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Rox get within one and can’t get the job done!


Diamondbacks vs. Rockies

Game 3 of series.


Before I even arrived at the game the Rockies were down 2-1. I had to work till 7 and the game had a 6:40 start luckily I worked pretty close to the stadium an got to the game in the bottom of the 3rd inning. I did listen to the Bottom of the first on the radio and Gerardo Parra lead the game off with a double and Chris Owings hit a single. Paul Goldschmidt hit a single to score Parra and Owings scored on a Martin Prado sac fly to give the Rockies a 2-0 lead. While I was walking to my car the Rockies came to bat and Charlie Blackmon hit a lead off solo shot. I parked my truck somewhere in the second inning and walked to the stadium and arrived at 7:27, just under 50 minutes after first pitch. The Diamond backs got a third run sometime between me parking and setting up my camera and score sheet not sure where I was when Miguel Montero hit a solo home run for the 3rd run.


After getting my camera together Bronson Arroyo was pitching to D.J. LeMahieu. The Rockies would go down in order for the 3rd inning just like the also did in the 2nd.


Juan Nicasio started for the Rockies. The D’backs scored another run in the 4th inning. David Peralta lead off the 4th with a double and would score 2 batters later on a Chris Owings double that Parra was called out at home for the 3rd out of the inning.  4-1 D’backs.


Arroyo puts down a sac bunt to advance Peralta to second and Peralta stole third.


Troy Tulowitzki hit a double with one out in the 4t but was left on base. Here is Michael Cuddyer arguing a called third strike for the second out of the inning. This is part the teams frustration and I think the overall lack of a consistent strike zone by the umpires.


D.J. LeMahieu hit a single to hit Charlie Culberson from 2nd in the 5th inning. Culberson hit a double with one out to get on base. The Diamondbacks score earlier in the inning and after the Culberson run still had a 5-2 lead.


Juan Nicasio was taken out of the game with 2 runners on base. Peralta on third and Arroyo on first.


Tommy Kahnle  came into pitch for the Rockies he would give up a double to Parra which scored the 2 runners left on base by Nicasio and the D’backs took a 7-2 lead. Tulo would hit a lead off solo home run for a 6th inning Rockies run once again it was a solo shot down by 4 or more runs seems like he hits a lot of home runs in situations like this. The Rockies in general seem to be hitting a lot of solo home runs.

The Rockies did get 3 in the 7th to get them with in 1 run of the D’backs. In the Inning Arroyo was removed from the game and Joe Thatcher and Trevor Cahill pitched the rest of the inning for them.


 Drew Stubbs stealing second base after a legged out single that scored D.J. LeMahieu. for the first of the 3 Rockies runs in the 7th inning.


Tulo scored the Rockies 3rd run of the 7th inning on a Corey Dickerson single.


In the 8th the Rockies bull pen implosion continued when Chris Martin who was just recalled from the Springs came into pitch. he gave up 2 runs an a Chris Owings home run.


Brandon Barnes got another Rockies run in the 8th inning, when he came into pinch hit in the pitchers spot. He hit a fly ball to center field and hit an inside the park home run.


The Diamondbacks still had a 9-7 lead.

The Diamondbacks would score another 3 runs off of Adam Ottavino in the 9th.He has been pretty solid pitching this year but it looks like he caught the bad pitching virus that has infected the Bullpen the last few weeks.

So that is it for this one the Rockies got swept by the Diamondbacks at home. The final was 12-7.

The Rockies take on the Dodger this weekend and we see the Eddie Butler debut which I will have photos of and a post for the game since it was played before I wrote this one!!!!!

A little behind!



Rex is a mess and the Killer B’s put the Rockies in the hole.


Diamondbacks vs. Rockies

My 25th game of the year at Coors.



Jordan Lyles started the game for the Rockies, after bringing Didi Gregorius to a full count he threw a fast ball that landed in the Rockies bullpen for a 1-0 Diamondbacks lead. The Diamondbacks would score 3 in the first. Then 1 in the 3rd. There are no photos of the first few innings because of the rain. I did not sit under a over hang but did pot the camera away. Lyle’s pitched  4 innings and Franklin Morales pitched the 5th and 6th. He was moved into the bullpen after not succeeding as a starter. He probably pitched better those 2 inning than in most of his starts. He helped offensively also in his 5th inning at bat, he walked to start the inning for the Rockies.


He advanced to second on a Charlie Blackmon infield single to short that was bobbled at second.


Corey Dickerson followed Blackmon with a single.


.Troy Tulowitzki actually got a clutch hit, a double that scored Morales and Blackmon to cut the D’backs lead to 4-2.


