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What a Mess against the Mets


NY Mets Vs Colorado Rockies

Game 2

This little guy was hanging out by the rockpile gate when I arrived. I arrived about 45 minutes before the gates opened and was the first person in.

After heading in I ran straight for the pavillions for batting practice. It started a little slow and I did not get anything from the Rockies. With in the first few minutes of Mets BP I picked up my first ball that rolled landed in a section with out many people. Then I got my second on a catch. I also caught the last ball of BP off the Mets, it was the first BP that I had gotten 3 bp balls from a single team and the third time I have gotten 3 balls in a single BP. That is 4 for the series all four from the Mets but I have always done well when the Mets have been in town.

So once again I headed to the Mets side of the field for autos. I headed down with a couple of friends I knew from NY who had never been down to the wall before. I ended up getting a Jose Reyes card signed. The above photo is of the Rockies during the National Anthem.

Ike Davis and David Wright throwing before the game.

Mets Centerfielder Jason Pridie during warm ups

The Rockies Take the field to start the game. The Starters for this game was Jason Hammel for the Rox and Mike Pelfrey for Da Mets!!!

Jason Hammel Pitching to the lead off batter Jose Reyes who hit a double.
 It took a while for Hammel to settle in after letting up a hit to Reyes, Daniel Murphy hit a single David Wright got out and Carlos Beltran was walked. Ike Davis would hit a single and score both Reyes and Murphy.

                             Carlos Beltran takes a ball before walking in the first.
 David Murphy scoring the second run with Jose Reyes already at home after the Davis single making the score 2-0 Mets

Jason Hammel pitching to Jason Bay, with Ike Davis on 1st and Carlos Beltran on 3rd. He would then strike out Bay and the catcher Ronny Paulino to end the inning. The Rockies would go down in order in the 1st.

Mike Pelfry pitching to Dexter Fowler.

Carlos Gonzalez taking a strike. It is time to play where is the ball in the photo!

The 2nd inning Hammel seemed to settle down very well striking out the first batter Jason Pirdie. Pelfry would ground out and Reyes hit one to Seth Smith to end the inning.

The Rox would come up in the second and The Deuce would lead off the  inning with a solo shot to right. Helto would grund out and the Seth Smith would hit a solo shot of his own to tie the game 2-2.

The Deuce heading to third after his 2nd inning lead off Homerun.

2 Batters later Seth Smith doing the same.

The 3rd inning both teams went down in order Hammel struck out Wright and Pelfry struck out Dex. In the 4th inning jaso Hammel was hit in the leg by a Ronny Paulino grounder which got him on base and would later score on a Mike Pelfry double. Yes, you did read that correct the pitcher got a double. 4-2 Mets. Hammel did complete the inning but did not pitch as well after being hit.

This is the coaches and trainers checking out Hammels leg.

Taking a practice throw while Manager Jim Tracy and Bob Apodaca look on to evaluate if he was ok to stay in the game.

In the 6th inning Cargo hit a solo HR of his own. Which was his first at Coors this year. Hopefully this is the end of his hitting slump. 4-3 Mets.



In The 7th With 2 out Dexter Fowler was at the plate when it started to pour he had 2 balls 2 strike when the rain delay was called all in all it was a 50 something minute at bat.

Dexter right before he waits for the last pitch.

Mike Pelfry throws the last pitch to Dexter Fowler.

The Coors Field growns crew pulling the tarp.

  After a while they removed the tarp and it was time to play ball once again. During the rain delay I hung out under the Rockpile knowing it was going to be less crowded then the concource. Then we headed back to our seats or should I say where we were sitting. While I was down at the wall before the game one of my friends ran into someone he worked with who had 2 tix in section 142 so I stayed their figuring I would leave when the section filled in since my seats where just a few sections away. Well the section did not fill in, so I watched the full game from there.

After the delay Dexter Fowler returned to the plate and fouled a ball of his knee and then Ryan Spilbourghs pinch hit for him. Coming up with the count Dex left before the rain delay. He then walked but was left on base when Jonny Herrera struck out.


Matt Lindstrom pitched the 8th inning for the Rockies

After Ingringhaus pitch for the Mets after the rain delay, Tim Byrdak came in to pitch in the 8th.

Closer Francisco Rodriguez pitches to Jason Giambi in the 9th

second basmen Justin Turner throws to Daniel Murphy for the final out of the game the Mets won 4-3. Turner  came in when Ike Davis Colided with David Wright turning his ankle. Daniel Murphy went to 1st and Turner played 2nd.

It was along night at Coors Between a rough loss and a rain delay. The 3rd game of the series has been also delayed 1 day as of now and is scheduled for the 12th at 1:10. Hopefully I will make it but I am scheduled to work. Maybe it will be delayed long enough so I can get their after 2 to see the game. If not then I will be at sundays game against the San Diego Padres.

Iannetta is the man!


NY Mets Vs. Colorado Rockies



This game I got to the stadium even earlier than normal. Gary X and I showed up about 1 O’Clock to see if we would be able to get some autographs out by the players parking lot no Rockies stopped. The only autograph I was able to get was former rockies relief pitch Taylor Bucholtz. NY Met Jose Reyes took a taxi to the field and was dropped off at the gate but did not head over
to sign.

 After about an hour and a half there we headed up to get our tickets neither of us had tix for this game previously. Then we headed to gate E to head into the stadium. When the gates opened we headed for the outfield to try to snag some BP balls. It was kind of a slow batting practice not to much was hit out I had a shot at one of the Rockies that I think went threw my glove or tipped of the top. Then I got a bouncer off the track during the Mets BP. Within about a minute of getting that ball I noticed Mookie Wilson signing autographs by centerfield so I headed over and had him sign the ball it was realy cool meeting him since I grew up a Mets Fan during the mid 1980’s. You may remember Mookie Wilson was the player who hit the slow roller to Bill Buckner in  Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. After BP I changed up alittle bit and headed to the Mets side of the field to see if I can get some autos since the Rockies haven’t signed much before games this season. Only a Mets coached signed but I did not get his autograph. Geoff also headed over to the Mets side to try to get a ball signed that he caught last season. The ball was hit by David Wright and it was his 143rd career HR. Neither of us got any autographs.



