The game could of been done in 1 !


Miami Marlins vs. Colorado Rockies.

OK gonna do something a little different this time. Since I a about 6 games behind this week and we all know this was a horrible series, But I was there and got photos so I feel like I still have to put something together so for these games I am just going to do a brief narrative and post the photos.

So got a ball in BP very clean looked fresh out of the box and well I lost it.


Drew Pomeranz was the starting pitcher for the Rockies need I say more! He started out well and then it all went to hell!!!

The Marlins scored 2 in the first!


Dex lined out in the first.


Tom Koehler started for the Marlins.


Tulo lead off the 4th with a solo shot! it was 3-0 Miami when he it after it was 3-1


Look a shiny object!

Nice sunset this night.


Another of the sunset.


Pomeranz pitched into the 5th. After walking 2 in the inning. Manny Corpas pitched he pitched well holding the Marlins and Wilton Lopez came in to pitch in the 8th.


After Todd Helton struck out in the 9th so did Wilin Rosario.


Nolan Arenado made contact in the 9th. 


Was thrown out at first.


The game was over the Marlins win 3-1.


Marc Stout interviews D.J. LeMahieu after the game. LeMahieu had a great night he went 3-4 and stood on base a lot was stranded all 3 times. He has been hitting very well at this time that no one else is. I have seen him get left on base this home stand including in the 9th against the Cubs when he hit a lead off double and Cargo, Tulo and Cuddy could not get him in for a run.

Well that is it for this short and not so sweet addition of the Rox Addict blog. Bunch more left from this home series to follow.

Also I have not forgot about the Contest still getting stuff together for the prize and been getting a bunch of participation.

See you at Coors.




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