Poor play seems to be the new Rockies way!


Colorado Rockies Vs. Texas Rangers

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

The 3rd game of this road trip my 35th MLB game of the year and 39th including the Minors!!

2nd game I was at in Arlington.

This was a sunday night game. we got really great tickets and parking provided by Amy relatives that knows a guy who has great seat much appreciation for the tix. It also came with a parking pass. This is the parking lot we parked in across the street from the stadium.

Since they were season tickets we were able to enter the stadium early. Noy sure what time the season ticket gates open before the regular gates but we headed straight in about 2 hours before game time.

As we entered the Rangers were taking their batting practice. They ended about a minute after we got into the field area.

Amy Headed to the Rockies side I went to check out who was signing on the Rangers side. There were 2 players signing for the Rangers Ross and someone else.

The Rockies pitchers stated heading out for warm ups so I headed to the Rockies side.

Matt Reynolds catching for Rex Brothers

After a little while we Rachael met up with us by the wall here is her and Amy sporting their Pacheco Jerseys.

Them hiding from the sun under an umbrella.

So after the players came out and Rachel got Pacheco to sign something and took a photo with him it was time to get to our seats for the start of the game. So when I found out we were getting tickets for this game from someone I joked that the only way I would sit behind the screen was if I sat between George W. Bush and Nolan Ryan Well the seats were not quite that good but close enough.

Here is a photo of George Bush.

Rangers starting pitcher Matt Harris throwing the first pitch to the Rockies Eric Young Jr. EYJ flew out, Marco Scutaro got the first hit for the Rox. Carlos Gonzalez would fly out. Giambi would hit a single he and Marco Scutaro would be left on base.

Giambis bat splits during his at bat in the 1st.

Alex White started for the Rockies this is his first pitch to Ian Kinsler. White struck out Kinsler to start the game, Elvis Andrus came up and lined out to the Rockies second baseman Marco Scutaro. Josh Hamilton and Andre Beltre both hit singles before Michael Young grounded out of the inning.

After Pacheco hit a single, Dexter Fowler walked and Eric Young Jr. got hit by a pitch Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux came out to the mound. Harrison would get out of the inning.

Alex White comes out of the game in the 3rd inning. He pitched 2 and 1/3. Striking out 3, walking 4. Letting up 6 hits and 4 runs.

The Rangers  scored 2 runs in the 2nd and 3rd.

Mike Napoli on the on deck circle.

Jeremy Guthrie came in to pitch for the Rockies after White was removed.

Look the man the myth the first base coach for the Rangers Gary Pettis.

Pacheco at the plate in the 1st. Inning before hitting his single.

Wilin Rosario has a look of concern in his really cool away gear!

Rangers Manager Ron Washington.

Josh Hamilton at bat in the 4th inning.

Andre Beltre gets brushed back in the 4th.

 Dexter Fowler hitting a single in the 5th inning

Mike Napoli at bat in the 5th. He hit a double this inning.

It was the Rangers only hit in the inning. The Rockies Bullpen did a very good job holding the Rangers to 4 runs.

Wilin Rosario hitting the ball in the 6th he flew out to right in the inning.

Cargo sliding into third in the 6th.

Todd Helton strikes out in for the second out of the 6th.

So tonight they had a character race with Texas Legends this was not so creepy!

Intentionally walked Beltre in the 6th. Young would hit into a double play to end the inning.

Adam Ottavino pitched the 7th inning for the Rockies. He had a 1,2,3, inning including a strike out of Napoli to end the inning.

Matt Reynolds pitched in the 8th. Matt got Leonys Martin, Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton out in the inning and also walked Beltre.

Josh Hamilton trying to leg out a hit in the 8th.

Jonny Herrera starting the 9th off right with a single. Fowler followed it up by walking and they would both score things were looking good for the Rockies. Looked like a little Lodo Magic in Arlington. (4-2) Rangers

A look at the Rockies dugout during the 9th.

So in a weird run down with Marco Scutaro and EYJ the inning quickly changed first it looked like EYJ was safe at third and Scutaro was called safe at 2nd when he got up and started walking back to first and was then tagged out?!!!! This was one of the stupidest plays I have seen and this year they seem to keep out doing them self. I totally could not believe what I just saw from this team. I called Scutaro a bunch of thing I will not mention here. But it was not nice. It just haunted me of the stupidity I witnessed on this play he was safe. I don’t know what the thought pattern was and really don’t care. In a post game he said he was pushed or something but can’t believe the story. Cargo then flew out and Giambi struck out to end the game.

Eric Young Jr. at third base after the poor running or what ever you would call this.

That is it for Arlington. This was a pretty cool stadium and the staff was very nice. After the game ushers offered us sodas from the front row seats that were left over and gave us programs that they give out for the front 2 rows.

I would like to thank Amy’s aunt,Uncle and cousins for being so great with letting us stay with them and getting these awesome tickets. I had a great time despite the lossy play of this less than accomplished team. Well that is it for this one. Have a Game from New Orleans to write-up and Atlanta that I have already attended falling behind on posts but check back as I continue on this road trip.

Also thanks to http://www.roxwalkoff.com/ for promoting the blog for this road trip. Check out his as well.

Also to see more from this trip visit Amys blog. http://www.takefromblake.mlblogs.com

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