                         Mets Catcher Josh Thole heading to the Bullpen.



                               The hosers from the opposite side of the field.


                  Rockies Jhoulys Chacin long tossing in the outfield before the game.



Mets Centerfielder Jason Pridie, 1st baseman Ike Davis and Shortstop Jose Reyes during warm ups.

                       Jose Reyes taking some swings during warm ups.


                       A look at the Rockies during the National Anthem

                                      Another look across the field


Looks like the Mets have pinkies also. Having the Rookie member carry a pink backpack to the bullpen. The Rockies have them also do this usually with a Dora the Explora backpack.


Tonight my seats where at the top row of the pavillions but I stopped and chatted with Judy and Anna who had seats in section in the 2nd row of 152. This is a photo of the Rockies heading to the field.


Chacin throwing to Jose Reyes in the first inning, Reyes tried to bunt on this pitch but unsuccesfully. He ended up grounding out to Chacin. in the 1st the Mets went down 1,2,3. The Rockies 1st looked promising, Dex leadoff with a walk. Followed by a Herrera single then Cargo’s batting woah’s countinued when he struck out. The Deuce did hit a single then Helto hit into a double play. The Mets sent 5 batters up in the 2nd resulting in no runs and Chacin iwho did not have his best performance walk 2 in the inning. Both teams went down in order in the 3rd.


                 Jose Reyes grounds out to Jonny Herrera in the 3rd inning.


               Cargo makes a catch in the 4th inning of a David Wright hit to left center.


The game was very uneventful for most of the game the first run wasn’t scored until the 5th inning.  Chris Iannetta lead off the 5th with a double. Ian Stewart stuck out Chacin growneded out to short. With 2 outs Dex hit a single scoring the Iman from 2nd. Herrera the ended the inning with a hit to the Mets 2nd baseman Daniel Murphy that got Dex out at 2nd.


The Mets would responed with a run of their own 6th. When Carlos Beltran lead off with a walk and later scored after a very sloppy inning by the Rox Chacin walked 2 in the inning andIan Stewart had a throwing error to first which pulled Helton off the bag. Chacin managed to get out of the inning that could of been alot worse. That run tied the game at 1 of piece.


Then after a Seth Smith ground out to 2nd Chris Ianneta stepped to the plate with the swing he has when he is trying to accomplish something. The Mets have seen this swing before when he hit a walk off against them last year at Coors. Well this year it wouldn’t be a walk off HR but a game winning HR in the 7th. Making the game 2-1 Rox and that was all that was uneeded for the night. The Mets went down in order in the 8th and 9th.

Chacin ended up pitching 6 and the bullpen back him up well for the last 3. Reynolds and Belise got threw the 7th well and Bettancourt was on his game in the 8th. 

                             Jason Pridie catches a Ian Stewart fly to center in the 7th.



Taylor Buchholz heading to the mound for his first appearance since leaving the Rockies late last season.


                Taylor Buchholz pitching to Dexter Fowler in the 8th inning.

                                       Heading to the mound in the 9th inning





                The Deuce making the final out of the game hit by Daniel Murphy. Diving after the graound ball then got up to throw it to Helton for the final out of the game and the Rockies won 2-1.


        The Rockies running to the field to celabrate their win. Love the Iman fist pump.



           Once again the Rockies Fans celabrate at the Root sports post game desk. Gary X and I got to toss out the T-Shirts for Helmer again i was late so Gary threw out most of them but left one for me to toss out.


This guy definatly has the best hair of the game. Tottally forgot his name but see himm at a lot of games.




                                      Tom Helmer firing up the crowd.


                           Banner Jack was out celabrating the win this night also. It was cool to learn he is also from NY when I watched the replay of the game later that night.

After the game Gary X and I headed out to the players exit and Ian Stewart stopped to sign a few for the fans out there. It was cool of him to stop glad to see him back and would love to start hitting like the 2009 Ian Stewart. As i write this he is hitting .064 for the season and has already been down to  Triple AAA, where he was totally Rocking in his games with them.


Well thats it for this one. Check back for Mets game 2 and possible the rain postponed game 3 if I can get out of work!!! Also maybe the lost may 1st post will magicly appear. sometime soon some great photos in that one with a special guest photographer who will that be? bTill then See you at Coors.


It only took a Second in the Second


Pirates Vs. Rockies

Starters: Jason Hammel

              Paul Maholm



                                Jason Hammel heading to the bullpen for warm ups.



Seth Smith either just scored a touchdown for the Jets or he is doing is best Laura Ingles impersonation!




                    Jhoulys Chacin and Rafael Betancourt in the Rockies Dugout!!!



                          Chris Iannetta and Jason Hammel Heading in for the game.




        Jason Hammel throws the first pitch to Pirates Centerfielder Andrew McCutchen.

The second pitch wasn’t as good McCutchen hit a lead off solo HR. Thta was the second night he homered against the Rockies in this series. Hammel held it together well and keeping his pitch count low for him through the game. He ended up pitching 7 innings. Lettimg up 7 hits and only 1 run. He threw 105 pitches, averaging about 15 pitches per inning. The 4th was his only high pitch inning where he did walk 2 batters but got himself out of the inning.






Jose Tabata swinging at a pitch in the 1st inning. he was taken out of the game after the first for somereason not sure or havent heard why.


