On the quest for 100, Lose’s it is all about the draft picks!


Arizona Diamondbacks Vs. Colorado Rockies

My 56th game at Coors.

Gonna try to make this one quick!!! It is Sunday night this game was Friday I am exhausted and 3 games behind on posts.

As usual I did the pre game things batting practice and autographs. Did not catch any baseballs and don’t remember if I got autographs.

Eric Young Jr. and Eric Young senior hug, as EY heads to first base. Eric Young was former Rockie and now 1st. Base coach for the Diamondbacks.

Drew Pomeranz started for the Rockies. Got the first 2 Diamondbacks out. Justin Upton was walked and would score on a Paul Goldschmidt double (1-0) Diamondbacks

Adam Eaton (Not The Former Pitcher) hit to Jonny Herrera at short for the first out.

Dexter Fowler started things off for the Rockies right, with a lead off single. He scored on a Josh Rutledge double (1-1) Rox

Wilin Rosario  going for Todd Helton’s Rockies Rookie Home Run record. It did not happen this inning. To help make this shorter lets say not this game! The Rockies did pick up another run in the inning. (2-1) Rox

Gerardo Parra slides into second. On a hit a run but John McDonald walked and the ball passing Jonny Herrera did not matter.

Drew Pomeranz contributed in the 2nd with a 1 out double. He was left on base.

Took this photo of the moon between the third deck and roof. It was kinda interesting! Well enough to distract me from the game.

Justin Upton was also walked in the 3rd. and stole second and the ball got passed Jonny Herrera. Upton advanced to third. He would later score on a Miguel Montero double. (3-2) D’backs. Montero also scored in the inning. (4-2) Diamondbacks.

So I did not take many photos this game. After the 3rd the Diamondbacks also scored in the 4th 4 runs. The Rox scored 2. (9-4) D’backs. The D’backs also scored 1 in the 5th and 6th (11-4) 2 in the 7th and 1 in the 8th. the Rockies scored 1 in the 6th. (15-5) Yeah things did not go to well.

Jonny Herrera hit a double in the 8th. Can you guess what happened? He was also left on base.

That was the final score the Diamondbacks 15 – Rox 5.

The Diamondbacks scored in every inning except the 2nd and 9th.

It was than time for fireworks nothing better than celebrating a huge 10 run lose than fireworks.


everyone with tickets in the pavilions and rockpile get to go out on the field.

While that was going on the Rockies presented the 60,000,000 to enter a Rockies stadium. A ball signed by the womans favorite Rockies Andres Gallaragh. The also got season tickets for next year. The Rockies were the fastest team to reach this milestone in MLB history. The days of selling out Mile High helped. But the loyal Rockies fans who keep coming in the good and the bad seasons. Despite the 58 and 92 record we still come hoping for the return of the Lodo Magic.



….ahhhhhhh. I thought this was cool.

I thought it was cool that the shot things off of the scoreboard and concourse.

As you can see I did not have a bad seat for the fireworks also thanks to the great Ushers at Coors. Thanks.

Well that is it for this one.

Also the Rockpile Ranter and the rest of the Rantics would like to  setting up one more bring back Helmer Rally the last game of the year. If you got your Helmer is my homeboy T-Shirts wear them and show some love for one of our favorite Network to not to be named on air personalities.

check out the Rant for more info!


well 3 more left in this series and 6 for the season at home. The quest for 100 continues 8 more!!!!!

See you at Coors.


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