Blackmon slides into home for the Rockies second run after Maorales scored on the Tulo 5th. inning double.


Michael Cuddyer hit a blooper to shallow right field that scored Dickerson and Tulo to tie the game at 4.


Tulo slides into home and the play was reviewed but the call on the field stood and he was safe.


Tulo showing human emotion beside frustration!


Morales pitching in the 6th inn for the Rockies, He did give up a single but then the defense this inning was all courtesy of Blackmon in center field. The next 3 batters all flew out to him and the Rockies got out of the inning.


Boone Logan started the 7th inning for the Rockies and after striking out Gregourios and walking Gerrado Parra, Adam Ottavino came into to finish the inning for the Rockies, but not without a little damage when Parra scored on a Miguel Montero single to give the D’backs a 5-4 lead.


The Rockies had another productive inning in the 7th after Tulo lead-off the inning with a single this time he was out at home 5 batters later for the second out of the inning.


With 2 outs and a single by D.J. LeMahieu the Rockies would get 2 runs with Michael Cuddyer and Wilin Rosario scoring.


The Rockies would have a 8-5 lead.

Unfortunately Rex Brother came in and pitched the 8th inning and was a complete mess and this game turned into a complete train wreck in the inning Rex gave up 4 consecutive singles and then walked in the D’backs 7th run. After the walk Nick Masset came into the game and immediately gave up a double to Paul Goldschmidt to score the 2nd run of the inning. The D’backs got a total of 5 runs in the inning. If that was not bad enough Matt Belisle pitched the 9th and honestly he should be sitting next to Rex on the bus to the Springs. Once 2/3rds of the killer B’s, they are now the Rockies killer B’s. They are responsible for 10 runs combined this game, so yes that is 5 runs for the D’backs in the 9th inning as well and a 16-8 lead for the D’backs. The bullpen is more like bull Shit and I think there needs to be many changes if the Rockies ever want to win a game. I know they are burnt out because the starters can’t stay in games but we at least need guys to give the team a fighting chance, the offense give 2 4 run rallying inning and then the other team triples their score in 2 innings. It was great to see great baseball destroyed by a warn out bull pen. End of rant. So the final was 16-8 D’backs.

That is it for this one hopefully things will improve or this season my once again be a waist by the all-Star break. I know it is a long season but the hole this team is getting them selves into my be to deep to dig out of.

So that is it for this one. Not sure if there will be a post for the 3rd game of this series because I will be getting to the game about an hour late. I am hoping for a rain delay!!!!


Road whoa’s follow Rockies back to Coors!


Arizona Diamondbacks Vs. Colorado Rockies

My 24th’ish game at Coors actually 23 and 2/3rds considering the last Giants game needs to be continued and is tied at 2 in the 6th.

This is the first game back at Coors in a week and a half. After a very poor road trip so we were looking for something good to lift the team moral being at home. They were 2-7 on the road this last trip that brought them to Atlanta, Philly and Cleveland.

Today at batting practice was not too bad for me I got 2 baseballs one that was hit by Cuddy and I got after it bounced around the concourse and a vendor picked it up and tossed it to me. The second was a Easter Egg, I was heading over by the third base dugout and as I was walking over there a good 5 to 10 minutes after the rest of the stadium opened and it was sitting in the middle of an isle. So that brings my total for the year to 10 baseballs. 8 at Coors, 2 at Kaufman. Not the best year so far for getting baseballs. Considering the amount of batting practices I have attended this season.

Today I had a different view I sat in the front row of the pavilions which I have done before but not recently.


Jorge De La Rosa was the staring pitcher for the Rockies for this game it was by far not his best start of the season he immediately started the game by walking the Diamondbacks first batter Gerardo Parra on 4 pitches. Aaron Hill followed up with a single. After a line out to Charlie Culberson at third by Martin Prado Miguel Montero popped out and Cody Ross  hit into a force out getting Hill out at second it was a rough inning but he did get out of it.

Chase Anderson started for the Diamondbacks he also started the game with a walk to Charlie Blackmon. Michael Cuddyer flew out to left field and Justin Morneau would hit a ground ball that got past the infield but it looked like Blackmon thought the ball was caught by the Diamondback’s second baseman  and he did not run to second, the ball then was thrown in from the outfield and he was out at second for the second out of the inning.


The out at second.
IMG_5238With one out in the second the D’backs got their first hit of the game a triple hit by Chris Owings that was hit to the gap between Carlos Gonzalez in left and Blackmon in center. Owings was tagged out at home on a hit by Ender Inciarte for the second out of the inning.