The Deuce making the off balance throw to 1st he makes this look so easy. Kids don’t try this at home!!

Well MLBLOGS is F’d up once again trying to finish this post for 2 days still can’t load photo’s The Rockies won 4-1. Rox Fans celabrated from at the Root Sports Desk and Gary X and I Tossed out the Helmer Is My HomeBoy T-Shirts. Chris Iannetta hit a 3 run HR in the 2nd after Cargo scored on a Smith single. making the score 4-1 and thats all that was scored or needed. for the game. Way to Go Chris hope things pick up for him they seem like he has coming around. Hammel pitched a great game he went 7 innings including 3 1,2,3 innings.



OOOOHHHH its working.


          Dexter Fowler puting down the bunt in the 1st inning he was thrown out at first.



Todd Helton rounding first for a double it was his 533 double bringing him 1 away from catching Lou Gehrig on the all time list. he is currently 32 on the all time list with Bobby Abreu right behind him on the all time list with 531.


 Well til next time I may complete this post, I may Not, I possibly may even attempt a post for the May 1st game against the Pirates. If Not see you at Coors next week when the NY Mets come to The 5280 on May 9,10 and 11th. I will see you their!  


Snowball in the Springs


Las Vegas 51’s Vs. Colorado Sky Sox


        After a overcast day in Denver we still headed down to the Spring despite the weather. Denver and Colorado Springs are like different planets when it comes to weather. Sometimes rain in Denver means warmth and sun shine in Colorado Springs, But not this night the further south we traveled the worse it got but we kept going!


 Traveling over Monument pass their was almost zero visability. We did debate turning around, but since we traveled that far already we decide to see if they were going to get the game in. Like always in the Springs we headed to the field behind the stadium to see if we could find some Easter Eggs. I found 2 real quick. So Gary X and I headed to go into Security Service Field. We then headed by the dugout to get a few autographs. Robert remained out back looking for more balls. He ended up finding 12 or so.

IMG_4906.JPGIan Stewart was reassigned to the Springs last week. Here he is warming up (well as warm as you could get when its in the mid 30’s). He signed a bunch of auto for us and others in the crowd. He seemed to be up beat and was like Ian of 2 years ago at Coors it realy showed in the game as well.

IMG_4909.JPGEric Young Jr. getting some sprints in during warm ups. When asked what he thought about the weather he said he did not like it and this was Football weather not Baseball weather. He also signed a few autos like always EYJ is one of the nicest players, always signing and talks with the fans in the Springs and at Coors. 

IMG_4912.JPG                      Ian Stewart and Cole Garner tossing the ball around.

IMG_4915.JPG Well their were no hosers today but the did put down the stuff that helps keeping the field dry. The grounds crew did a great job of keeping the field in good shape despite the cold weather and snow.

IMG_4920.JPGEric Young Jr. Cole Garner and Chris Nelson chat during warm ups. Note the head gear and turtle necks.
IMG_4924.JPGChris Nelson Heading to the dugout after warm ups. He also stopped for some autographs.


IMG_4926.JPG                                          The Umps heading to the Field 


IMG_4930.JPGHere is one of the photos to show off my mad photo skillz. This one is in color BNW to follow.

     The Starting Line Ups For The Las Vegas 51’s and The Colorado Springs Sky Sox


IMG_4940.JPG              Ian Stewart leads the team out onto the field for the start of the game. 


IMG_4944.JPG                     EYJ, Cole Garner and Charlie Blackmon head to the outfield 


IMG_4955.JPG                 Ian Stewart getting in some throws to 1st baseman Mike Jacobs 


IMG_4969.JPG        Sky Sox Pitcher Josh Mueke Throughs first pitch to Ex. Rockie Scott Podsednik 


                                       Mike Jacobs making the play at first.

 Scott Posednik lead off the game with a ground out. followed by a Brett Lawrie double and a DeWayne Wise single. Eric Thames would then hit in to a double play the hardway going 3,4,3. in English firstbaseman got the ball threw to second and the back to first. Here is a sequence of photos from the play.




                                      That was the end of the top of the 1st.

Eric Young Jr. Leads of the inning with a bunt attempt that went foul down the first baseline. Gary X jokingly yelled he got it and the 51’s 1st baseman picked it up and tossed it to him. that was the first game ball one of us would recieve. Alfredo Amezaga then hit a double. Charlie Blackmon would flyout Josh Fields would walk and Ian Stewart came to the plate, he would crush a homer to left which would score 3 runs. So Robert head out of the stadium to look for the HR ball. he at first did not find the ball but found 2 more practice balls. He would later find out during another trip that a member of the grounds crew grabbed it and then did give it to him. So for those keeping score at home that is the second ball we got from the game. The 51’s would answer back with 1 of their own in there own in the 2nd inning. The Sky Sox did not score in the second and was the only inning besides the 8th that they did not score a run.

IMG_5016.JPG                     Ian Stewart Running the baes after his 1st inning Home Run

IMG_5051.JPG                             The Sky Sox Bullpen as the snow comes down 


                     OK here is the BNW photo to show off my mad photo skillz!

IMG_5079.JPG              Chris Nelson Standing at first after his Fielders choice hit in the 3nd inning. 


                Before the game one of the Sky Sox promotional staff approached Gary X and I about doing one of the contests before the game. I said I did not want to but that was all Gary X. So during the 3rd inning Gary headed down to the field. The game was to identify of a blurry photo of a famous person.
IMG_5093.JPG                                                 So who do you think it is?



            So Gary X did get it correct and he won 2 tickets to a future Sky Sox game.


IMG_5100.JPG                                     The photo was of President Barack Obama.


IMG_5108.JPG             Ian Stewart reaching for 1st base after he hits a single in the 3rd inning.

