Chapter 4, 2012 Dew Tour


Breckenridge, Colorado


This was ny 4th year spending a day at Breckenridge for the Dew Tour. This was the second day of Competition this year their were only 3 events today. The Mens Superpipe Semi finals, Womens Slopestyle and Ski Big Air.

The competitions did not start til noon. So I started off with a few runs and figuring out how to navigate to all the viewing spots for the competitions. While I was doing this I noticed that they were practicing in the super pipe and I head over to the pipe which was a short hike off one of the runs.


This is a look at the structure built-in the sponsors village from the Colorado Superchair. In this tent was Toyota, Mtn. Dew, Ion and Pantech.


Breckenridge has gotten a lot of terrain opened. This is a look of spruce. Which was dirt on opening day. Most of the opened run are still mostly man-made but the conditions have gotten a lot better over the weekend. A foot or more snow since I was there. That should get a lot more terrain opened at all the resorts.


A look from the top of the Spruce run.


Looking at the base area with the Sponsor Village and 1 ski hill at the peak 8 base area.


After 2 runs I headed over to the Super Pipe, There was an open practice session.


So I started my hike up the over 600ft pipe. This year I did not take as many notes so a lot of the riders are not Identified.


I believe this is Ayumu Hirano.  Like i said i did not keep track of the riders to well. I did try to match rider numbers and gear colors from other photo’s and video from the day.


While I was at the pipe practice the Womens Slopestyle was going on the next run over. This is a rider hitting one of the features on the Slopestyle course. This was the second feature. from the top and the first jump was just after this.


Another close up from the pipe.


This is what i really like about the dew tour is the access is unbelievable. As long as you can hike the pipe you can view the event from the side of it.


I was switching between the pipe practice and the slopestyle comp. Here is another woman hitting the Dew/rail/feature box.


A look of the first jump on the slopestyle course.


Back to the pipe!


Than a totally identifiable rider hit the pipe. If the 20ft air or the all black gear wasn’t enough you may know the next rider by his red hair. it was none other than Shaun White. Someone pull the fire alarm this boy was on fire. He came out on a practice run like it was the 2nd heat of the finals. IMG_2659

Shaun White going HUGE!


Louie Vito heading back up to the top after one of his practice runs.


Unidentified rider after I was at the base of the superpipe.

After practice was over i headed back down to the sponsor village and Hannah Teeter was meeting with people and signing autographs with fans in the Pantech booth. I only took  a few photo and did not get an auto I have gotten here auto in past years. She is always really cool with her signings. she talks to everyone and this year was on a couch and sat and took photos with everyone.


Hannah Teeter with a fan.

After a few runs it was time to head back up to the pipe for the mens semi’s.


Here is a look of the hike up to the pipe.


So I took the hike up the pipe and claimed my spot about 2/3rds of the way up. This was the first time they opened the left side of the pipe. Left looking from the bottom. Last year and practice only the right side was opened. For photos at 2:30 in the afternoon it is better to be on that side, because of the sun’s location.

The next few photos i am just gonna post because not sure who most of the riders are.





Once again Shaun White going huge on his first run which put him in second after the 1st round.



Louie Vito



I think this is I-Pod/ Iouri Pod????lot of syllables and why they call him Ipod. Who I think went to the Michael Jordan school of getting air with his tongue out!




Shaun White on his second run going huge, after his second hit he landed bad and ended up on the bottom of the pipe.


He ended up in second place behind Scotty Lago in the semis. Greg Bretz finished third in this round.


Louie Vito during his second run.



Looking for the landing!


Louie Vito being interviewed after his run.

That was the end of my day at the Dew Tour.

Shaun White won the Superpipe finals on Saturday, Louie Vito was 2nd and taku Hiraoka was 3rd. I don’t have results for anthing else but you can check out the Dew Tour website:

It is always a cool event. That is it for the Dew Tour for me. Wish I was able to get there over the weekend but it just did not happen.

After the Dew Tour I g=headed to Arvada for the Coors Field Pavillion party where fans and staff that sit/work in the pavilions attend. The let me go because I spend a lot of time in the pavilions for batting practice. Friday night we also had a Rockies Hardcore party which was put together at Jackson’s in Denver by Amy from the Take From Blake it was a very successful party for the first year. Beside about 30 fans Rockies owner Charlie Monfort came. It was really cool that he came and spent time with the fans. He spoke and took photos with all of us.



He even did a running man with me. Thanks X and EB for the photos!

Well that is it for this post hope everyone has a great Christmas and a most awesome New Year!!!

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