Final Coors Game of 2012

2012 a season to remember, forget and learn from…


Cubs Vs. Rockies

My 62nd and last game at Coors for the Year Since it was the last game at Coors of the year.

The season by the Numbers I saw 81 games, in 14 stadiums, in 8 states and drove over 6000 miles. About 750 innings, 2400 at bats, 17,000 pitches, 30 teams in 7 leagues. Snaged 91 baseballs, 27 in MLB stadiums and 64 in Minor league Stadiums. the list can be endless Maybe I will be really bored in the off-season and do a post with more precise numbers.

I arrive by the players entrance gate at about 9 A.M. Gary, Eric, Smitty, Kevin and a few other people were already there. we cheered as many players arrived. While we waited I took the last day of school photos with everyone. You know the ones at arms length.

Heres a few since I took them through out the day.

Chris “Smitty”



Eric “EB”

Gary X

John W.

After being out there a little while Dexter Fowler and Matt Belise did one of the most stand up thing I have seen players do. After waving and pulling in the gate they both stopped got out of their car and walked out and thanked everybody for being there for the team and for their support. Shaking hands with the 15 – 20 people who were out there. These to are two players that really made a rough year so great. Dex having and incredible year and Being really cool to us at Dex and Friends week after week.  Matt Belise taking control of out of control games, coming in for long relief from the bullpen. he appeared in 78 games and pitched 78. 2 to this point.  I would like to thank these guys for being so good to the fans.


Matt Belise

Third Basecoach Rich Dauer stopped and signed for use he signed my 11×14 photo and 2 cards. One really cool thing was I got to see his 1983 World Series rings from when he was with the Orioles. If you look carefully there is a crack in the windshield of his car that was from Andrew Browns home run, that bounced off the concourse and into the players parking lot.

Eric Young Jr. also stopped. Chris Smitty introduced me to him. Chris printed the 2 photos from earlier in the week with him and his dad that I took. He signed 2 cards for me. he is always really good with signing autographs and is another really cool to the fans. More on that later.

You know it is the last day of the season when there are car hauler on the street and in the parking lot. This is Cargos Ferrari being loaded. This car is sweet.

We waited til about 11:30 for the Umpires to show up and Jim Joyce signed for us. I had him sign a baseball. If you remember he was the Umpire that was at 1st base last year and missed the out call in the Armondo Gallarraga’s near perfect game. he recently made the News for saving the life of an employee at Chase field in Arizona by administering CPR to a woman who went into cardiac arrest. He was voted best umpire in 2012. He was also a umpire in the 1994, 2001 and 2012 All Star games and 1999 and 2001 World Series games. He has also Umpired many Division and League championship series.

Here is a photo of the ball he signed for me.

I headed into Coors for the last time this year I went in through the E gate. Here is the view when I entered.

As I walked the concourse absorbing details of the day. I stopped and took more last day of school photos.


Mary O


Gary and Ophelia.

I also had to get them with the Coors Field Rally Monkey.

Carlos Torres signing a fans Year of the Fan T-Shirt.



Rockpile Ranter and Lil’ Ranter Hunter Showing love for Helmer one last time. This season has not been the same with out him.

The players lined up on the foul line for the National Anthem.

Jhoulys Chacin and Wilin “Baby Bull” Rosario Heading in from the bullpen Giving the bull horns.

Chacin throwing the first pitch of the game to the Cubs David Dejesus. DeJesus would fly out right, Darwin Barney grounded out. Chacin walked Anthony Rizzo and Alfonso Soriano flew out to right as well.

Matt McBride making the catch in right for the first out of the game.

Soriano watches a pitch go by.

Soriano making contact that also flew to McBride in right.

Josh Rutledge taking a swing, he started the inning off for the Rockies with a single.

Rutledge stealing second base after his single.

Charlie Blackmon drops a bunt for a single.

Reaching base.

A dive back to first.

Jordan Pacheco hits his 5th home run of the season. A 3 run shot that scored Rutledge and Blackmon.

The Ball landed 2 or 3 rows back in the pavilions.

Chris Nelson was hit by a pitch. He would get caught stealing to end the 1st.

