Cuddy is on a streak and the Rockies get beat!


Rockies vs. Red Sox

Fenway Park

Game 2

Game 4 of road trip.

Today I was able to get to Fenway early and able to walk around the stadium outside.


I walked around the stadium a few times while I was waiting for will call and the gates to open. Once again the will call windows open the same time the gates do, so I first had to get my tickets and then get on-line to get into the stadium.

I took a bunch of photos of the statues and other things the red Sox had around the outside of the stadium. it is a cool festive atmosphere with food venders and merchandise venders.


This is a look of a statue outside the B gate. It is a statue of Ted Williams giving a kid his hat.


Here is another called “Teammates” The 4 players are Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr, Johny Pesky and Dom Dimagio.

The plaque is interesting and tells some interesting stats about the 4 of them one is they played together for 7 years. They played a total of 52 years together. As teammates they were 653 and 424 with 104 of the wins in 1946. 36 times combined they were all-stars.


A look down Yawkey Way which is closed during the games and is fenced off and  is part of the stadium.


These are banners displayed along Van Ness St. The are the names of all the Red Sox in the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Here is the creative BNW for this post to show off the mad photo skillz. It is of a kid getting ready to get some snacks for the game.

The gates than opened I got my tickets and headed inside. Today I really got to also walk around inside the stadium.


This is a look from right field by the bull pens.


The Green Monster looking from right field also.


The Pesky pole which is the right field foul pole Named after Johnny Peske.


A look at Fenway stands down the right field line.


While walking around I bumped into Douglas who is a Coors regular and a long time Red Sox fane. Besides the Red Sox hat and Rockies shirt he could not figure out which teams colors foot wear he should wear, so how bought one of each!

IMG_7277His Purple Rockies Converse All-Star and Red,  Red Sox one. He live in Boston for years and has a website devoted to his baseball travels.


Here is a look of the concourse on the first base side.


This is a look at the concession stands out by the right field concourse.

IMG_7341This was the first look I had of Roy Oswalt. Here he is warming up in the bull-pen.

IMG_7346Yorvit Torrealba catches a Oswalt throw.


Red Sox starter John Lackey warming up in their bull-pen.


Here is a look at Lackey throwing a pitch in the first inning. I did not head to my seat because I was waiting for Chris to get to the stadium and had to give him his ticket at the B gate which is in right field so I watched a little out there. He arrive shortly after and we headed to our seats in the State Street Pavillions. The Rockies scored a run in the 1st. The run was scored after Carlos Gonzalez hit a single and he scored on a Wilin Rosario single (1-0) Rox. Rosario was the designated hitter this game with Torrealba starting behind the plate.


While I was heading to my seat I stopped at a spot on the lower concourse to see Oswalt pitch. Here is his first pitch to the Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury who hit a double to start the inning. The Red Sox did not let the Rockies lead to last long he would then score on a Shane Victorino single to tie the game. The red Sox scored a second run on a David Ortiz double he then scored on a Daniel Nava single. (3-1) Red Sox


Former Red Sox player Dwight Evans was at the game this day here he is being introduced between innings. He played from 1972-1990 for the Red Sox and 1 year in 1991 for the Orioles.


David Ortiz batting in the 3rd inning taking a pitch for a ball. He did walk in the inning. The Red Sox scored an additional 2 runs to take a 5-1 lead. Not much happened in the game for either team in the 4th,and 5th inning. I just watched and enjoyed watching baseball at this amazing ballpark .

Michael Cuddyer in the 6th inning would hit a lead off home run which would bring his hitting streak to 23 games to tie the all time hitting streak record held by Dante Bichette. As I am writing this he is at  26 games in this hitting streak.


Michael Cuddyer attacked the Green Monster a second time in the 8th inning for a second solo home run. (5-3) Red Sox


D.J. LeMahieu turning the 8th inning double play.


Koji Uehara  pitching for the Red Sox in the 9th.


Here he is pitching to Tyler Colvin, Tyler struck out in the inning.

The next 2 Rockies would get out to end the game. The Rockies did not win one at Fenway. Besides the Losing both games this was a great trip in an awesome ballpark. I was glad I got to see this ballpark and the Rockies play there.

If you were thinking about going to Fenway to see a game I would defiantly recommend it. It is an experience in itself.  The fans are passionate about their team and has pride to root for their team and were very cool to us away fans. The staff was very friendly and helpful from helping with getting my tickets to the ushers inside the stadium. It was just a great experience. I want to thank Mary O from Coors who helped get the tickets for these game. She was supposed to be there and was unable to make it. I also want to thank the Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino who gave us these awesome seats for these games. That was above and beyond by him to do for away team fans.

So that is it from Boston I will be taking a few days off from baseball in NY and then I will be heading south to North Carolina to go to the only stadium I have not been to. I will also be in Greensboro for the 4th of July and going to a bunch of games in the Appalachian League which last year was some of the best baseball I have seen.

Till then see you around and thanks for following.

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