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Two tribes battle it out in the rain in Indy!


Gwinnett Braves Triple A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves Vs Indianapolis Indians Triple A affiliates of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This was the 15th game of my road trip. This was the 2nd game at  Victory Field in Indianapolis.

After taking a few laps around the Ballpark area looking for parking since the parking lot we parked in sunday was for employees of the building during the week and others were full. I found a parking lot across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium. Still think this looks like an airplane hangar. Lucas Oil Stadium hosted the Super Bowl XLVI (46 for the roman numeral challenged) in February. I took the short walk to Victory Field.

This is a look at the Center Field entrance at the corner of West Maryland Street and South West Street. After getting my ticket and taking some photos outside. I looked across S.West St. and noticed this….

… yes that says 104 degrees. This was about 50 minutes before first pitch.

Despite the temperature I still took a walk around the stadium. This photo is of the grounds crew putting down the foul lines. This was the first time I have seen this proceed use it is a box with a filter on the bottom the place them on the ground and tap them with mallets these with baseballs on the end of a hammer handle. Somebody at the game said they do this at Great American Ball Park and in Columbus at Huntington Park. That is where the Columbus Clippers play.

Ex Rockie Jose Morales was the starting catcher for the Indians.

Here is a look of the indians stretching before the game with the J.W. Marriott and the Indianapolis skyline in the background.

Indians starting pitcher Daniel Cabrera throwing in the outfield.

I then noticed this easter egg under a seat along the left field line. This ball looked very used had no logos or other marks. This was the first ball I have gotten at this stadium and the first of the day.

Cabrera throwing in the bullpen.

Jose Morales catching in the bullpen.

Starling Marte signing autographs for fans. I had him, Chase D’Arnaud and Anderson Hernandez to sign my program. While i was by the wall for autos I met a fellow road tripper David who was also doing a road trip his Included Columbus, Cincinnati, The Louisville Bat factory, The Football Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll H.O.F. and other places. He was the person who told me about the boxes the were using for the lines.

Cabrera throwing the first pitch to the Braves Jose Costanza popped out to third. For the first out. Josh Wilson flew out to center. Felix Pie would hit a double. (pronounced PeeYea). The next batter Ernesto Mejia grounded out to end the inning.

Mejia taking a swing in the first. I walked to me seat in the process of the inning. Today I got a seat in the second deck on the first baseline. Both times I have been to this stadium I sat on the 3rd base side in the lower seating.

Almost immediately after the Braves 3rd out it started to pour. It was a slight rain during Mejia’s at bat, but before the first pitch could be thrown for the Braves the grounds crew pulled out the tarp.

So I headed to the concourse on the lower level to escape the rain. Here are a few photos during the rain delay.

Here is the water running down the steps while more drops fell.

I than looked up one of the stair cases and caught these to enjoying the rain. This was a well needed storm in the area. The Indianapolis area has been in a severe draught the whole summer. With many water restrictions in effect.

I think this security guard should be the highest paid person to step on the field for this afternoon because he stood there the whole rain delay. Major props to him.

Rowdy had some fun with the rain and the tarp, while entertaining the crowd!

A look of the field with the tarp and a rain-soaked Indianapolis in the background. The odd thing was that this rain delay was 2 hours and 27 minutes of almost continues rain and my relatives that live about 8 miles away did not see a single drop.

Jose Morales and Daniel Cabrera waiting in the dugout during the first slow down of the rain it would come down hard again and the rain delay continued. During the rain delay I met back up with David and we talked about our road trips. I was really cool meeting with someone else actually doing a trip. I have met many Rockies fans at away stadiums, but not someone doing a full road trip to many stadiums in a single trip like I do.

After about 2 hours the tarp was removed and they started working on the field.

The Braves finally took the field to resume the first inning. Here is there starting pitcher Eric Junge throws the first pitch to the Indians Chase d’Arnaud. d’Arnaud lead the inning off with a single. He and Yamaico Navarro were the only 2 base runners for the Indians Navarro walked.

Chris Leroux came into pitch the second inning because of the long rain delay. The Indians did not bring Cabrera back out. Leroux sat the braves down in order. The Braves did the same in the 3rd.

Jose Constanza at bat in the 3rd inning. He hit the ball to second and was thrown out at first.

d’Arnaud strikes out for a strike in the 3rd inning. He would actually walk this at bat.

He was thrown out trying to steal second.

Billy Bullock pitched for the Braves in the 4th inning. Here he is warming up in the bullpen.

Starling Marte hits to third for  ground out to lead off the 4th for the Indians once again they would go down in order.