Charlie Culberson came up in the 2nd inning for the Rockies and hit a triple with Wilin Rosario on first.


Wilin appeared to score the Rockies first run of the game.


The call was overturned and he was called out at home it appeared that Montero tagged him before he had touched home. That was the second out of the inning. Culberson as left on base and the game was scoreless after 2.

The scoreless part remained till the 4th inning when the D’backs scored 3 on 2 solo home runs 1 by Nick Evans and Chris Owings. Ender Inciarte hit a single with no outs and would advance and score before the inning was over.

The Rockies would get their first run in the game in the 5th when D.J. LeMahieu hit a solo home run which was about a half section and 10 rows up from where I was sitting. 3-1 D’backs.


Corey Dickerson came into the game for Carlos Gonzalez in the 6th inning.


After Jorge pitched a complete 7 inning, Rex Brother came into pitch the 8th inning. He would give up 2 hits both a doubles the first to David Peralta  and the second 2 batters later to Chris Owings to score Peralta. 4-1 D’backs. Chris Owings was a single short of hitting the cycle. Peralta replaced Ross in left in the 7th. Jorge gave up 7 hits and 3 runs walking 3 and had no strike outs. He threw 99 pitches. Later in the game he seemed to get things together and kept his pitch count O.K. I would have liked to see him come out and pitch the 8th. But he was replaced in the 7th offensively, but I think even if his at bat did not come up he was coming out of the game.


La Troy Hawkins pitched the 9th for the Rockies and had a very quick 1,2,3 inning but then again any 1,2,3 inning for him is very quick. He did it on 11 pitches usually that is the amount of pitchers he throws to one batter! O.k. maybe not but he does run very high pitch counts for a closer throwing 1 inning. I have seen many high 20 pitch count innings and remember a 35 pitch inning and he still got the save in that one.


Tulo throws to Justin Morneau at first to get Aaron Hill out to end the 9th.

The Rockies came up in the 9th and Tulo hit his lead off solo home run to bring the score to 4-2 D’backs Corey Dickerson would hit a single and remain on base.


The game ended with a strike out looking by D.J. LeMahieu who was not happy about the strike call and argued the strike call but the game was over and that was it. The Rockies fall for the 5th straight game and are now 28-29 1 game below .500 and 8.5 games behind the Giants and are now in 3rd place in the N.L. West.

I will be at Coors most of this home stand I know I will be late to Thursday’s game and not sure if I will bring camera to a few games. just want to travel light for a few!

I am also starting to put together my plan for the 2014 Road Trip which will be From the All-Star break till the first week in Aug. I will be hit up some of the perennial favorite spots and getting in many places I have not been before including 2 MLB parks and the New Charlotte ballpark. More info to come in the next few weeks.

See You at Coors.


Three in a row was just a no go!


Diamondbacks Vs. Rockies

Game 3 of series and of the year!


This being a Sunday there was no bating practice so I still have not gotten a baseball this year! It was the first autograph Sunday of the year and the signers where Chad Bettis, Jordan Lyles, Tyler Chatwood and Charlie Culberson. I got Jordan Lyle on both of my team projects the 16 x 20 and the Spring training magazine. Later at the wall I got Chad Bettis in the magazine as well. So making some progress with the 2 projects.


Today Brett Anderson started for the Rockies this was his second start of the season and first at Coors.


He started out well getting the first 2 batters out in the inning he threw 3 pitches between them. Then Paul Goldschmidt hit a single followed by a Martn Prado double, Mark Trumbo was walked to load the bases and Anderson struck out Miguel Montero to end the inning and work himself out of the situation.

The above photo was the first out of the inning A.J. Pollack grounded out to Arenado who tossed to Cuddy at first.


Wade Miley was the starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks.


Charley (Chuck Nasty) Blackmon started the game off like he has all weekend and that was with a single that he was originally called out and Walt went for the challenge in the first at bat of the game.


Blackmon standing on 1st as the play is reviewed by umpires. The call was overturned and was ruled a single. That was the first review of a play in Coors Field.


He would then be out at second when Michael Cuddyer hit to the D’backs short stop Chris Owings.


The D’backs started getting some runs in the third inning. A.J Pollach started the rally with a lead off single and that was followed by a Aaron Hill single and both scored on a Paul Goldschmidt hit to third that was and error on Arenado and the ball headed to left field. Goldschmidt ended up on second. (2-0) D’backs

The D’backs scored 1 more in the 4th when Wade Miley contributed with a single scoring Owings and 2 in the 5th on a Mark Trumbo home run. This was his 4th consecutive game hitting a homer and his 5th of the year.

