Dodging the sweep!


Dodgers Vs. Rockies

3rd game in Series

My 49th game at Coors this year. 67 with the Springs and Road trip.

No I did not forget to get a photo of the helmets I just chose not to use it!!!! But here are the line ups for the game!

Today being a day game there was no batting practice so it was just a few hours of free time at the ballpark first I hung out on the concourse waiting for the rest of the stadium to open with Robert and Jared. After the rest of the stadium opened I headed down to get the Jaime Wright photos signed. he was having a catch and I waited for him to get done and he immediately came over to the wall and signed for a few people than I had my photos signed by him.

A few guys were throwing and Rex Brothers and Alex White signed when they were done. I did not have anything for either to sign. Other guys signed also forgot who.

Rafael Betancourt was still out so when he was done a few people asked if he would sign as he was heading in and he just walked by before he got to the dugout he did sign for people he repeatedly skipped or turned around a started signing the other way this is not another rant about how I did not get an autograph but I did not. He did sign a good amount including 3 baseballs for one guy. I have been trying to get him on my team photo all season and if he does sign he skips over it. It is not like I have many of his autograph. I just want him on my team item. in the 3 years he has been here I only got his auto once and that was on last years team mini helmet. A team item like a baseball game is not complete with out the closer!!!!

So I noticed that Jaime Wright was by the home plate area so I headed back to get some photos of him for Mary who was there as well with some family members including one of her great-grandchild who Jamie brought out onto the field.

This is the creative BNW to show if the mad photo skillz or should I say the Wright Place at the Wright time photo to show off the mad photo skillz!!!!

Here is another it was just so cool to see the interaction between this very big baseball player and small child who appeared to be having a great time running around Coors Field.

During warm ups Tyler Colvin, Jordan Pacheco and Josh Rutledge all signed. I got a Tyler and Josh to sign a card.

After being at Coors for 2 hours it was now time for baseball.

Drew Pomeranz was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. Here he is pitching to the Dodgers lead off man and former Rockie Mark Ellis. Pomeranz started the game very strong retire the Dodgers in order in the First and second inning.

The Rockies started the game off slow compared to the last 2 days at Coors. Tyler Colvin started the first at bat with a fly out to centerfield. Josh Rutledge  got a base hit to be the Rockies first base runner of the game.

Rutledge running to second as Hanley Ramirez and Mark Ellis attempt to turn the double play getting Rutledge out at second.

Carlos Gonzalez reach base with hustle to beat out the throw.

Here he is stepping back to first.

The Rockies would not score in the inning.

Hanley Ramirez makes contact but fouls off the ball before striking out in the 2nd inning.

Blanton was the starting pitcher for the Dodgers here he is pitching in the second inning to the Rockies Chris Nelson.  Nelson would ground out in the at bat.

D.J. LeMahieu would reach base on a single. Once again the Rockies did not score in the inning.

Tyler Colvin giving Charlie Blackmon his stuff after making the final out of the 2nd inning.

Jim Tracy arguing a call in the 3rd. during A.J. Ellis’ at bat. Slightly after this things would fall apart for the Rockies.

Including Shane Victorino reaching base. Which reaching base. followed by a wild pitch that advanced him to second and Mark Ellis to third. 2 runs were already in at this point.

Adrian Gonzalez stands at first while Bo Mclaughlin talks to Pomeranz and the infield.

Hanley Ramirez once again hit a home run against the Rockies this one a 3 run HR. (6-0) Dodgers.

Ramirez and Gonzalez high-five after the 3 run HR.

Adam Ottavino came in to pitch for the Rockies in the 5th inning.  Here he is pitching to Adrian Gonzalez, with Shane Victorino on first. After Victorino, Gonzalez and Ramirez all reached. Ottavino got out of the inning with Luis Cruz popping out and after walking Andre Ethier he struck out Juan Rivera.

Cargo started off the 6th inning with a single and would be left on base as the next 3 batters Hernandez, Nelson and LeMahieu went down in order.

The Rockies managed to get a run in the 7th after a Charlie Blackmon single.

Here he is scoring after a Tyler Colvin single (6-1) LA

The Brief five run lead did not last long as the Dodger extended the lead in the 8th inning.

A.J. Ellis hit his first Grand Slam Off his career scoring 4.making the score (10-1) LA.

With a score like this I decided to head to the shade of the concourse.

With 2 runners on after getting the lead off batter out,  Don Mattingly came to get his pitcher. after 7 and a third Blanton was done for the day pitching well. The Dodgers would use 3 other pitches in the inning. The Rockies would score 7 runs including Chris Nelson for the 3rd run of the inning.

Nelson scored on a Dexter Fowler pinch hit single.

Here is Cargo sliding into second after a Victorino bobble.

Fowler and Rutledge both scored on this hit. The Score at the end of the 8th was 10-8 Dodgers. The Rockies had one of their most productive inning of the season I have seen while being behind in the game.

The Game final was the same score.

After the game was over and the Dodgers were celebrating their first win of the series (which the Rockies took the first 2) Don Mattingly was arguing balls and strike with the umpires. Kinda of a weird time to argue it but i think it was the poor calling at the plate through most of the series to both the Rockies and the Dodgers. I know it is hard to call balls and strike from the stands but it seemed that on Monday and today the calls were very inconsistent at the plate. It also seemed that some calls on the bases were questionable for both teams as well.

The Dodgers celebrate while Mattingly argues with the umpires.

That is it for this one beside todays loss it was a good series with the Rockies taking 2 out of 3 from the Dodgers.

I will be back at Coors on Friday night when the Rockies take on their basement dweller counterpart San Diego Padres. I may actually leave the camera at home for this one, but still contemplating it!!!!!

Also Remember the Rock Nation Used Equipment drive this Saturday Sept. 1

I believe it is at the corner of Wynkoop and 19th but please check their website for info.

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