2015 the Road Trip has begun!


I have started my big road trip for 2015. Not that I have been on others this year since I have been to Anaheim, LA, San Francisco and Albuquerque all of which were great, all great stadiums and traveled with great people! But as many of you know my annual tradition and one of the main reasons I started this blog was my 3 plus week trip across the country seeing for one the Rockies and other baseball along the way.

So this years trip started 8 days ago and yes this post is only about the first 3. It has been a grind of a trip and I have been nowhere for more then 2 days till today.

The first stop I made was on day one and it was the first time I have ever been to Nebraska. It was to Omaha to see the Omaha Storm chasers and The played the Colorado springs Sky Sox which was cool since even though they are not a Rockies Affiliate anymore I still have taken a few trips there this year. After Leaving my house at 8AMish I arrived at the stadium around 4PM. I first got my ticket and then took a walk around the outside of the stadium. IMG_0806

This is the front of Werner Park in Omaha Nebraska, That is a statue of Bob Gibson who was born and grew up in Omaha, so the stadium does have a bunch of thing regarding him around the stadium.


Here is a view of the field before the game the stadium is a pretty nice place it has a large concourse that is open down the first and third base lines. with 2 buildings that have there suites behind home plate. the concourse does go around the whole field and feature many amenities of modern minor league parks such as a play area for the kids and places for large group functions. The Play area and carousel are in the left field area with a party pavilion on the right field side.


Yohan Pino was the starting pitcher for the Stormchasers . He went 6.2 innings scoreless with giving up 3 hits and striking out 5 Sky Sox batters.


The starter for the sky Sox was former Rockies and Sky Sox player Josh Roenicke. He went 5.2 giving up 1 run on 5 hits and did not strike out a batter.


A view of the field during the game. After a few innings I wandered around and took photos from different places around the stadium.


Sky Sox Elian Herrera hit a single to tie the game in the 8th inning. The Sky Sox went onto score a second run that inning and win the game 2-1. Both starters kept there team in the game which is rare to see for us Rockies fans!  The Only Omaha run came in the 3rd on a Casey Kotchman single that scored Jose Martinez who lead off the inning with a walk.

So after the game I drove for about 2 hours to Des Moines, iowa where I sated the night and then headed to Chicago for the Rockies vs. Cubs it was the first time I was at Wrigley and the second time I had been to Chicago the first was when I was 12 or so and I went to the Old Cominskey Park.


I got to Chicago about 2:30 and met up with Mary, Alise, Lauren, Briana and her brother Dave. Everyone is Rockies fans and come from different place Mary and Alise I know from Coors, It was the first time I met Lauren who now is in Wisconsin and I have met Briana a few times in Spring Training and at Coors, she is from Scottsdale. Her Brother is from Rhode Island so we had people from all over at this game.

the Photo above is from our hotel room.


We then headed to the stadium and I took some photos of the cool building in downtown Chicago. it is a cool city with a mix of old and new Architecture.

IMG_1258the train arriving at the station this has been a go to shot in subways for me for years and I also took one like this in San Francisco. lately I have been doing a lot more of street and environment photography in the cities I visit for baseball.

IMG_1262 After a 15-20 minute train ride we arrived at the friendly confines at the corner of Addison and Clarke Wrigley Field.


When we got in the Rockies were stretching and getting ready for the game.


Christian Adames was up briefly and here he was taking some hacks in the cage!


Dallas Beeler started for the Cubs.


Charlie Blackmon and D.j. LeMahieu wasted know time getting hits off him Charlie lead with a double and D.J. followed with a double and a quick 1-0 lead.


Charlie scores the Rockies first run.


Both Carlos Gonzalez and Nolan Arenado came around to score that inning and the Rockies had a 4-0 leat in the Top of the 1st.


Yohan Flande started for the Rockies.


The first batter he pitched to was former Rockies and overall great guy Dexter Fowler. More on that in game to at Wrigley.


We also got to see some of the other young talent the Cubs have such as shown above Chris Bryant.


Jorge Soler and Kyle Swarmer.


Ben Paulsen slides into home for the Rockies 7th run of the game in the 8th inning.

Flande ended up pitching 5 only giving up 1 run on 4 hits and struck out 4 Cubs.


The Rockies won this game 7-2 and Flande got his first MLB win!

No White Flag with Blue W on it this night!

Day 3 of the trip brought me back to Wrigley for a afternoon game on 7-29-2015. IMG_1634Wrigley Day.

So while I was out front taking photos I was run over by someone in a motorized scooter who back into me and then looked at me like I was wrong for standing where I was while he was trying to back up without looking!


Before the game we got to meet up with Dexter Fowler, here is a photo of him and Mary.

IMG_1653he than sent a autograph bat out to here with one of the Cubbies Clubbies for her.

He has always been great to the fan base when he was in Denver and still shows his appreciation for us while he is with another tem this is the second bat I have seen him give to one of my friends since going to the Cubs, Thanks Dex!

IMG_1667It was also the Debut of the newest Rockies and new Shortstop Jose Reyes. Who if you have been living under a rock was trade along with a few minor leaguers for Troy (The Douche) Tulowitzki!   So glad to see him go. But you all know how I felt about him for years and I think it was a positive trade for the Rox.

Eddie Butler started for the Rockies and Jon Lester for the Cubs. Lester pitched 8 innings Butler 5. You can guess who won this one! The Cubs did 3-2.

Butler did pitch well and kept the Rockies in the game and the score close. Lester just owned the Rockies bats striking out 14 but I think the umpire got caught up with his pitching and a few strike out looking calls were questionable. Just my opinion because mot came after the 4th inning and when 6 were looking it is usually the umpire giving the strike zone. But all and all Lester did pitch very good.

IMG_1966Here is Mary, Lauren, Alise and myself  outside of Wrigley after the game.


Ernie Banks Statue outside of Wrigley.

Before heading to St. Louis we stopped for diner at….

IMG_2039..Harry Carays. We then grabbed the truck and headed to the St. Louis.

More to come from the road.

next post will be St. Louis, and some Minor League ball from Bowling Green, KY and Greenville, SC.

You can continue to follow my trip live on twitter @roxaddict


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