IMG_1003 The Rockies did score a run in the 5th. after Wilin Rosario started the inning with a double advanced to third on a wild pitch and scored on a Drew Stubbs sac-fly to right field.

The Rockies scored again in the 7th, scored by Troy Tulowitzki on a Nolan Arenado sac-fly to center. They got a third in the 9th (5-3) D’backs


Cargo scored the run. Above he stole second and the ball headed into center field and he would head to third and scored when Rosario would hit into a double play getting Tulo out at second and himself at first. After Arenado flew out the game ended and the 3 runs was not enough to sweep the Diamondbacks this Opening Weekend.

The Rockies will have their first interleague series of the year against the White Sox Monday-Wednesday.

See You at Coors!

Jorge implodes and Nolan explodes!


Diamondbacks vs. Rockies

Game 2 of series.


Arrived a little late so did not go to batting practice today. Did go down to get autographs right after gates opened and did not get any Charlie Blackmon, Corey Dickerson, Nolan Arenado, Charlie Culberson and Chad Bettis all signed to day I did not get any autos the only person I had a chance to get was Blackmon but did not have anything for him. The rest signed for awhile but did not make it to where I was.

Jorge De La Rosa was the starting pitcher for the Rockies and made the game interesting kind of quick. After striking out the first 2 batters you would think he has this…. Then he walked Paul Goldschmidt followed by Martin Prado hitting a double to score Goldschmidt.


The Diamondbacks scored 1 run in the inning. Jorge also walked Mark Trumbo in the inning. He did end the inning with a strike out but he did allow the 1 run and throw 42 pitches in the inning 13 to the first 2 batters and 10 to Miguel Montero before striking him out to end the inning.

Charlie Blackmon lead off the inning with his 7th consecutive hit in this series and is now 7 for 7 at home this year.

Jorge pitching did not improve in the 2nd but he did throw less pitches (19) and the D’backs did get a second run. The implosion continued in the 3rd inning when he gave up 2 more runs and threw 18 pitches for a 3 inning total of a lot! I mean 79 pitches. Which is horrendous on Avg. most pitches get out of inning with 15 or so.


After getting it together in the 4th he only threw 13 pitches and sat the D’backs batter down in order and did not give up another run. But he was now over a 100 pitches after 4. He was removed with 1 out in the 5th after walking Goldschmidt for the second time this game. He threw 101 pitches in les than 5 innings.

The Rockies did get on the bord in the 4th with 3 runs 2 on a Michael Cuddyer home run with Carlos Gonzalez on base and the third on Nolan Arenado’s solo home run 2 batters later. (4-2) D’backs


Tommy Kahnle came into pitch for the Rockies in the 5th and retired the 2 batters he faced in the inning. He did continue to pitch the 6th inning and very well only giving up 1 hit to Gerrado Parra.


The Rockies did get it going again in the 5th at the plate and scored 2 to take the lead 5-4. After Kahnle batted for himself and got out, who else but Charlie Blackmon lead the charge. with a single and scored on a D.J. Lemahieu single.


 D.J. would then score on a Cargo single (5-4) Rox

Most importantly Cuddy got the call right in the on deck circle!!!

Nolan Arenado added an additional run with a second homerun in the 6th. (6-4) Rox


The D’backs   Ryan Rowland-Smith pitched the 7th inning. Brandon Barnes who pinched hit for the pitchers spot is on third with Charlie Blackmon on first. (I use pitched lightly considering most of his throws in the inning was to Goldschmidt at first It was close to eight throws to first in the inning) Barnes would eventually score and the Rockies lead would increase to 7-4.


The play that Barnes scored on was a ball hit deep to right by D.J. LeMahieu which looked like it was going to get out but was caught Charly Blackmon was about 1/3 of the way between 2nd and 3rd when the ball was caught and tried to beat the ball back to first, he did not quite make it back and was doubled up. Can’t complain since he was 8 for 9 in the last 2 games at this point.


Justin Morneau crossed the plate for the 8th Rockies run of the game in the 8th inning on a Arenado double. So Arenado was 3 for 4 tonight with 2 homers, a double and 3 RBI’s


LaTroy Hawkins came in for the close in the 9th.


With 2 outs A.J. Pollack hit a ball to Arenado at 3rd…


…he than threw across the field to Morneau at first….


..which bounced and…


.. got away from Morneau. Pollack got and base.


LaTroy was able to get Aaron Hill to fly out to left to end the game and the Rockies won 9-4. Nice start to the home season. The Rockies are still 3-3 on the year. Today if they sweep the D’backs they will be a over .500 team for the first time since mid last season!IMG_0885Nolan Arenado who was the player of the game high-five manager Walt Weiss after the win!

