This game was Legend…..wait for it….Dary!!!!!

…..O.K Not Really but it works!!!!!!


Kannapolis  Intimidators Class A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox VS. The Astros A affiliate Lexington Legends.

Whitaker Bank Ballpark, Lexington, Kentucky.

12th game of road trip. Lost count of games this year.

I drove from Charlotte to make it to this 7:05P.M. start for this game @ 10A.M. I arrived at Whitaker Bank Ballpark at about  5:40 after checking into my Hotel. It was very cloudy and as I was walking around the stadium it started raining.

I went and got my ticket than took a walk around the stadium. Here is a look at the front of the stadium.

The ticket windows. I bought my ticket from the window second from the right. Just in case you needed to know.

In front of the stadium they had these cool benches with the team’s name on them. Never saw that at a stadium before.

Past the parking lot in left center they had this bat advertising Makers Mark whiskey. It is 491 feet from home plate! After I walked around the stadium it was time to head in to the stadium.

Denny Mclain was signing autographs on the concourse by the entrance of the stadium. Denny was the last pitcher to win 30+ games in the MLB. In 1968 he went 31 and 6 for the Tigers, they also won the World Series that year. He was selling his book and signing autographs. I had him sign a ball I had with me.

By the main entrance they have this pole with signs of how far it is to other teams in the organization. Including Houston and other affiliates. Most importantly they show that Mojo Pitching challenge is 60 feet to the right!!!!!

I than walked around checking out some of the features at Whitaker Bank Ballpark. This  is the Legends Hall of Fame. It has plaques of players who made it to “The Show”. Also the home plates are of singers and people who either attended games or played at the stadium. Some of the signed plates were  signed by Bob Dylan and Willy Nelson. Others were Trace Adkins, Victoria Jackson from SNL, Shay from the Biggest Loser and Roger Clemens. Clemens had his own display from when he played in Lexington when he got back into baseball in 2006.

It had his Jersey, hats, a base and pitchers mound. They called it Rockets re Launch.

Across from the Hall of Fame and next to the gift shop they have there 2001 South Atlantic League Champion Trophy. Now it is  about a foot off the ground and not really to noticeable. I think they need to make something this important in their history a little more prominent.

Two players were signing further down on the concourse. Brandon Meridith is on the left and Jay Austin on the right. I had both of them sign pocket schedules for me. I usually do this when teams have players signing but haven’t too much on this trip. I figured since the trip is almost over and I did not get many autos this trip so I would stop slacking and get them!!!!

I than took a look inside the seating area.

I took a photo of the Chic-fil-a Fowl pole next to the McDonalds ad on the left field fence. Nice to see they have everything covered.

Legends starting pitcher Jonas Duffek warming up in the bullpen.

Down the left field line they have the Budweiser Stable which is an area available for group outings at the ballpark. They have a giant Clydesdale statue next to it.

A look at the field up close, from the left side of home plate.

Here is a look and the only South Atlantic league ball I ever touched. Noticed I said touched!! The ball was just sitting on the dugout as a total easter egg so I started photographing it as it was siting upside down I than  turned it right side up for this photo. I than walked away and was going to grab it, but did not. After I was watching it a few minutes, a kid walked over asked a player if he could take it and did. So once again I did not get a S.A.L. ball. I have seen the most games on my trips of the S.A.L.  games and still don’t have one. This was my 6th S.A.L game. there are leagues I have only been to 1 game and still have a ball from them including the Carolina and Texas leagues. So the ball just became a creative BNW to show off my mad photo skillz instead of a trophy from the S.A.L as a ballhawk!!!!!

A Legends player signing autographs down the first base lines.

Denny Mclain threw out the first pitch or should I say bowled the first pitch with an underhand toss.

Intimidators starting pitcher Scott Snodgress warming up in the bullpen.

O.K. so after over 800 words just short of what I would write in a normal post it is time for the game!!!!

ahhhh….another 22 words!!!

 Jonas Duffek throwing the first pitch to the Kannapolis Intimidators Keenan Walker. Walker grounded out and Duffek was not intimidated by the Intimidators.

 Walker grounding out to first.