       Took a lot of close ups of first base just because, we were so close to the field.

The Sky Sox would score 2 times in the 3rd on a Josh Fields HR and you guest it Robert headed out and got that ball. That was His second HR and the third for the group for the night.

The Sky Sox would then score 1 in the 4th. 5 in the 5th. with the home run parade countinuing with Charlie Blackmon’s first homer of the game making the score 11-1 just incase you lost count!!!!! Yes Robert got that ball also. # 3 for him 4 for the group. Later on a trip to the bathroom Gary X got a foul ball that was hit to the section he was walking past. #5 for the group 2 for him.


IMG_5121.JPG                     Charlie Blackmon catches a fly ball in the 4th inning. 

     The Sky Sox hit fest countinued with 4 more runs in the 6th. 2 in the 7th. The 51’s also score a run in the 6th and their 3rd run in the 8th. In the 8th inning a 51’s player hit a pop up to the first baseside I was ready to catch it drifted back towards the field and Mike Jacobs bounced it off his glove and into the stands which i picked it up that was my first game ball ever in a Minor or Major League game. That brings the group total to 6. Robert would chase another home run but was confronted by a toddler who kick him in the shin and ran off with the ball. (Thats my story and I am sticking with it). So he did not get it. Sky Sox 1st base caosch Rene Lacheman also tossed up a ball to Gary X. So between the 3 of us we got 7 gameballs. and about 15 easter eggs from the field behind the stadium!


               Earlier in the game i got this next sequence it is kind of funny.



The 51’s 3rd baseman making a throw to first. 


to the Right: Then the first baseman David Cooper relizing it is going over his head.





Me relizing it is coming at me!!! The ball ended up hitting the wall about 3 or 4 inches from the top.



  In the game the game the Sky Sox had at least 5 batters to the plate in every inning but the 8th. Charlie Blackmon would hit 2 home runs. Josh Fields was just a triple shy of the cycle and Ian Stewart was a double away from the cycle going 4 for 4 with 2 walks. Chris Nelson also fell a double short of the cycle. Catcher Jordan Pacheco would go 5 for 5. In all the Sky Sox had 24 hits 17 runs. The 51’s would hit 13 and score 2. This game despite the weather was alot of fun.



                                                        The Final Scoreboard



                                Jordan Pacheco signing autographs after the game.



The Next Rantics Field trip to the Springs will be next Tuesday. Till then the Rockies will be home for a 3 game series against the Pirates this weekend See Ya at Coors.

Rockies with a Giant Win!


Rockies Vs. Giants

Starters: Jorge De La Rosa

             Matt Cain


Today I got to go down to the first row thanks to Robert who had an extra ticket by him for this game. During Batting Practice I did get one ball from the Giants it was a Ground Rule Double off the warning track.



Despite the rain over night the hosers still need to do their thing. The tarp they cover the infield with may of help their job security for the day.



Jorge De La Rosa and Pitching Coach Bob Apadaca heading to the bullpen.

To the right Catcher Jose Morales on the walk to the bullpen for pre game warm ups.





                  Glenallen Hill looks on as the players warm up before the game.



                                          Dexter Fowler and Glenallen Hill





         The creative BNW to show off my mad photo skillz during the National Anthem



                          Ubaldo heads over to the crowd to sign autographs



Before the game the Rockies Remembered Keli McGregor. After amoment of silence his children threw out the first pitch.


             The pitches were thrown to The Deuce, Ryan Silbourghs and Todd Helton



Matt Belise heads out to the bullpen with the rest of the bullpen staff. Clayton Mortenson has the pink princes bag for this game.



                Jonny Herrera gets a few sprints in before the start of the game



                                          Cargo signing autographs


                  Jorge De La Rosa and Jose Morales heading in to start the game



Jorge throws first pitch to the Giants Aaron Rowand for a first pitch single. He would later be thrown out at second on a Aubrey Huff hit to The Deuce. Which should of been a double play. Thanks for the missed call Ump. Karma would then catch up with Huff as he was thrown out at 3rd by a throw from Cargo from left hit by buster Posey. The Giants would score a run this inning . Freddy Sanchez scored the run he was walked by De La Rosa and advanced to on Huff single and scored by Posey’s hit. The Rox went down in order in the bottom of the 1st. Dex K’d, Herrera Pop out to 3rd and Cargo grounded out to second.


                                        Aubrey Huff thrown out at 3rd.


In the second The Rox came back with vengence The Deuce lead off with a doubl, Helton got hit by a pitch The Deuce scored on a seth Smith single. (1-1) Ty Wiggington was the 4th batter to head to the plate in the second and he hit his first Rockies Homerun which also was his 1000th career hit.


         Pat Burrell can only watch as Ty Wiggingtons homer sails over his head.




                        1000th Career hit and his 1st Rockies Homerun.



             Wiggington Hi Fives 3rd base coach Rich Dauer. The Homerun scored 3 runs

                                             making the score (4-1) Rox

               Dan caught the Wiggington HR. It was Dan’s 79th HR ball in Coors.

                       The Rockies would send 10 batters to the plate in the inning

After the Giants sat down in order in the Top off the 3rd. Helton hit a lead off double. He would then be stranded at 3rd after he advanced from a Seth Smith Sac Fly to center.



              Helton slides into 3rd after tagging up on the Smith sacfly in the 3rd. 




  A view of Coors from section 155 these seats are right above the 390ft in Left               



                                        Dex makes a catch in center.



Giants starter Matt Cain only lasted 4 2/3 innings with a 100 pitches letting up 4 runs on 6 hits. Giants relief pitcher Dan Runzler heading to the mount in the 5th.He would then strike out Jorge De La Rosa for the 3rd out of the inning. The Rockies would score 2 runs in the inning (7-1) Rockies.

