I got my pin and the Rockies got the win!!!


Cubs Vs. Rockies

My 61st Game at Coors.

I am bored of the helmet photos!!!!

Once again the Rockies wrapped up batting practice real early.  This was the last batting practice of the year. So I wanted to make up some lost ground as I wanted to all week and it was not happening. Since I remembered the 3rd and 4th group for the Cubs were lefties I even tried out the second deck in right field. I did not get any, but had a few close calls hitting the rail or lower that I could not reach to get.  I did end the year with 27 baseballs from MLB stadiums since I did get one in Atlanta and 26 at Coors.

Drew Pomeranz was the starting for the Rockies here he is throwing the first pitch to Dave Sappett of the Cubs unlike the night before Sappett grounded out to D.J. Lemahieu at second instead of hitting a home run. Pomaeranz would get the batters out in order including striking out Anthony Rizzo.

After the first pitch I did not take many photos til later in the game. The Rockies did score 3 runs in the 1st. Charlie Blackmon scored after being walked on Jordan Pacheco double. Pacheco scored on a Tyler Colvin single.

The Rockies got the 2-0 lead.

The Cubs threaten in the 2nd but Pomeranz shut them down and got out of the inning. The Rockies 2nd started with D.J. Lemahieu hitting a single.

D.J. Lemahieu stole second but was called safe. Since I was not taking photos Amy decided to take a few and got this awesome shot of D.J. at 2nd. He was safe by a little but well lets not go into the replace ment refs. Ohh wait these were not replacement umps.

So I got the camera back and photographed the rest of the game by myself. The Cubs did score in the 2nd and Blackmon got things going in the inning. He led off with a solo home run. (3-0) Rockies

Blackmon running the bases after his lead off home run in the 3rd.

With Jordan Pacheco on base Wilin Rosario hit a single to score him. (4-0) Rockies

Wilin Rosario with Jordan Pacheco picking up Rosarios bat. That is one title he has not held, bat boy in his many utilitie roles on the Rockies.The Rockies would score 2 more in the inning, for a 6 to nothing lead.

Anthony Rizzo making contact on his ground out to second to end the 4th inning.

Andrew Brown on second, after walking and stealing second in the 6th inning. He would advance to third on a passed ball.

For the second night in a row the tarp came out during the 7th inning stretch. Their was close to and hour and a half rain delay.

After about an hour they took the tarp off the field.

As they were removing the tarp this came up on the scoreboard. Slightly before the 10:25 re-start umpire Jim Joyce and crew headed back out to the field.

Jim Joyce fist bumping the Usher as he headed out to the field.

The game soon resumed and Michael Bowden came into pitch for the Cubs.

Not many people stayed during the rain delay and everyone was allowed to move to the lower sections it was cool to have so little people in the stadium. It had a very minor league feel to it.

Here is a look down the first baseline. For this everyone who remained got a loyal fan pin.

This is the third time I received one  in 2009, second during a Rainy day game Vs. the Mets in 2011 and this one. This years did not have the year like the ones in the past.

Rob Scahill pitched for the Rockies after the delay.

In the 8th inning Alfonso Soriano hit a ball to Andrew Brown in right.

It hit his glove….

…and rolled away. Soriano got a base hit.

Chris Nelson starts a double play to end the 8th.

D.J. Lemahieu turns it at second.

Starlin Castro is out at first.

It being a late night Dinger was everybody to leave so he could go to sleep!

Charlie Blackmon on the on deck circle as Rob Scahill puts down a bunt.

Scahill was out at first and Lemahieu advanced.

Joe Mather takes a strike. He would end up grounding out and the Rockies would win the second in this series and third straight.

The Rockies celebrate their win.

One more left in the season and It is going to be a huge post with all the events of the day. It

 was a really great day. Well since the game was already played and the Rockies are currently in L.A. I can’t say see you at Coors. I Guess it is see you around Colorado and In Scottsdale in March.

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