyr second comment that is not his to job, it is part of his job like it or not he is a public figure.

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