The Giants would the score a run in the 6th (7-2). Sanchez would lead off with a single he would advance to 2nd on a baulk. He would then advance to third on a Huff flyout. and score on a Posey ground out to The Deuce.

The Rockies would score 4 more runs in the 7th inning The Deuce lead off the inning with a single he advanced to 3rd on a bad throw for a pick off attemp at 1st. Then scored on a Wiggington ground out. Ryan Spilbourghs would pitch hit for De La Rosa and hit a 3 run HR scoring 3 runs.(10-2) Rockies that is all that the Rockies would need and avoided the sweep by the Giants. The Rockies are now 3 games ahead of the Giants in the National League West. De La Rosa pitched 7 innings. He was replace by Betancourt in the 8th and Huston Street came in the game in the 9th. It wasn’t a save situation but he was brought out for some work since he has not pitched in  3 days.



Spili rounding 2nd after his 3 run pinch hit HR in the 7th. This was Spili’s 2nd career pinch hit HR.



                 Huston Street strikes out Pat Burell to end the game. The Rockies are now 13-5. They are now heading out on the road for 3 games in Florida against the Marlins and then 3 in Chicago against the Cubs. They will return home to Coors on the 29th against the Pittsburgh Pirates.



                    The Deuce hi fives Jonny Herrera after the Rockies Win.


                                     The Team celabrates the win.

Like always after a Rockies win i headed over to the Root Sports Post game Desk. I got some face time on the post game show!!!! Here are a few photos.


                                 The Crowd behind the Root Sports Desk.


                 Tom Helmer, Jeff Huson and Mark Stout at the post game desk.


Thats it for this one. Once agians thanx for checking out the post. Coming this week we will be heading to the Springs for a Sky Sox game on Tuesday and then will be at Coors at some point during the Pirates series.






Alan Who?


Cubs Vs. Rockies Game 3

Ubaldo Bobble Head Day!!!!!


                      Oddly enough I do take a new one of these for each game.






This is a view from the concource for the line for a Ubaldo Jimenez autograph. I got both my bobbleheads signed by Ubaldo.



Starting Pitcher for the Rockies Alan Johnson. The odd thing is usually the crowd will cheer and applaud when the starter emerges from the dugout. Not today he just took the long walk out with out acknowledgment. I think I may of been the only person who knew who he was. Alan was in the Springs last year and I have seen him pitch before. I also believe I have his autograph somewhere. The Coors crowd will know who he is soon enough.



Alan Johnson long throwing with Jose Morales in the outfield. This was Alans first major league start.



                                   Alan Johnson warming up in the bullpen.



                  Rockies starters stretching on the first baseline before the game.


                      Alan Johnson and Jose Morales heading from the bullpen.


                                                      Play Ball!!!!



Johnson Throwing his first big league pitch to the Cubs Starlin Castro for a strike. Nice way to start a MLB career. Castro would end up hiting a single and scoring the first run of the game off of a Darwin Barney single. The Rox would double up the Cubs on a hit by Byrd to The Deuce for a double play getting Barney at 2nd and Byrd at 1st. Ramirez would the ground out to end the inning.

      The Rockies would give Johnson some run support in the bottom half of the 1st. After Fowlers lead of strikout. Cubs starter Ryan Dempster would then walk Jonny Herrera who scored on a Carlos Gonzalez double. Tying the game at 1-1 The deuce would then flyout to center Helton singled and Seth Smith hit a homerun for the Rockies to take a 4-1 lead. So the offence realy helped him with run support.

        In the 2nd inning Johnson would walk the lead of batter for the inning Carlos Pena. Then he would get his first strikeout with the next batter Alfonso Soriano. The Cubs would score one hin the 2nd making it a 4-2 Rockies lead. The Cubs would go on to score 2 in the 3rd. and one in the 4th. tying the game at 5-5. Johnson would pitch 4 innings with 3 strike outs, 3 walks (which all 3 would result in runs), throwing 93 pitches. Letting up 5 runs. Over all he did pitch well for a first start.
IMG_4421.JPG                Cubs Shortstop catches The Deuce pop up in the 3rd inning. 

The Deuce’s next homerun will be his 100th of his carrer as of the time I am writing this he has yet hit it.




“D”, Lil Ranter Hunter, Allanah X and Gary X sitting in the front row of the Rockpile above the word solar.



During the 6th inning I headed over to the section directly behind homeplate to take a few photos.



The Rockies Then Rallied in the 8th 2 score 4 more runs sending 10 batters to the plate in the inning Smith singled Lopez doubled, Fowler and Herrera also doubled. All 3 outs were on strike outs Jose Morales, Ty wiggington and Spilli all K’d.



Rockies Manager takes the ball from Matt Reynolds in the top of the 8th. Rafael Betancourt would come into the game to pitch the rest of the inning.


                                 Jim Tracy handing over the ball to Betancourt.



Rafael Betancourt getting ready to pitch. This photo was taken by my Mom who attended the game with me. This photo is to show where I get my mad photo skillz!! Ok maybe not but it was pretty good.



                 The scoreboard at Coors while the Rox were ralling in the 8th.




Rockies outfielders celabrating the Rockies 9-5 victory over the Cubs. The Rockies are 12-3 on the season.



The Post game celabration at the Root Sports Desk. I realy like this photo it has a bunch of The Rantics in it Judy is holding the Root, Root, Root for the Rockies sign my Mom is standing to the left of the sign and “D” and Hunter are standing in the top center to the right of the BIG L sign!!!!!   Great day at the ballpark. A Rockies win and a Ubaldo Bobblehead.


