The Rox Sweep the Brew Crew!


Brewers Vs. Rockie Game 3 in Series.

My 43rd game at Coors.


Today being a day game there was no batting practice. So we waited by the bullpen for the rest of the stadium to open. While we were waiting Tulo was out doing some infield practice.

Here he is practicing  double plays.

This is recent call up Will Harris.After he was done throwing he stopped and signed. He pitch a few nights before and let up a home run to Ricky Weeks but ended the game with by striking out Ryan Braun. So I said great job on coming back to strike out Braun and he said it was great it got the nerves out of the system and he can’t wait to get in to the game tonight. So I told him good luck and to just remember it is the same game you have been playing your whole life. Good Luck and he moved on to sign some more. I did also ask him if he was in Tulsa at the end of June when I was there and he said yes and then went to the Springs for a month.

Here is Adam Ottavino throwing.

So today was a good autograph day I got Will Harris, Alex White, Tyler Chatwood and Jonny Herrera on my team photo. I also got a D.J. Lemahieu, Tyler Colvin and Tyler Chatwood card signed cards signed. As you can see Vinny Castilla signed for a little bit. I once again did not have anything for him to sign. So I did get a card signed for Robert that he had. He also had an old Cup signed that Larry Walker and Dante Bichette had already signed.

 Guillermo Moscoso started for the Rockies. This is his first pitch of the game to Norichika Aoki. Aoki would ground out. Moscoso struck out the next batter Carlos Gomez. The next three batters would get on base Ricky Weeks hit a single, Aramis Ramirez would be hit by a pitch and Corey Hart walked.

Gomez swinging at a Moscoso pitch.

Eric Young Jr. would lead off with a walk here is the Brewers starting pitcher Mark Rogers throws over to Corey Hart at first.

Brewers pitching coach heads to the mound after Jordan Pacheco got walked in the first inning. The Rockies scored 3 in the first. (3-0)


Chris Nelson gets caught between first and second in a run down. Pacheco than broke for home from third and the play moved that way.

Pacheco got tagged out between third and home. Doesn’t look like an out at second. For those who lost track like I did it was a 7,4,3,4,2,5. Gonzalez and Hernandez both scored on the play.

Nyjer Morgan let go of the bat during his 2nd inning at bat. He did strike out in the inning. The only hit Chatwood let up was to the Brewers pitcher Rogers and he walked Aoki. The Brewers did not score in the inning.

In the second Eric Young Jr. did it again for the second day in a row he hit a home run his fourth of the season. (4-0) Rockies. This was his 6th game in a row with a hit.

Corey Hart striking out to end the 3rd inning for the Brewers.

Nyjer Morgan running to first after hitting the ball back to the pitcher.

Chris Nelson making contact in the 4th this ball was foul and he did strike out in the inning. The Rockies went down in order in the inning.


After 4 Brewers got on baseman a run was scored in the 5th Jim Tracy took Mascoso out of the game. He threw 78 pitches for 3 strike outs and 3 walks. He was responsible for 4 runs and let up 7 hits.

Carlos Torres came in to pitch for the Rockies.

Corey Hart scoring one of the 5 runs the Brewers scored in the inning.The Brewers did go and score 5 runs in the inning to take a 5-4 lead.  The Rockies did tie it up in the 6th 5-5.

Rogers putting down a  bunt in the inning.

Carlos Torres fielded the play and threw to first for the third out of the inning.

Torres being removed from the game in the 7th.

Nyjer Morgan got picked caught at second base in the 7th. The Brewers did go and score 5 runs in the inning to take a 5-4 lead.  The Rockies did tie it up in the 6th 5-5.

Tyler Colvin showing Morgan how it is done as he successfully steals 2nd base in the 7th.

Will Harris came into pitch the 7th. He finished the game for the Rockies.

Wilin Rosario pinch hit in the 9th and hit a single with one out. Eric Young Jr. would get his 3rd hit of the day a single to advance Rosario.

Tyler Colvin than put a ball down the right field line to score Rosario and EYJ. for the Rockies win. 7-6 was the final score and Will Harris got his first win in the bigs. congrats, great job I think the call up nerves are gone and he is ready to take on the big leagues good luck Will.

EYJ slide into home for the game winner.

This photo says it all!!

That it for this one great to see the Rockies did not forget how to win. I will be at Coors for 3 of the 4 against the Miami Marlins this weekend.

See Ya at Coors.


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