The Tulo Show, Rox Come Up Short Against the Astros.

Houston Astros vs. Colorado Rockies


Today because of rain in the area they had an Early Batting Practice and by the time the gates opened at 4:30 the tarp was on the field. So once again this is a game with a loss of batting practice. I feel like there are game without batting practice more than game with these days.


Tyler Chatwood throwing the first pitch to the Astros Brandon Barnes. Barnes would ground out and Tyler would strike out the next two batters Jose Altuve and Jason Castro.


Barnes taking a swing at a Chatwood pitch.


Nolan Arenado fielding the grounder to third.


Jordan Pacheco making the grab for the out.

Chatwood continued to pitch well throughout the game he did let up a run in the 2nd and again struck out 2 of the Astros batters. He also struck out 1 in the 3rd 2 in the 4th and 5th. The Astros did get a single run in the 6th.
Troy Tulowitzki got the Rockies on the board in the 4th with a solo home run to tie the game at 1.
Here he is with arms raised entering the dugout after hitting his home run.
He would be responsible for getting the Rockies go ahead run in the 5th also, by hitting a double scoring Pacheco (2-1) Rockies.
Tulo at second after his 5th inning RBI double.
Jim Wright visiting the mound in the 6th inning.
Chatwood would not return to pitch in the 7th inning. He had a pretty good game striking out 10 Astros his career high and the first time since last July since a Rockies started had 10 strike outs in a game. The last 10 strike out game was on May 14, 2012 by Christian Friedrich. Thanks @rockies twitter feed for this tid bit of info!
Carlos Gonzalez throwing ball back after making a catch in the 6th inning.
Jose Altuve scoring on the sac fly to Cargo hit by Jason Castro. The game was than tied at 2.


Edgmer Escolona coming out of the game in the 8th inning.


The final out of the 8th made by Rex Brothers as Altuve gets caught between third and home. The Astros did get a run in the 8th. Marwin Gonzalez scored on a J.D. Martinez single. (3-2) Astros

Than the chase was on…..
It was than the best part of when idiots run on the field and that is the takedown.

Then it was time for what would be my favorite part of being dragged off the field and that is the free tour of the bullpen!
I give this guy credit he did come from center field and made it to dirt!
Todd came into see if he could get anything going in the 8th he would walk and Jonny Herrera would come in to pinch run for him. With the walk Todd and Dexter Fowler the Rockies could not produce a run in the inning. Pacheco did hit hard but it was caught by Altuve. If it cleared to the outfield it may have been a 2 run single with the speed that was on base.
The Astros scored 2 additional runs in the 9th inning. The first a leadoff home run by CarlosPena and Jimmy Paredes got on base with a single and scored on a Barnes single.
The Rockies attempt of a comeback was weak.
Cargo flew out to center.
Tulo did get his 3rd RBI of the game with another solo home run. Wondering why he and the infielders are looking into left field this time well it was not another opposite field home run like in the 4th.
It was another idiot. This time coming from the right field side. He did not make it as far. The no shoes may have been part of it.
Rock on Dumbass thanks for coming!!! Most of all thanks for giving yourself the opportunity to ever return!
So that is it the Rockies lost 6-3 to the Astros. There is one more in this inter-league series with the Astros.

See You at Coors.

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