As I am writing this the Rockies have lost their second game in a row to the Giants. I did not attend either game. They are now 12-5 but still 2 games a head of the Giants in the West.Ian Stewart has been optioned to the Springs and Ubaldo made his first start since Opening Day. Unfortunatly it was also his first loss. An if you didn’t know who Alan Johnson is you do now. If you still don’t learn it!!  I will be at Coors for tomorrows day game against the Giants. Thats all I got see you at Coors!!!!!









Even The Losers win Sometimes!


Cubs Vs. Rockies



Starting Pitchers: Jason Hammel for the Rockies, Casey Coleman for Da Cubs.



The crowd asking or screaming for baseball from Cubs players. Hunter just got one!

Today I had access to the front row did not catch anything once again not haveing a good year for snagin’. Hunter the D’s son has 4 more than me in 3 less game way to go. The catch is I can’t ask players for them I need to catch them on my owns as well as the rest of us adults that are having a rough year!


                        Ty Wiggington before the game heading out to the field.


Ian Stewart stretching or trying to audition for a medic alert commercial not sure. “My batting average has fall and I can’t get on base” after this game he was batting .080 2 for 25 in 11 games this season.



                              The Deuce catching a throw from Stewart.


 Today was Dingers 17th birthday, So they celabrated it by spraying him silliy string in the pavilions and his father Dug was there to share in the celabration.



               The Norad & US Northcom Leaving the field after the National Anthem.



                                              An Here it is The BNW….

                                    …to show off my mad photo skillzs!!!!


Took this as i was heading to my seat. For this game I sat up in the Rockpile with “D” and The lil’ Ranter Hunter.

Jason Hammel throwing the first pitch to the Cubs Shortstop Starlin Castro for a strike Castro would end up hitting a single, but Hammel would end up striking out 2 and getting a Darwin Barney to fly out. He pitch 22 pitches in the 1st. The Rox went down in order in the 1st with Dex striking out, Herrera flewout to center and Giambi grounded out to second.

                              Here is a look at Coors from the Rockpile.


          The Cubs would score 1 run in the top of the 1st from a Alfonso Soriano double which scored Castro. The Rox would respond with 1 of their own. The deuce lead off with a triple, he then scored on a Seth Smith sac fly to center.



Cubs outfielder crashes into wall on the Deuces triple to the wall to lead of the second.

                          The Deuce heading to third with his stand up triple.


Jason Hammel pitching to Carlos Pena. After the 3rd it was time to wander a little so we headed to the concource to get some closer photos.



Seth Smith rounding first on his way to second for his lead off double in the 4th inning.


                       Ty Wiggington after the ball plunked him in the left elbow.

         The Deuce throwing to Jason Giambi for a 6,2 ground out of Cubs Marlon Byrd.

The Cubs would score a run in the 5th and 6th inning. keeping the game well in reach for a Rockies comeback. In the 6th Hammel hit Ramirez to start off the inning, maybe a little pay back for Coleman hitting Wiggington in the 4th and Giambi in the 5th Hmmm. Or was it just an elaborate plan to get Pena to hit into a double play as he did. Then it was followed up by a Alfonso Soriano Solo HR . The Cubs now up 3-1.


Speaking of Byrd’s Dex come in for a landing at second for his lead off double in the bottom of the 5th inning. he would be strande there as the Rox scored no runs in the 5th.

      In the seventh the Rox brought in Felipe Paulino who got (for the lack of a better explanation) shelled by the Cubs. He let up 4 hits including 3 run HR to Castro making the score 6-1 Cubs. He also walked Pinch hitter Blake Dewitt one batter before the homer.Not quite a stellar performance. Just to shake things up a little more they went to the bullpen once again and brought in Franklin Moraleswho let up 2 hits scoring 2 runner which was left on base by Paulino now 8-2 Cubs.


seth Smith can only watch the ball head to the Rox bullpen onSoriano’s solo HRin the 5th.    
                                 Chris Iannetta grounding out in the 6th.  



Cubs third base coach Ivan De Jesus stops Koyie Hill at 3rd in the top of the 7th. Hill would be one of the 5 runs to score in the inning.


Kosuke Fukdome one of the coolest names in baseball hits a single in the 7th. he was the 9th batter that inning and the Rox faced 10.

The Rockies did score 2 in the 8th.on a Iannetta HR. That was all the runs the could get this game and they lost for only the 3rd time this season. Their record is now 11-3.

 I first questioned the use of Paulino and Morales but then relized that the were saving the bullpen knowing that Alan Johnson would be making his MLB debut and starting the sunday game against the Cubs which they would need some of their stronger arms if he gets in trouble early in the game. Hammel went 6 innings letting up 3 runs 6 hits striking out 3.


Still one more game to go in this Cub Series and then the World Champ Giants come to Coors for a 3 days series.

                       Til Next time see you at Coors!!!!

Chacin = Money Completly !


Cubs Vs. Rockies



                      Starting Pitchers: Chacin for the Rox, Garza for the Cubs


Kinda a slow day in Batting Practice, But 1 of the few hit out by the Cubs my friend Mike Murphy caught it was his first ball ever and it was a great catch.


Like always we headed over to the first baseline. Jhoulys Chacin long throwing in the outfield.



                                          The Rockies starters warming up.



                        Jonny Herrera throwing to Jose Lopez and Todd Helton



If you noticed the 42’s on all the uniforms, It was because it was Jackie Robinson Day.Every year MLB has every player  wear #42 on this day. It is the only number retire in the entire league for all teams. Except for the Yankees Mariano Rivera because he had the number before the league retired it. This day the Rockies and all of the Major League baseball teams commerate Robinson for being the first African American to play in the Major Leagues in 1947.



                              The starting line up during the National Anthem.