After hitting a single and advancing to third Ruben Gotay gets caught between third and home in the 5th inning. The Braves scored 2 in the inning 2 solo shots by Jordan Parraz and J.C. Boscan. (2-0) Braves

Leroux got pulled out in the 5th. Brian Morris would come into pitch for the Indians.

With runners on in the 5th Morris contributes offensively for the Indians. move 2 runners over. The Indians did not utilize the 2 runners in scoring position and Chase d’Arnaud popped out to short to end the inning for the Indians.

Morris getting out in the 5th inning.

Starling Marte takes a swing in the 6th to get on base. He got on base but Anderson Hernandez was out st second.

Anderson breaking up the double play at second.

Yamaico Navarro takes a swing in the 6th inning.

Matt Hague safely slides into second on a Navarro single.

Adam Russell came in to pitch for the Braves with bases loaded in the 6th.

Jose Morales would hit a single to score Marte and Matt Hague to tie the game at 2.

Marte crossing the plate for the Indians first run.

Eric Fryer would than hit a single to score Yamaico Navario to take the lead 3-2.

Terry Tifee pinch hit for the Braves in the 7th here is d’Arnaud turning a double play to end the 7th.

d’Arnaud slides into third for his 7th inning lead off triple. He would score on a Hernandez fly out (4-2) Indians.

Josh Wilson grounds out for the Braves first out of the 8th inning. Morales was the only runner for the Indians in the 8th he got on base on a walk.

Stephan Gartrell lead off the 9th for the Braves with a single in this photo he is swinging for a strike but did get a single.

Tifee steps on second as the pinch runner for Boscon,  Luis Durango scores at home.

Jay Chapman warms up in the bullpen for the Braves with hopes of the Braves taking the lead and he would pitch in the 9th for the Braves. The Braves did send 9 batters to the plate and score 4 runs to take the lead 6-4.

He did get to pitch the 9th.

Anderson Hernandez swings at a pitch for a strike. He was the last out he grounded out to second.

Chapman would sit the Indians down in order in the 9th and the game was over after a 2 hr. 27 min. rain delay and the game taking 3hrs and 24mins. to play the game ended the Braves Won 6-4. That was the end of the game and my road trip. I hung around a few minutes to see if I could get a ball while they were cleaning the dugout and did not get one. Everyone I asked said they could not touch them including a bat boy. Josh Wilson was the player of the game after he did a post game interview he signed some autographs.

Here he is grabbing a ball from David to sign.

So that was it for the game and my road trip. This was the 4th home team loss I have seen on this trip so the home record was 10 win 4 losses for my trip. Saw some great games. Met many cool people. Like always i would like to thanks everyone that let me stay with them including Amy’s Aunt, Uncles and cousins for getting ticket’s in Arlington and staying with them. To My family all over for letting me stay with them and everything else involved, Eating, driving going to games help with my truck and supporting this trip.

So you ask?  I did mention I got 2 baseballs this game and only mentioned one well after I exited the stadium I walked down S. West street as I was walking I saw something in a bush in the median…

… and there it was the second ball. Who said baseballs don’t grow on trees. It must have been from BP who knows how long it was there but it was my second easter egg of the game. It was a very faded International League ball.

I am now home and after a long 16 and a half hour drive from Indy I got in about 10:30 last night. It took so long today to write this post because ontop of un packing and settle into being home. It was a rough day in Denver and I would like to send my condolences, my heart and prayers for the victims, family, friends and the whole Denver Community that was affected by the shooting during the night at The Aurora Town Center.

Well that’s it for this post and my road trip to use the home record of my trip to sign off 10-4 over and out. I will be back at Coors next week see you there!!!

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The Indians scalp Columbus! Hmm that was not in our History Books.


Columbus Clippers Triple A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians Vs. Indianapolis Indians The Triple A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Victory Field, Indianapolis, Indiana

14th game and 11th stadium this road trip. Can’t forget the 6th state I have seen a baseball game in this trip. I also belive this is my 5oth game of the season. This is the second time I have been to Victory Field the last time was my first road trip in 2010.

Today was a bobble head give away game. We arrived a little after the gates opened and got them. Than we had a little over an hour to game time. usually when they have a bobble game in the Springs or at Coors you have to be there early that was not the case with this stadium. Getting there early gave me time to wander a little around the stadium. I have been there before so it was not all to eventful but I always like to just check out the concourse and things that they have at the stadiums or in this case anything new. They have added a few things since I was last here one was the Captain Morgan Cove in left field and another was the Victory Bell in right.

Here is a look at the concourse from left field.

