Drillers hit the Cards Hard!


One OK Field, Tulsa, OK

Springfield Cardinals Vs. Tula Drillers.

The Springfield Cardinals are if you haven’t figured it out are the Double A affiliate of The St. Louis Cardinals. The Tulsa Driller if you live under a rock are the Double A team for the Rockies.

This was my 1st game of the 2012 road trip.

37th combined with Coors and triple A Colorado Springs.

My first Double A game ever!

So after leaving Denver on Thursday and drove to Tulsa, OK The last three hours were a little scenic. This was entering OK from Kansas.

Here is a photo of the road we drove on from Kansas to Oklahoma.

Look who we ran into…..

The Rockpile Ranter!!!! He was staying in Tulsa that night on his way to a family Reunion in Arkansas. He will be at a game in Tulsa on Sunday. I am sure there will be a post about his weekend at rockpilerant.com. We hung with him and the family for a few hours and then headed to our hotel about a mile away from his. So as many already know I am on this trip this year with Amy from the take from Blake. The day of the game we had to check out of the hotel at 11 the game was at 7. The first thing we did was head to One OK Field to get our tickets for the game. First the guy told us they only had lawn seats left ok that would work. Then he asked if we were from Colorado and when we said yes seats, he said there are seats available on the first base side of the field. So we got them.

After getting our tix we walked around the stadium and checked it out. We still had almost 7 hours til first pitch and 6 til the gates opened.

Here is a look at the sign at the first base entrance.

The Tulsa skyline with the street advertisement for the Texas League All-Star game. Next week which will be held at One OK field.

This is the right field entrance.

through the fence from centerfield.

A creative BNW to show of the mad photo skillz. From outside the left field line.

After walking around the stadium we checked out the park across the street. Which had a few cool monuments in it.

we left that area and headed for a spot with Wi-Fi so we went to a local Starbucks and chilled for about 3 of those hours before the game there. Got some lunch and headed back to One OK in time for the start of bp. The stadium did not open for about and hour but, As you can see you were able to watch from the street. Within the first group a lefty hit a good shot that bounced on the concourse and landed just inside the fence.

So we looked and after an attempt at the ball I tried to get the ball using the power cord. I had to figure out a way to get the ball.While I continued to watch Bp I thought to take a shoe lace off my shoe and tie it to a glove, with 2 swipes of the glove the Official ball of the Texas League was mine!!!! First ball of road trip. A few more came out during BP but neither Amy or I got one.

The Gate then opened and we were able to get in for our first view from inside the gates of One OK field. We did stop in the team store a picked up a few thing I got a Drillers hat and pin. I get a pin from everywhere I go and a hat from the Rockies affiliates!!

On some of the columns on the concourse the had giant clings of former Tulsa Driller, now MLB players. The first one I saw was Jeff Francis.

They represented both the Rockies organization and when they were an affiliate of the Texas Rangers. Here is one of Ivan”Pudge” Rodriguez. They also had one of Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Holliday and Kevin Brown.

I took a quick walk to check out the stadium before the players came out.

A look at the Tulsa Sky line from inside the Stadium.

Behind the batters eye they had this fountain park for the kids. Just to the left there was a playground.

The stadium was really more than I expected of a Double A park. Compared to the Springs this was top of the line. I did not expect the stadium to be as nice and offer so much for the family.

As I was heading back I noticed a line of players along the first base line.

It was a good portion of the team. Amy had got a mini bat and got 19 of the players to sign it within about 5 to 10 minutes!!!

I had them sign my program and got almost as many. Including Parker Frazier, Mike Mitchell, Josh Rutledge and Edwar Cabrera.

Parker Frazier.

Cabrera and Angelys Nina signing. It was cool on Agelys right sleeve he still had a KSM patch on his uni.

Here is a picture of a few players during warm ups. Josh Rutlrdge, Ben Paulsen, Nolan Arenado and another player. This photo will be my first contest. It will be a caption contest. So I am looking for the best caption for this photo leave it in the comments at the bottom of this post it will be open til the end of my road trip and The winner will get a Dexter Fowler Autographed card and possibly a random auto from this trip to be determined at the end of the trip.

Nolan Arenado throwing during warm ups. Nick Schmidt and Catcher Lars Davis heading in from the bull pen.

Nick Schmidt throwing the first pitch to the Cardinals Kolten Wong. Wong would fly out and the Cards would only get a single runner on base in the first Oscar Taveras who hit a single.

Nolan<<<( 1000th word in this post!!!!)  Arenado bobbled the ball.

I belive this is Mike Mitchell dropping a bunt which was called foul.

Nolan Arenado takes a cut to ground out in the first.

A wide shot from my seat. During the 2nd inning.

Josh Rutledge to first in the 3rd. He would go on to score the Drillers 2nd run of the inning. (2-2). The Cardinals scored 2 runs in the 2nd inning.

Arenado takes one for a ball at his at bat.

After Arenado hit a single the Cardinals Pitching coach headed to the mound.

In the 4th I took a little loop around the stadium again.

The skyline with the relection of the setting sun. During the 4th inning.

Between inning they do a running of the bulls with the Drillers Mascot and kids.

ex Sky Sox player Kent Mathis does his best Cargo impersonation as he lays out for a catch.

The Drillers scored a Run the 4th & 5th. (4-2) Drillers

The Cardinals Kolten Wong makes steals 2nd in the 6th inning…

…and gets by the second baseman.

Jermaine Curtis grounds out in the 6th inning.

Pop fly by Lars Davis in the 6th.

That was missed by the Cardinals Short Stop.

 Warren Schafer hitting a single in the 6th.

A wide shot from the right field berm.

Michael Marbry coming out of the game in the 7th.

The Cardinals and the drillers both scored 2 runs in the 7th inning. The Cardinals on back to back HR by Oscar Taveras and Chris Swauger. The Drillers on a Corey Dickerson 2 run HR.(6-4) Drillers.

Dickerson high fives Nolan Arenado after his HR.

Kiel Rolings hit another 2 run HR for the Drillers in the 8th. (8-4) Drillers

An out a t first in the 9th.

The Drillers Celabrate their 8-4 win over The Springfield Cardinals.

After the game there were fireworks. Before the did the fire works they had the whole team on the field they had won the Texas league first half. and gave a tip of the hat to the crowd. It is nice to see a Rockies affiliate do well the Ashville Tourist also won the South Atlantic League first half.

Here are some fireworks.

That is it for this one in Tulsa Next up we catch up with the Rockies in Arlington. After this game we drove the 4 and a half hours to Dallas. Because the Rockies Vs. The Rangers was a day game.

One comment

  1. Dominic

    Caption Contest-
    Another Player:”It looks like out of the four of us, Nolan will be the only one to get called up this season.”
    Rutledge:”Haha! I bet if we switched to pitching, we’d be in Denver in a second!”
    Arenado:”Go me! I’m the man!”

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