Also Tommy Kahnle got the win which was his first in the Majors Congratulations  to him for getting the game back in control and his first win.

That is it for this one.

See You at Coors.


Rockies split a split sqaud double header.


Salt River Fields @ Talking Stick


Game 1 Reds vs. Rockies

Game 2 Diamondbacks Rockies


So once again the day started early first I got up before 6 and started the post from the day before than I had to get ready to get to the stadium and got there probably a little after 9. I met up with EB who only need 1 person to get to sign a baseball to get the 40 man roster and I am not sure who he needed!!!!!


I think it was Jorge or Jhoulys or some possibly Boone Logan not quit sure!

Mary was hanging out before work and took a photo next to the fence she has been asking for since Salt River Fields opened in 2011.


This year the added it! We now call it Mary’s fence!


The pitchers were out throwing some bullpens that is Christian Friedrick and  Boone Logan on the mound.


Christian Friedrick throwing.


While we were waiting for players to get done we had a catch of our own. (Photo Courtesy of Mom)


The Rockies this year are having and autograph table on the concourse the signers today were Dustin Garneau and Rex Brothers.


Today Jared and Rachel were at Salt River Fields the came down yesterday and was at the Rockies vs. Cubs. Here is a photo of Jared with Mom.


It was an OK day for autographs here is Charlie Blackmon signing.


Brett Anderson was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. Here he is pitching to the Reds lead-off batter Brandon (touched my ball) Phillips. Explanation: Last year at the World Baseball Classic Brandon was signing autographs and I threw my ball to him he missed it and it fell in the dugout so he signed another autograph or so, picked up my baseball and tossed it back without signing it! Here is a link to that original post: http://roxaddict.mlblogs.com/2013/03/14/world-baseball-classic-usa-vs-italy/   

Since one of my awesome friends got me a autographed ball this year!

So Phillips lead off by grounding out to 3rd. Than Ramon Santiago hit a single. Anderson than struck out Joey Votto followed by Ryan Ludwick grounded out.


Mike Leake was the starting pitcher for the Reds. Charlie Blackmon grounded out by hitting back to Leake. Charlie Culberson got on base by hittin a single. Michael Cuddyer would fly out to right and the inning would end when Culberson did not get back to first and ended the inning for the Rockies.


The Reds got on the board in the 2nd. Chris Heisey started the inning with a double and scored on a  Devin Mesoraco sac fly to right field and Heisey scored (1-0) Reds


Matt McBride trying to leg out a hit during his second inning at bat. he was the second out of the inning.


Josh Rutledge taking a pitch for a ball during his at bat.


Jason Pridie takes a lead off second base he was the only Rockies runner in the second inning.


Josh Rutledge also trying to leg out a hit during his 2nd inning at bat. He was out and ended the inning.


The Rockies score their first run in the 3rd inning. D.J.eMahieu lead off the 3rd with a walk and scored on a Charlie Culberson double to left. This run tied the game at 1. The above is a photo of Michael Cuddyer taking a swing that ended up flying out to center field to end the 3rd inning.


Sam LeCure was the second pitcher of the game for the Reds he pitched the 4th inning for them.

The Rockies did pick up and additional run in the 5th inning. Once again LeMahieu would get on base to lead off the inning this time with and single and scored on a single by Charlie Blackmon. (2-1) Rockies


Wilin Rosario scores the Rockies 3rd run of the game. Wilin hit a single to get on base and scored on Matt McBride single. (3-1) Rockies


Louisville Bats Legend Corky Miller in the 7th inning. I saw that somewhere I did not make up the Louisville Bats Legend! I have seen him play in Louisville 2 years ago on my road trip. He grounded out in the inning.


Jordan Pacheco field a softly hit ball by Roger Berndina for the second out of the 7th inning.


Matt McBride makes the grab at first for the Berdina out.


Adam Ottavino pitching in the 8th inning.


Tyler Matzek came into the game to pitch in the 9th inning. The first batter he pitched to and walked was Chris Nelson. Nelson is an invitee for the Reds this year after being with the Rockies, Yankees and Angels last season.


Matzek walked 4 consecutive batters the third batter he walked was Louisville Bats Legend Corky Miller! OK that is it for the use of that dead horse!

IMG_9502After the 4th walk which scored Nelly for the Red second run of the game.


Matzek was than removed from the game. He has been known to have control issue through his Minor League career, But when he is on he can be totally lights out. Not this day.


The Rockie got out of the inning with a double play. Here is Rosell Herrera turning the double play at second.