This stadium does show a little history about the team through the years but not much. Baseball has been played in Indianapolis for 135 years. They have signs throughout the concourse of players that have been Indians and have made it to the big leagues including Harmon Kilabrew, Roger Maris, Ted Beard and Ben Sheets and those are the ones I remember. Other Alumni include Frank Viola, Andrés Galarraga, Marco Scutaro and Andrew McCutchen.

Captain Morgan Cove on the right field concourse.

Here is a look at Victory Field from Left Field.

This is a look towards the outfield from where my seat was located with the huge Marriott across the street.

The Indians starter Rick VanderHurk throwing in the bullpen.

Catcher Tony Sanchez waiting for the throw.

The Indians stretching before the game.

 Rick VanderHurk throwing the first pitch to the Clippers Ezequiel Carrera. Carrera would fly out to left. The next batter Jason Donald would hit a single .

Indians third baseman Brian Friday watches the ball go down the third base line after he made an attempt to dive for a very hard hit ball by the Indians Vinny Rotino.

Jason Donald turns to third after Rotino’s hit. He would score for a quick 1-0 lead for the Clippers.

Matt LaPorta takes a swing for a fly out to right for the 2nd out of the inning. The Indians only let up that one run in the inning.

Clippers starting pitcher T.J. McFarland pitching to the Indians Alex Presley who was on a rehab assignment for the Pirates and is at Coors and actually batting in the 8th inning as I am writing this!!!! Wow even players I saw in the minors are getting to Coors before I am!!! Including Josh Rutledge who was in Tulsa when I was there over 3 weeks ago. Wow it has been a long trip. So back to this game Pressley lead off the game with a single. At Coors he grounded out to Roenicke Who threw to Michael Cuddyer for the out!!!!

Oddly enough he hit one back to the pitcher as well…

…but do to a bad throw to first base he was safe.

The next batter Brandon Boggs did not get so lucky he hit into a double play getting Presley at second and himself at first to end the inning.

Tim Fedroff got on base as the second batter of the 2nd inning for the Clippers.

He would get picked off at first after getting caught off the base. It was a great heads up play by Sanchez behind the plate to get him.

Jeff Clement would start the second inning for the Indians with a single. Than with 2 outs Chase D’Arnaud would hit a double to score him to tie the game at 1.

D’Arnaud stopping at second.

D’Arnaud rounds second on a Anderson Hernandez single to score the Indians second run of the game to take a 2-1 lead.

Hernadez was than caught at third after he tried to go first to third on a wild pitch for the final out of the inning. The Clippers would go down in order in the third for the second inning in a row. this inning they included the whole infield for the 3 outs first grounding out to short, then third and the last to second. Just found that interesting. I know I am seeing way to much baseball when I am looking for unique innings the outs in the first for the Clippers were to all 3 outfielder also!!!!

With one out in the 3rd. Alex Presley hit his second single of the game. He would then score on a Brandon Boggs single.(3-2) Indians.

The Indians would score a 4th run in the 5th inning after a Brian Friday lead off the inning with a single and would score on a Boggs single. (4-2) Indians.

The Clippers would get and additional run on a Russ Canzler 2 out solo home run in the 8th.

Tim Wood warming up in the bullpen in 8th inning. he would be the third pitcher for the Indians. The second was Brian Morris who came in the game in the 7th. Morris pitched the 7th and 8th.

Brandon Boggs got caught stealing second in the 8th inning.

Tom Wood heading to the mound for the 9th inning.

Here he is pitching to the Clippers Tim Fedroff who grounded out for the first out of the inning. Wood did get in trouble in the inning. With 2 outs Luke Carlin hit a single followed by an Ezequil Carrera single with to men on Jason Donald hit a ball to left…

and it looked like pinch runner Trevor Crow headed home to try to tie the game…

…he was tagged for the final out of the game in relief of everybody in the stands. The run would have tied the game and it was so hot we just wanted it over. I attended this game with some of my cousins who live in Indy.

The Indians won this game 4-3.This was the 10th home team win I have seen on this trip.  Home teams are 10-3 with me at the games. I have only seen 3 home team loses, one was the Rangers beating the Rockies, another was the Hickory beating Greensboro and the third was Delmarva at Hickory. Only if the Rockies can do the same when I get back!!

I may hit up another Indians game while I am here in Indy before heading home.

Remember the bobble head I mentioned earlier this is what it looks like.

That is it for this one til next time see ya at a random stadium or when I return to Coors.

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Just a thought: If the Indians Beat Columbus in 1492 we would most likely not have baseball!