                  Jhoulys Chacin Throwing first pitch to the Cubs Starling Castro for a Strike. Chacin pitched a quick 1,2,3 inning. Catro Grounded out, Barney K’d and the 3rd out was hit to Helton for a unassited out. The Rox went down with Garza striking out Fowler and Gonzalez and Herrera grounded out. The Cubs started the 2nd with a lead of single by Ramirez the chacin got his 2nd strike out of the game then allowed a second single to Soriano who was double up on a 4,6,3 double play hit by Colvin. 

               In the top half of the 2nd Umpire Jerry Layne was hit by a Carlos Pena line drive in the right shine. It look a lot worse then it was and he did come out of the game.

He did walk off the field on his own. The remaining 3 ump’s completed the game Minor League style.


 The Rockies second was the most eventful of the game and pretty much all that was needed Tulo and Helto both hi singles. Garza then walked Seth Smith to load the bases and Iannetta hit a triple to deep to centerfield it was thrown into the cubs dugout and Iannetta also scored 4-0 Rox. Lopez did strike out between the Smith walk and the Iannetta triple. The Rockies sent 9 batters to the plate in that inning.Lopez, Chacin and Cargo where the outs. 
               The Deuce Tulo scores first run of the game off the Iannetta triple.

                             Helton score with Seth Smith close behind 3-0 Rox



                        Iannetta scoring the 4th run after the bad throw to 3rd.

              Chacin grounding out in the bottom half of the 2nd inning for the 2nd out.


A look towards homeplate slightly after sunset Coorsfield has some of the best view during sunset. Definatly makes sitting sitting in the upperdeck worth it. Between the sunsets you see from rightfield to the reflected light on the clouds after the sunset it make for a great experience.


                    Looking to the mountains to the west. With a cool lens flare.

         Not much happened between the bottom of the 2nd til the bottom of the 5th when Jonny Herrera scored on a Todd Helton double which was Helton’s 528th career double, which has him by himself 33rd on the all time list for double. 1 more will tie him with Al Oliver, 5 more will tie him with H.O.F Yankee Lou Gehrig for 32nd on the all time list.


                                     Helton stepping on 2nd for double 528      


Jhoulys Chacin pitch a shutout for his first career complete game. He struck out 7, walking 1, letting up only 6 hits. Also pitched 4 innings facing only 3 batters. Chacin is money for the Rockies and I hope he continues pitching like this and has a break out year. Chacin has great controll and nasty movement on his pitches. He is 3 and 0 for the season with 14 strikeouts, pitched 114 pitches and a 1.64 ERA.  


                   It was the Rockies 7th win in a row and they now have a 11-2.


                                  More posts to follow from the Cubs series


The Sox got there Aces kicked by Reno


Colorado Spring

Reno Aces (Arizona Diamondbacks Triple A team) Vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Rockies Triple A team)


       With the Rockies on their east coast road trip it was time for a baseball fix. It was time for a Rantics field trip to the Rockies Minor League affiliate Colorado Sky Sox. As every Tuesday home game it was $2.00 Tuesday. Robert and Gary X took the trip to the Springs with me. We arrived at Security Service Field about an hour and a half before the start of the game. So like always we headed to the out behind the outfield to try to find Easter Eggs(Baseball randomly waiting to be found). Sometime they are found in plainsite other under bushes, in high grass, or even in the stream that runs behind the stadium and even once in a tree which Robert proved last year. Robert got 4 as did Gary and I got 2. Not a bad take on a minor league game.




                                   Gary X with his take from the Easter Egg hunt!!!!

Then it was time for the Players to come out to the field. So we got a few autosgraphs from Players Eric Young Jr. Signed a bunch of cards for X. I started my Sky Sox Team ball with getting Cole Gardner, Jeff Salazar, Chris Nelson and Manager Stu Coles.  



                                Sky Sox Manager Stu Coles signing autographs


IMG_3399 (2).JPG                    John Maine warming up in the Bullpen with Catcher Jordan Pacheco


                                    Now it was time to play ball !!

Here are the starting line ups.

IMG_3381.JPGIMG_3379.JPG <Reno Aces








                          Sky Sox >






                                              The Sky Sox take the field



                    John Maine Throwing the first pitch to the Aces Colin Cowgill



 Gary X laughing at Robert who got exiled to across the isle to drink his beer because our seats were in the Family Section. The next section over wasn’t a family section. So he had to move all the way to the other side of the Isle. This is also my creative BNW for this post to show off my mad photo skillz. Not realy but it made it more fun!!!!!


                                       Sox the Fox mascote of the Sky Sox.


    After the Sky Sox 9-2 loss on Monday night the were looking for a little redemption. That did not last long with Reno taking a 3-0 lead in the second  inning. They responded with a single run on a Mike Jacobs solo Homerun in the bottom of the 2nd. The game did not look that bad or out of reach for the Sox to comeback. The Aces then added 2 more Runs in the 3rd and 4th. making it  7-1 Aces.



                         Sky Sox Chris Nelson at bat in the 3rd inning.



          A look at Service Security Field During Willie Mo Pena’s at bat in the 7th inning.

Reno scored an additional 4 runs in the 7th. Putting the game well out of reach for the Sky Sox. They did put runners on in the 8th and 9th inning with none resulting in any runs.

IMG_3505.JPG                        Jordan Pacheco getting a hit in the 8th inning.


Stu Coles as 3rd base coach as Cole Gardner rounds second heading for third in the 9th inning. It look promising that the Sky Sox would get a few runs but it did not happen and the final score was 11-1 Reno . It is common in the Minor Leagues for the Manager to Coach 3rd base.

 After the game we headed down to the Aces dugout because I wanted to get a few cards signed and knew after a bad loss the Sky Sox would run off the field quickly.


          Here is Renos Centerfielder Willie Mo Pena signing a card. Willie Mo was in the majors since 2002 and has played for the Reds, Red Sox, Nationals, Mets and Padres.