After Legends Delino Deshields Jr. Lead off with a walk. Jordan Scott grounded out advancing Deshields to second.

Deshields dives into third as he steals the base. Deshields is another son of a player I have seen this road trip. His dad played for 13 years for the Expos, Dodgers, Cardinals, Orioles and Cubs.

 Bill Rice doubles for Kannapolis in the 2nd inning. He would remain on base and not score.

Another Legends stolen base in the 2nd inning. Chan Moon stealing this one in the 2nd.

 So between the second and third inning they had a contest to make a paper airplane and see who’s flew further so not only did the girls doing this not know how to make one!?

That means they did not fly either so after the girl in greens paper floated further the girl in black crumpled hers so it would go further!!! Moral of the story show you kids how to make a paper airplane!!!

Garis Pena puts one down the line for an out in the 3rd inning.

Grant Buckner(No relation to Bill Buckner that I can find!)  rounds third on a Kevin Smith double for Kannapolis’ first run.  So all the funny photos they use at these stadiums for opposing teams players and they could not come up with a photo of  Silent Bob! One that they did do at this stadium was for Bill Rice they put up a photo of Condoleezza Rice.

Matt Duffy hits the ball to center for the Legends first out of the 4th inning.

 A look from the left field line in the 4th inning.

A look from behind home plate in the 4th inning. During the Legends  Justin Gominsky’s at bat.

Carlos Pena takes a swing to fly out to right in the 5th inning.

Jonas Dufek pitching in the 5th inning with 5 strike out on the board for the game.

 Scott Snodgress Kannapolis starting pitcher pitching in the 5th inning.

Chan Moon dives back to first after hitting a single in the 5th inning. He was tagged out at first on the play.

Legends Manager Ivan de Jesus arguing the call on Chan at first.

  Ryan Mccurdy steals second in the 5th inning after getting on base by being hit by a pitch.

A look of behind home plate at Whitaker Bank Ballpark.

Scott Snodgress pitching to Grant Buckner in the 6th inning Buckner would walk advance to third on a wild pitch and be tagged out.

 Kannapolis shortstop Garis Pena makes a throw to third to try to get Jordan Scott out. the ball bounced and the runner was safe to load the bases.  Kannapolis would get out of the inning without letting up any runs.

Legends starting pitcher Dufek was taken out of the game in the 7th. Thomas Shirley came into pitch.  Kannapolis would score 1 run in the inning for a (3-0) Lead.

The Intimidators change pitchers in the 7th inning. Jeff Soptic came into pitch for them. The above photo is Jose Hernandez crossing the plate for the Legends first run in the 7th inning. (3-1) Kannapolis. Hernandez got on walked to lead off the inning. advanced to third on a McCurdy single and scored on a wild pitch which also advanced McCurdy to second.

Jordan Scott Steals second after his 2 run single score MCcurdy and Deshields to tie the game at 3.

Intimidators manager  Julio Vinas heads to the mound to remove Soptic. He faced 5 batters walking 1, hitting 1 letting up 2 hits and 3 runs when he was removed. The legends did score a 4th run that he was also responsible for after the pitching change.  I would say he had a rough inning.  Daniel Webb came into pitch for the Intimidators.

Scott heading home for the 4th run of the inning on a wild pitch thrown by Webb. Webb did walk the first batter he faced Matt Duffy.

Dayan Diaz came into pitch for the legends in the 9th inning. He was a total closer fast pitch with a lot of power and was totally lights out. He was not Intimidated by the Intimidators, striking out 3 batters he did give up a single. But kept it together with the runner on base to get the third strike out.

Garis Pena walks away after being the third strike out of the 9th to end the game.

Diaz and the Legends celebrate their come from behind win.

The Intimadators walk to the outfield where there bus was parked and immediately left.

The Legends won 4-3.

If the Legends and Intimadators did not provide enough fireworks on the field there was fireworks after the game. This was the third firework show I saw at a stadium on this trip and 4th in total.

This one was really good with a lot of things I did not see at other displays.

That was it for this one from Lexington.

Next post coming up are from Louisville and Indianapolis. I am a few days behind on games but should catch up quickly!!!! So check for new posts.

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