That was the end of the game and the Rockies won this one 3-2. After this game we had to leave the stadium and get ready for the second game of the day at Salt River Fields. Between games I headed to the Diamondbacks side to watch their batting practice. I go to that side because there major league practice field is more accessible than the Rockies side. After dropping my bag off I headed back to my car to get some stuff for the Diamond backs to sign. Along the way I found and Easter egg. That was the 4th ball of the trip. I got back just in time for the end of the Diamond backs BP and was able to get Marc Trumbo to sign a card and Martin Prado.

After meeting back up with EB we headed back into the stadium.


Before the game I was able to get some more autos on my team project and in my Spring Training magazine. The signers on the concourse were Mike McHenry and Gregg Burke. I had McHenry sign a locker tag that I got at Fanfest from last year when he was with the Pirates. I was also able to get Nolan Arenado on a ball that he tossed up last year that I caught during warm ups.


 The Second game was against the Diamondbacks. I did not really take many photos this game I think I took a total of 31 photos the whole game slightly because I was tired and second every now and than I just want to hang out and watch a game which is what I may try to do this year every few games so may not be posting every game I am at this year.


Pedro Hernandez was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. He allowed 1 hit in the 1st it was a double by Aaron Hill.


Wade Miley was the starting pitcher for the Rockies.

The Diamondbacks got on the board in the 3rd inning with a solo shot by Aaron Hill. They scored a second run in the 4th inning. Martin Prado scored on a Chris Owing single.


Tulo leaving the game after being hit by a pitch in the 4th inning. He left the game because his pride was hurt and sent for X-Rays and they have came back negative, negative for a heart, brain or personality!


The Rockies first run came in the 5th inning when Michael McHenry hit a double scoring  Paul Janish.

IMG_9561He look Cargo!!!! He played this game he went 0-3

putting together this post for 3 hours and need to get functioning!

Another great day at the ballpark.

The next game will be at Phoenix Municipal when the Rockies play the A’s.

See you around Phoenix halfway through this trip!


Sell outs and shuts for day 2.


Day 2


So today we started off at the Cubs new Ballpark in Mesa. The Rockies were there so I arrived early to check out the complex and see if I could snag some baseballs or get some autographs. IMG_9096While walking from the parking lot to the practice fields which are past the stadium from the parking lot. I took some photos of the outside one display showed the different Cubs logos. Others were of baseball cards of recent players.


This is the clubhouse. It is a free standing building. It is a couple of hundred feet from the stadium.

the practice fields are on the opposite side of this building from the stadium. It is very spread out here and it takes a little walk from the parking for the stadium to get to the practice fields.

IMG_9107Here is a look at the minor league training area. Some players doing some stretching.


I like being on the minor league practice fields because you get really close to what is going on.

IMG_9120You can get some detailed shots outside the actual game. Like this creative BnW to show off the mad photo skillz!


The players walk from the clubhouse to the stadium.


After checking out the complex I headed over to get tickets for the game and it was completely sold out. So now to figure out what to do. I figure well this stadium will be here a bunch of years and I will most likely be at spring training again. So I had to figure out a new plan.

IMG_9140So I decided to head to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick and check out the Diamondbacks game they were playing the Indians. So when I headed over to the ticket window there it said there were only lawn tickets left which was fine because that’s what I always get. This whole season has been very busy for the stadiums and they have been having very good crowds. I have not seen this in previous years at any stadium. Especially for day game during the week.

So onto the Indians Vs. the Diamondbacks.

IMG_9139Here is Indians manager and Terry Francona  exchanging lineups and talking to umpire Jim Joyce.


Trevor Cahill was the starting pitcher for the D’backs.


The Indians Michael Bourn lead off the inning with a single followed by a single by Asdrubal Cabrera. Jason Kipnis hit into a double play getting Cabrera out at second and himself out at first. Bourn advanced to third. Michael Brantley flew out to end the inning for the Indians.


Justin Masterson was the starting pitcher for the Indians. He got out of the inning throwing three pitchers, Wow first pitch swing D’backs! He would pitch 4 and 2/3 inning only allowing 2 runners both hit by a pitch.

The Indians would score the first run of the game in the 3rd. Yan Gomes scored on a David Adams sac fly to right field. Which resulted into a double play getting Jeff Francoeur out at first because he did not tag up and that ended the inning.

IMG_9177Mark Trumbo batting in the 2nd inning for the Diamondbacks. He went 0-3 striking out twice in the game.


Masterson pitching to Shelley Duncan in the 3rd inning. He was the second batter hit by Masterson. He would get out trying to steal second during Matt Tuiasosopo at bat.


