The Rockies Catch the Fish, putting 5 across the dish!!


Miami Marlins Vs. Colorado Rockies.

44th game at Coors this year.

Today caught my first Baseball on the cocource. From Giancarlo Stanton. It was the only ball I got for this BP.

I than headed out to the first baseline and got A Michael Cuddyer card signed.

Wilin Rosario and Alex White heading from the bullpen.

Today I sat on the third baseside a few roads up from the Marlins dugout. I usually don’t get tickets for this side. Alex Whit throwing the first pitch to Bryan Peterson. Alex White started well sitting the Marlins down in order all ground outs to the infield.

Alex White covering first as Michael Cuddyer tosses him the ball. For the first ground out of the game.

Ricky Nolasco throwing to Eric Young Jr. Who expanded his hitting streak to 6 games.

The next three batters got out.

Carlos Lee led off the 2nd for the Marlins with a solo home run. (1-0) Marlins.


Alex Whit pitches to Greg Dobbs, who hit a single in the second inning.

The Rockies Responded in the second. D.J. Lemahieu hit a triple with 2 outs.

Lemahieu scores on a wild pitch to tie the game at one.

Bryan Peterson steals second after he walked in the 3rd.


Carlos Lee Score on a Alex White wild pitch. (2-1) Marlins.


 Adam (No Sleep Til Brooklyn) Ottavino came in to pitch for the Rockies in the 5th inning. He was lights out in the 5th.

Ottavino contributed offencivly by hitting a bunt single, he did get out at first when EYJ lined out to first and was doubled up. Chaulk that one up to a relief pitcher getting on base that does not run much.

Stanton answered the question of not if, but when and how far will he hit a home run?! He was killing it in BP and did as well in the 5th with a lead off solo shot.

Michael Cuddyer showed he was back in the line up with a 2 run home run to tie the game at 3.

Josh Rutledge pinch hit for the Rockies in the 7th and hit a RBI single. (4-3) Rockies.

Stanton misses the ball as it his off the wall.

Rutledge with the stand up triple. He would score on a EYJ single (5-3) Rockies.

Matt Belise Pitching for the Rockies in the 8th inning.He would allow 2 hits. Dobbs flew out to center and the Rockies got out of the inning with a double play.

Jonny Herrera catching a pop up by Rob Brantley for the first out in the 9th inning.

O.K. so here is the last out of the game. Peterson at first. notice his foot and the location of the ball. But hey who am I to complain that was the end of the game and the Rockies Won for the 4th night in a row!!!

That is it the Rockies won 5-3.

Made this one short, I am a few games behind and trying to make up ground!!!

Got one more to write up and another to attend in this series!

Well See You at Coors!!!!

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