…and Ozzie Got To Shake Hands.


Marlins Vs. Rockies game 3 of series, 2nd I was at.

My 45th game at Coors this season!

Before the Game I headed to the SABR (Society for American Baseball Research)  Luncheon/Chapter meeting. The Doors opened at 11 A.M. I got there slightly before. As I walked from my normal place I park I did one of my favorite things and just walked around the slowly awaking city of Denver took a few photos and headed in.  If  New York is the city that never sleeps, Denver is defiantly the city that sleeps in on weekends!!

So I met up with Mary O (a Chop House Icon) Her fantasy camp jersey is hanging on the wall between seating areas. I also met up with others I know from Coors. We sat upfront where the podium was. Slightly after they opened the buffet and a little while earlier the meeting started. First a few member including the Rocky Mountain chapters president spoke. Then the often controversial and very animated manager of the Miami Marlins spoke.

He spoke of his almost 30 years in Baseball. From being drafted as a 16-year-old kid in Venezuela coming to the U.S. and being manager of the Marlins as well as the Chicago White Sox. He spoke of the difference in the fan base in Chicago and Miami. How he help bring the World Series championship to Chicago. He remark how combined the 2 Chicago teams have only 1 World Series win in a combined almost 200 seasons of baseball and he was proud to be able to get it for them the White Sox first since 1917.  To how Miami has 2 in their first  18 years 5 years apart and they don’t have a dedicate a fan base. He spoke of the difference between the players today and the players of his time. How the older players would take the new players under their wing and develop them as players, professionals and as a person. He spoke of his family life as a baseball player and manager. He spoke of 30 year marriage and his 3 kids. Someone asked about him requiring all players to be on the field for the national anthem and how much the anthem means to him and every time he take the field and hears it he thinks of the men and women who have given their lives for use to be able to be at a baseball game and gave him and his family the opportunity he and many players have gotten in this country. The one thing that was really great about his hour of speaking and answering questions for an hour was his dedication and passion for the game and every word and answer was straight from the heart.

For everyone who dislikes him well that is O.K. but I bet if most of them spend an hour to him you will realise he is one of the most passionate and emotional men in the game of baseball and love this country more than half of the player that were born here. Another thing he said was how most importantly  how he likes to win and shake hands after the game with his team. I did mention it does not happen as much as he would like and how he does take responsiblity for his teams play.  Well there is a little foreshadowing about the game. Ozzie did get to shake hands with his team that night. But the Rockies put up a good fight!

Since I had almost 3 hours til the gates opened at Coors I hung around downtown after going back to the truck and getting my Rockies Jersey because I did not where that to the Luncheon I decided to head down to the players entrance before getting online to enter the stadium so after about 45 minutes or so I noticed a familiar face walking from the direction of the E gate, It was Ozzie Guillen I quickly grabbed a baseball and he had stopped and signed autographs for us and I also had him to sign a ball. He did not sign at the Chop House so it was cool to have this opportunity to meet him again and get an autograph.

Now Play Ball!!!!

This game was CSU night and the CSU football coach Jim McElwain threw out the first pitch.

Tyler Chatwood was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. The Marlins quickly took a bite at him with the lead off batter Bryan Peterson started with a single, as did Gorky Hernandez Jose Reyes. There were 3 hits and 1 run before he recorded his first out. Giancarlo Stanton hit his 3rd home run in as many games and 6th consecutive game at Coors with a home run. He hit a 494 foot shot to left field for anybody that knows Coors it was between the Toyota truck and Helton Burger. This guy has amazing hitting power. The Marlins went up 4-0. Chatwood would get out of the inning with a double play after he walked the next batter after Stantons home run Rob Brantly.

Carlos Lee who was the first out of the 1st inning at the plate.

Stanton swing for his monster home run.

The Marlins scored an additional 2 runs in the 2nd. A Jose Reyes triple that scored both Pitcher Nathan Eovaldi and Peterson. (6-0) Marlins. The Rockies did have their first base runner in the second when Michael Cuddyer walked in the 2nd.

The Rockies would not get their first hit til the 4th inning which was also Cuddyer. Dexter Fowler was the Rockies second base runner also in the 4th he led off with the walk he scored the Rockies first run of the game on a Tyler Colvin double. (6-1) Marlins.

Neither team did much for a few innings. Here is Guillen after taking out his starting pitcher Eovaldi in the 7th inning.

After Wilin Rosario and Tyler Colvin got on base Jordan Pacheco hit a double to score Rosario. (6-2) Marlins. Colvin scored on a sac fly from Chris Nelson who came in the game in the 5th to play second. (6-3) Marlins.

Pacheco being called and calling himself safe at second!



Rosario slides into home for the first run in the 8th.

Colvin applauds his effort in the 9th inning. He hit a 2 out single scoring Dexter Fowler and Wilin Rosario. (6-5) Marlins. Colvin had 3 of the Rockies 5 RBI’s on the night. That would be the Rockies last hit of the game Pacheco would ground out to end the game and that was the Final Ozzie Guillen and his Marlins ran to the field and shook hands. The Marlins won their 2nd game in this series. I was not at the friday night game. That they also won by a score of 6-5.

That is it for this game I have one more from this series. For everyone wondering, yes Ozzie did also talk about his statements about his Fidel Castro remarks this spring. After someone  asked about the controversy in the spring and he said you can just come out and ask me about the Castro comment. 

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