Lonnie Chisenhall hit a 2 run home run this is the ball going out in right field 3-0 Indians.


Martin Prado gets the Diamondbacks first hit of the game in the 5th inning off the Indians Cody Ryan. The Indians would score 2 in the 5th, Francisco Lindor hit a double to get on base and would score on a Cabrera ground rule double. (5-1) Indians


He would eventually score the D’backs first run on a Tuiasosopo single.


Josh Collmenter pitching for the D’backs in the 8th inning for the D’backs.


I believe this is Chuck Taylor taking a lead at first after walking in the 5th inning.

IMG_9274The Indians would score 2 more runs in the 9th and win the game 7-1. This was a pretty good game with very good pitching by the Indians and 4 no hit inning (except the hit batters!) by Masterson who was announced as the Indians opening day Starter.

So as I was watching this game the Rockies shut out the Cubs 13-0 and hit 4 home runs.

Also if any body is wonder I got 3 baseballs Monday night at the Diamondbacks batting practice on the practice fields, 1 catch, 1 roller and an Easter egg.  I had2 of the autographs by Marc Trumbo and Archie Bradley. Bradley is a very high prospect in the Diamondback organization and is rank as the 25th best prospect in all of baseball.

Well that is it for day 2.

Day 3 I will be back at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick for possible 2 games as the Rockies have a split double header. I will definitely be at the day game still pondering the second.

Well See you around.

Nicasio bitten by the snakes!

Diamondbacks vs. Rockies
Game 3 of series.

My (70thgame at Coors this year. 80th with road trip and 83rd with the Springs.
Juan Nicasio was started for the Rockies this game. He had a really good 1st inning getting the Diamondbacks out in order.
Charlie Blackmon kept up his hitting ways this game after being named National League player of the week for the previous week, with a single.

He did get out at second on a D.J. Lemahieu hit back to the the pitcher Patrick Corbin.
d.j. LeMahieu would get picked of on a steal attempt that was a throw over to 1st as he was going and than tagged out at second for the second out of the inning.
The second inning was not as good for Nicasio the first 2 batters of the inning would get on base. Aaron Hill would hit a single and Miguel Montero would walk.

Hill scored on a Gerrado Parra double and Montero and Parra scored on a Chris Owings double to give the D’backs a 3-0 lead.
Owings scored on a bunt single by Adam Eaton that would give the D’backs a 4-0 lead.


 Took a quick lap around Coors in the 2nd inning. Here is Adam Eaton going for a Helton fowl ball in the inning which he missed. He came close but think he ran out of room.


Jeff Francis came into pitch in the 3rd inning. Juan Nicasio only went 2 1/3 giving up 7 hits for 7 runs with 2 walks and a strike out. Not his most stellar performance think this is the worst I have seen him pitch since returning to from the Springs after being sent down after a very bad outing in Boston back in June.


Todd Helton lead off the 4th with what else but a double. He would score on Yorvit Torrealba single for the Rockies 2nd run of the game and the D’backs still had a 7-2 lead.


Helton did it once again in the 5th this time for 2 runs scoring Troy Tulowitzki and Charlie Culberson. (7-4) D’backsIMG_6764

The Rockies scored their 5th run of the game when Nolan Arenado started the 8th inning off with  double. He would score in the inning (7-5) D’Backs.


Aaron Hill started the 9th inning with a single hit to Arenado at 3rd base that was pretty much and out. This was the first time I have see Helton get mad at a call. He actually started arguing the call with first base umpire Chad Fairchild.


Walt Weiss came out of the dugout and got between Helton and Fairchild.

From where I was it looked like the ball beat Hill by a step or so, but he was called safe. After this the Rockies could not recover and ended up with a disastrous inning. The next batter Miguel Montero was walked and Matt Davidson hit a 3 run home run.


The Rockies tried to get things going in the 9th down by 8 runs. here is Jordan Pacheco pinch hitting in the inning and he hit a RBI single.


Nolan Arenado stepping on home after the Pacheco single.


Yorvit Torrealba rounding third after a Charlie Blackmon single, Yorvit scored and that was the Rockies 4th and final run of the inning. The Rockies did loos e this one 13-9. Blackmon had another good night he was 3 for 6 with a RBI.

Jersey mix up and the Rockies could not catch up a short look at Saturdays game!


Diamondbacks vs. Rockies



Before the game Jerry Weinstein and Jordan Pacheco came out wearing there home white pinstriped uniforms ass the rest of the team started milling about in the dugout we noticed that they were all wearing the purple jerseys.


