Short Sweet and The Rockies Got Beat!


Giants Vs. Rockies

My 39th Game at Coors should have stayed home!!!

I came right from work and arrived a little late to BP I came close to one ball slightly after I arrived hit by the Giants but the kid in front of me with some really good vert got it nice catch! I did not get one. This BP. I headed down to the wall and the usual guys signed Rutledge, Colvin, Pacheco and Helton Very Cool to see Todd Signing been catching up on all the thing I have for him. But I did not get him today.

Before the game I also met Jared Dean. He does a blog Rox Walk Off. I send him photos because he is from out-of-town and a huge Rockies Fan. Here is a link to his blog.

Me, Amy (Take From Blake) and Jared Dean (Rox Walk Off). Photo is from Amy’s camera mine did something stupid and the photos did not come out!

Jonathan Sanchez was the starting pitcher for the Rockies he pitched terrible. He did get himself out of many situations and did only let up 2 runs in his 3 innings he pitched. He also walked 3 and struck out 1. He had a very high pitch count 100 in the 3.

Hey look its Ryan The Riot!!!! He hit a single in the first He also got a RBI scoring Pagan. (2-0) before the Rox got up to bat. in the first.

Hunter Pence at bat in the 1st. he got on base on a fielder’s choice. He than stole second.

This is his hit. I like the dirt coming up where the ball hit.

Another great sunset at Coors.

Ryan Vogelsong pitched for the Giants.

The Sunset was still great in the 4th. Tyler Colvin is on second and the Rox were down 3-0 at this point.

Still a great sunset and still a lousy game! Marc Stout stole this photo for his profile picture on Facebook!!!!!

Then I was on the move!!!! here’s one of the sunset from the concourse.

I went visiting and sat with The Ranter in his perch in the Rockpile!! This is a photo of D.J. Lemahieu hitting the ball. In the 5th inning. He grounded out.

Here is Adam Ottavino pitching to Joaquin Arias in the 6th inning. Love the view of the plate from here.

In the bottom of the 7th Dexter Fowler finally broke the Rockies all times triple record with his 50th of his career. Neifi Perez held it with 49. I have photographed almost every pitch thrown to him this week and I did not at this at bat so I was only able to get him getting to third standing up. Way to Go Dex!!!!! He did score on a Carlos Gonzalez single(7-1) Giants

The Baby Bull Wilin Rosario went long in the 7th. Scoring himself and Helton. Helton got on base and scored Pacheco for his 569th double in his career. Pacheco once again hit a double to get on base. (7-4) Giants.

The last 2 innings I headed down to the pavilions and sat with Eric. The Rockies completely fell apart well what ever was still together at that point they lost the game  16-4 The Giants scored 6 in the 8th. 3 in the 9th. There was some winning on the scoreboard. When the posted Missy Franklin record-breaking Gold Medal in the 200 meter backstroke.

That is it for this one I will return to Coors on Sunday Stayed home saturday night The Rockies lost 11-6 getting better only lost by 5!!!!

Some Links to check out.

See ya at Coors!!

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