El Torito!!!!!!!!!


Diamondbacks vs. Rockies

My 24th game at Coors this year. 25th with the Springs.


This game I headed in and went to the pavilions for batting practice the Rockies did not hit too many out and neither like usual did the diamondbacks I did manage to get a ball. It was hit a few rows back and I got the roll back. It was my 4th ball in the pavilions for the year and my 1st. pick the other 3 were caught. It was the 7th ball of the year 3 being toss ups.


Jhoulys Chacin started for the Rockies. He went 1,2,3 in the first and second.


The starting pitcher for the D’backs was Ian Kennedy. He also had a 1,2,3 1st inning. Striking out Charlie Blackmon and Carlos Gonzalez.

Troy Tulowitzki started the 2nd inning off for the Rockies with a double he would score on along with Wilin Rosario on a Nolan Arenado single. Wilin Hit a single to get on base in the inning. The Rockies would take the 2-0 lead. I did not get many photos in the inning because of 2 things one was the sun has been killer on the first base side. The second I had to go find a co worker because this game I brought a bunch of people from work to the game.


In the 3rd inning Tulo hit a solo home run with 2 outs to give the Rockies a 3-0 lead. IMG_1124

As Chacin continued to pitch well the Rockies got another run in the 4th inning. Nolan Arenado scores on a D.J. LeMahieu double. The Rockies had 4-0 lead.  Since I was at the game with a bunch of photographers and the sunset was one of the best of the year so far we headed up to the upper deck to get a few sunset photo’s. I was up there about a inning or so and did not get many photos of the game.

Here are a few of the sunset.



It was the middle of the sixth by the time I got back down to the seats.

Chacin did have 3 more 1,2,3 innings in the 4th, 5th and 6th. the only hit the D’backs had was in the 3rd and it was a double by their pitcher Ian Kennedy.


After the D’backs scored 4 to tie the game Walt Weiss headed out to get Chacin. Chacin pitch a very good game up till this inning. Having five innings that he only faced 3 batters. He struck out 2 and walked none till this inning than walked 2 in the 7th.


Josh Outman came into finish the 7th. After Miguel Montero hit a single and he walk pinch hitter Josh Wilson he struck out Gerrado Parra and Didi Gregourious.


Kirk Gibson heads out of the dugout after Parra was called out on strikes.


Side arm righty Brad Ziegler pitched the 8th inning for the D’backs. He did retire the Rockies in order.


Matt Belise pitched the 8th for the Rockies and Rex Brothers came in to pitch the 9th inning. belies faced 5 D’backs batters and Rex 4. Each getting 1 strike out in their innings pitched. Belise let up 1 hit to Eric Chavez and had a second runner on a Charlie Blackmon error. Rex’s only runner was when he walked Gerrado Parra.


Rafael Betancourt came out to pitch the 10th baseball with the game tied at 4 we had some free baseball. Rafael threw 2 pitchers and Walt Weiss, Jim Wright and trainer Keith Dugger came out to check on him.


Here they are watching him take a few throws. I noticed that they were watching his leg as he pitched.


After a few throws he came out of the game. It is said that it was a groin injury.


Wilton Lopez continued the at bat to Paul Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt would ground out and Lopez had a good inning only facing 3 batters also. He has improved a lot in his last few outings.


Ex Rockie Matt Reynolds came into the game to pitch for the D’backs.


After Cargo hit a double they intentionally walked Tulo. wilin Rosario would come up with one out and 2 on….


..he would hit a single to right field and …


… would end up at first…


… Cargo would score from 2nd and that was the game. Cargo and Jordan Pacheco who was on deck head to go celebrate at first.


Wilin as the bench clears and starts running towards him.


Dexter Fowler was the first to get to him.


Cargo would make it from home plate. Now watch him in the rest of the sequence!


He says hello to Dexter’s elbow!


Good thing he had a helmet!


So the Rockies won this one in dramatic fashion and El Torito gets the winning hit. The final score was 5-4.

There is one more game from this series. The Rockies after this game behind the Diamondbacks and Giants in second place.

After the game we headed towards one of the players entrance.


Here is a photo of Adam Ottavino inscribing Amy’s Brooklyn Jersey.

Here is a photo of my crew from work really some of the best people to work with and really, really are the reason I can make all the games I do. Thanks Guys you all really Rock. It was awesome being able to go to a game together and just have so much fun. It was cool for them to experience the reasons I do what I do as far as going to games and writing this blogs.


Here are the 4 of us. It was even cooler is that it was the first game for 2 of them ohh yeah I got them the first Rockies game pin! Well It was a great night for baseball Coors friends and work friends.

That is it for this one and as always see you at Coors.

remember you can follow me on twitter @roxaddict. I do try to post live from the games when I can get a tweet out at the stadium!

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