So Charlie Blackmon came out to inform them of this.


When Colin McHugh headed out for warm ups he brought Pacheco the correct jersey!


A few minute later a club house guy brought Jerry his. I know this is so riveting!


After all the Jersey mishaps were fixed it was time to play some baseball. Colin McHugh beside being the jersey runner he was also the starting pitcher.

After getting the Diamondbacks Adam Eaton out with a fly ball to left. Willie Bloomquist hit a single and scored on a Martin Prado double. (1-0) D’backs.


Todd Helton hit a single of the 4th and scored on a Jordan Pacheco sac fly to right.

(6-1) D’backs.


Kirk Gibson came out to the mound in the 6th to take Trevor Cahill who started for them out of the game. Josh Collmenter came into pitch for the D’backs.

The Rockies did get a second run in the inning to make the score 6-2.

Colin McHugh pitched 5 complete giving up all 6 runs and 11 hits, one that was the 3 run home run to Davidson in the 3rd. On a positive note (sense the sarcasm arriving) he did not walk any batters!!!

So this game was done after the Rockies 6th inning run. They lost this one 6-2 and the most interesting part of the game was Pacheco and Jerry Weinstein warming up in the wrong uniforms. WOW it has been a long season.

So that is it for this game just 3 left for the season. Which I am trying to catch up.

I was there for all 3 and there are some great photos coming from the last 2.

I may not post about the September 22 game but still trying to figure out if I really need too!!!

Thanks for checking out the blog!!!!

Chacin lights the fuse for the Rockies fireworks!


Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies

My 67th game at Coors this year.

Today I headed to Coors straight from work and did not realize that this was a 6:10 game and I walked into Coors at 5:55. I had to work till 5 and thought it was a 6:40 game. So did not get to BP and did not get autographs.


Jhoulys Chacin as the starting pitcher for the Rockies he did not have a great start. Adam Eaton started the game with a triple and A.J. Pollack followed that with a home run.

IMG_6335The Diamondbacks took a quick 2-0 lead with the Pollack home run.


Randall Delgado was the starting pitcher for the Diamondbacks. He faced 6 Rockies batters in the first 2 innings. The only base runner was Troy Tulowitzki in the 2nd. The D’backs ended the inning when Jordan Pacheco hit into a double play.


Jhoulys took offensive matters into his own hands and hit a 2 run home run to tie the game at 2. this was his first MLB and pro home run. He is batting just under .200 this season has 7 RBI’s and a double.

The Rockies did not score again till another home run in the 6th it was a Charlie Blackmon solo shot to lead off the 6th inning.


Blackmons home run was followed up by a Corey Dickerson home run 2 batters later. Dickersons was a 3 run home run and the Rockies had a 5-2 lead.


Todd Helton hit his 589th double in the 6th as well. He would score on a Charlie Culberson single for the 4th run of the inning and a 6-2 lead.

The D’backs got a third run in the top of the 7th. (6-3) Rox


Troy Tulowitzki did not want to left out and hit a home run of his own in the 7th. Scoring Blackmon and himself to give the Rockies a 8-3 lead.


Tulo runs the base’s as the fans cheer after his 7th inning home run. For those keeping track this is Tulo’s 24th home run of the season.

In the 9th inning we started heading out to the Pavilion’s so we could head down to the field for the post game fire works. Here is a photo of Manny Corpas pitching in the inning.  he was the Rockies 4th pitcher of the game Chacin pitched 6 full innings. He allowed 2 runs on 6 hits he did not strike out a batter and walked 5. beside the number he worked well and got out of inning, plus he hit a home run so that erased the runs allowed to give the Rockies a chance for the win. Mitchell Boggs, Matt Belilse and Manny all pitched 1 inning a piece.

The Rockies did get a 9th and final run in the 8th inning and won this game 9-4. The D’backs scored the 4th run in the 9th.

So after the game thanks to Geoff I was able to head down and watch the fireworks from the field.

I went down to the field and watched the fireworks with E2themnfnB, Tara and Rachel or as I called them me on field fireworks runnin’ crew!!!

Here are 2 photos of the fireworks.


This was the first photo I took and one of the best of the night!


That is it for this fireworks packed night at Coors.

This was fan appreciation night fireworks night and I would like to thank the reader and everyone who has followed me and made this blog a success for the last 3 seasons. Thanks for making my blog what it is with out many people this could not happen.

Thanks for being a part of it. Not sure if I have mentioned it but the Rox Addict Blog was 29th for the month of August on MLB Blogs. This was the highest I have ever made on the list!

Thanks again See You at Coors!