The Cubs got a run in the 2nd. (3-1) Rox

D.J. Lemahieu hit his second of the season for 2 more for the Rox (5-1)

The Cubs did score a run in the 3rd and 4th. The Cubs run in the 3rd was a solo home run by Anthony Rizzo. The Rockies scored 2 more in the 3rd. (7-3) Rox after 4.

Jhoulys Chacin pitched five innings.

Josh Outman came in and pitched in the 6th inning. He pitched into the 7th and Adam “Brooklyn” Ottavino pitched the last 2 outs of the 7th. One really great thing about this game was we did not have a rain delay in the 7th.

Just as creepy as it has been all season! Will not miss the Comfort Dental race.

 Got a last day of school photo of mat with Jerry photo bombing during the pitching change.

 Alfonso Soriano hit a double scoring the Cubs 3rd run of the inning scoring Rizzo. Rafael Betancourt struck out the next two.

Josh Rutledge make the play for the final out of the season at Coors.

Pacheco make the grab and that is it the last home game was over on an Anthony Rizzo ground out.

The Rockies Win their 4th straight and sweep the Cubs. Well its the Cubs but a sweep is a sweep a win is a win. This season it is the small victories.

As always the Rockies circled the field and gave out left over give away stuff.

Carney Lansford with Bo Mcglaghlin and Jason Giambi tossing stuff to the fans. One has to wonder is this the last time we will see Jason Giambi on the field as a player at Coors. If so he has made the last 4 years very intresting.

After the game I met up with Sabra and we headed to the outfield so we could get down to the field to run the bases. It was cool because we always joked every time they would have the kids run the bases when will they have an old people run the bases day and today was that day.

We were on T.V. Thanks to Joy for getting this shot from the T.V. Thanks for looking out!

 I had to touch first base. Sabra provided this photo I left my camera with Gary X to get photos. Thanks for the photo.

Here is Dan and “D” The Rockpile Ranter running the bases.

Here I am taking a photo of Sabra at second base.

We stopped between second and third for a running man shot. This one X took with my camera.

At third we decided to run home. We made it about 75 feet before getting held up in the line to touch home!

This was a very cool experience I had so much fun as you can see in the above photo. It was a great way to end the season.

After we left the field I had to get one last, last day of school photo. It was with Sabra. I think I watched more games with here than almost anybody at Coors this year!

Geoff after running the base’s.

After we left the stadium which was very sad for me. We headed out to the players gate and cheered the players as they all left.

I would say their was between 30 and 40 people out there.

Smitty and Kevin take a last day of school photo of their own!

While we were out there Dick Monfort did also stop and I had him sign my team 11X14.

After a few players left by themselves, the team bus headed out and for the last time as we all cheered. Jim Tracy waved out the front window of the bus as they passed. It was sad to see the team go. Wonder who may and may not return. A lot of these players are really great to the fans and I and many of my friends have made close connections with them. It would be nice if they all could stay. unfortunately changes do have to be made in this off-season. To everyone we won’t see next year good luck where ever you go.

Here is the team bus heading west on 20th street.

It was than time to celebrate the end of the season with friends what better way than with a Guinness at Fado’s. Wish everyone was able to make it out after the game to everyone who was not there here’s to you!

While sitting there I took some cool shots of the ballpark area. I will Call this one reflecting on the season!

Me in Kevin’s glasses.

Me and Kevin, with Amy in the background. Taken by Smitty.

I would like to thank the players for being really cool to the fans this year especially in the last week. The Rockies organization for having baseball here in Denver. The Coors Field staff ushers and gate attendance that make us want to come back day after day. Some who actually help make this blog what it is. Helping get me to the best spot for photos. To everybody who I watched games with this year and/or traveled with.  I hope everyone knows who they are and how much each and every one of you mean to me. Since there is a list of you that could fill a whole post in it self. Hope to keep in touch during the off-season. (Many who are in this one and many who I just did not get photo’s of). I really can’t forget everyone who visits this blog on the regular.

O.K. I am going to use the alternate endings for this post!!!

The moon rise’s over Coors Field as the sunsets on the 2012 season!

Ending #2

As the bus drives away. The End!

Ending #3

I think Judy said it best!

Well for the last time this season that is it for this one. See you around.

Rox Addict

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