Brett Butler Manager of the Reno Aces and former S.F. Giant he played on the 19989 World Series Team and has also wrote a book called “Field of Hope”.


The Next field trip to the Springs will be on April 26, when the Rockies are going to be in Chicago. That night the Sky Sox will be taking on the Las Vegas 51’s

til then see Ya at Coors this home stand when the Rockies take on the Cubs and Giants




 Out Take photos:


Sky Sox and local Little Leaguers during the National Anthem







               Security Service Field from behind Home Plate











Sky Sox 2nd baseman Matt Macri Catches a pop fly in the 8th inning.




BEAT LA!!!!!!!!Sweepness!!!!!


Dodgers Vs. Rockies

Starters: Hammel for the Rox

             Billingsley for Dodgers




Before the game the Colorado Rapids soccer team celabrated their MLS Championship with the Rockies fans, Yes Colorado has a Soccer team and yes they won it all last year.


                           The Rapids brought along some hardware The MLS Cup.

              Dinger was having fun with the whole soccer theme before the first pitch.


                             The Colorado Rapids Team Captain Pablo Mastroeni


Championship MVP Connor Casey, Connor Scored the game tieing goal in the final game.



                       Right Pablo Mastroeni Left Connor Casey throwing the first pitch.

            For more on the Colorado Rapids and Schedule

             Thanks to Mary and the Ushers that allowed me to be fieldside for this.



                              Now I Belive their was a Baseball Game!!!!!


                                   Like always the hosers were there!!!!!



                           Behind the Rockies Dugout during the National Anthem

                             Jason Hammel and Chris Iannetta heading to the field 

                          Rockies taking the field for the last game of this homestand



 Jason Hammel throwing first pitch to the Dodgers Rafael Furcal. Furcal would get out, then Casey Blake hit a single and Andre Either would hit into a 3,6,3 double play a unconventional DP but executed perfectly by Helton and the Deuce.

       The Rockies had a very aggresive first inning dispite Fowlers groundout to Dodgers first baseman James Loney.

                              Seth Smith was batting second this game



in this photo he takes a pitch for a ball, But a few pitches later he rips one to the outfield for a double.

Smith rounding first and heading for second. Cargo hit a Double of his own scoreing Smith for the first run of the game. After The Deuce popped out to short, Helton walked and Lopez hit in Cargo from second this brought the Rox up 2-0. Lopez has been a great addition to the team so far batting .364 at this point with a homerun. We will miss Barmes but I think this may pan out for the best. 

                                   Cargo taking a pitch for a strike 

                    Seth Smith scoring the Rox first run after the Cargo Double. 




                              Jose Lopez during his at bat in the 1st inning.

IMG_3323 (2).JPG

The Dodgers Matt Kemp lead off the second inning with that very Familiar 6,3 groundout. Followed by a James Loney solo Homerun that was hit one section to the left from where I was standing. After Uribe and Paul both GO I headed up to my seat in 307.

    The Rox second started with a Chris Iannetta walk followed by a Jason Hammel Sac Bunt.

IMG_3329 (2).JPG

                       The inning ended by a Smith and Fowler each striking out.

The Dodgers would score 3 runs in starting off with a Rod Barajas HR which was caught by Dan. Nice Catch!  Hey Rod Barajas remember that time you were a Met!!! Then got 2 more on a few walks and hits. Hammel had his notorious bad inning but got out of it a lot better then in the past the Dodgers were up 4-2 and then the Rox came up for the bottom half of the 3rd.

    With Cargo leading off with a walk and a Tulo’s first hit that was not a HR Todd Helton stepped to the plate he hit a 3 run HR. that bounce off the top of the auxilary scoreboard in rightfield. Scoring 3 runs and the Rox taking the lead back from the Dodgers 5-4 Rockies.


IMG_3339 (2).JPG

Fans reacting to the Helton Homer as it bounces past them. You can see the ball over the first row third seat in.

After Hammel faced 4 batters in the forth the Rox came up and scored 2 more in the bottom of the 4th. On the Deuces third homer of the season and third consecutive game with a HR. 7-4 Rox.


        The rest of the game was somewhat uneventful with only the Dodgers scoring 1 in the 8th. Hammel pitched 5 letting up 6hits, 4 runs, 2 homers, walking 3 and striking out 2.

Morales came in for the 6th and 7th. Facing 7 batters striking out 2 in the 2 innings. Lindstrom pitched the 8th letting up a DB to Kemp who later came around to score. 7-5 Rox which would end up being the final score. 

 Street closed the game in the ninth, letting up 2 basehits to Barajas and Carrol. He then retired Furcal with a flyout to left and ended the game with 2 incredible strike outs. First to Dodgers pinch hitter Gimenez and then Either for the final out of the game.
                  Huston Street strikes outs Andre Either for the final out of the game.  

        Rockies win 7-5 and are now 4-1 on the season. After this game they headed to Pittsburgh. The first game they won, The Deuce hit another HR in that game. Making it 5-1 on the season then friday night the played a 14 inning marathon which they lost. 5-2 on the season and one of the best starts for the Rox in their history. As I am writing this the Rox are 6-2 on the season after yesterdays win against the Pirates.

 On Wenesday during Batting Practice I finally got my first ball of the year at Coors a bouncer of the track hit by the Rockies. Then went on to catch to clean on the fly off the Dodgers. making it three balls for the year. This was only the second time I got 3 and also only the second time I got balls from both the Rockies and the visiting team. 

My take on the day the top 2 were from the Dogers the bottom was the first of the year from the Rox.  


Thanks for taking a look. Go Rockies. I am the Rox Addict and I will see you at Coors on Friday when the Rockies take on the Chicago Cubs.


           Now for the creative shot of the game to show off my made photo skillzs!!!!

                           and for the first time not in BNW “Roberts Glove”