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The Knights gets some runs on the Bulls.


Durham Bulls vs. Charlotte Knight

BB&T Ball Park Charlotte, N.C.

The Knights are the triple A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox and the Bulls are the affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.


This was the first game I attended at this stadium, but it is not the first time I have seen it. I have actually seen this stadium being built-in various stages in 2012 I was in Charlotte the day they set the plate and broke down and last year I was there just about halfway through the construction.

The above photo is behind home plate and is not an entrance.


This is a look at it from across the street last year during the construction.


On the outside of the stadium down the third base line the have kind of tribute to the history of baseball in Charlotte. Starting with this mural of Latta Park. I tried finding info on this stadium but could not find anything beside that it is a park in Charlotte. If anybody knows any info or has photos of it please contact me would like to learn more about it.


The photo pretty much give much of the info about the team name and the years that baseball was played there. From the little bit of info I could find on this one I believe it was the stadium that the first integrated baseball game was played in North Carolina. If any body does have info once again please let me know.


This was the stadium used before they built the Charlotte Knights stadium before the last one in Fort Mills.


The last was the Knights stadium that I already mentioned. I still think it looked like a prison. I have seen 3 games there in 2011 all three was against the Bulls. so this is the 4th knights game I have seen and the played the Bulls every time I have seen games there.


This is a photo of the entire wall during construction.

IMG_9988 This is a look of the out side of the stadium looking from the out field to the direction of home plate. again this was from last year.


Here is a look at the same wall from home plate to the out field from this year with the stadium complete.


This is the right field stadium entrance. IMG_4172This is what it looks like now. This is the entrance I entered the stadium at.

Before I show those I have a few more from outside with the progress from last year to the complete stadium.


This is where the left field entrance is now.


Now into the stadium. I will insert different photos threw out the game as I moved around with photo from during the construction.


Charlotte Knight banners on light pole outside of stadium.


This is what the end of the seats look like. this is a feature not many people really notice about a stadium.


A look at the field and sky line from slightly behind home plate. IMG_4252

Players from both teams lined up along their respective lines during the National Anthem.

Now it was time to play ball.


Chris Beck started the game for the Knights and he pitched very well through the first 2 innings. he sat the Bulls down in order in the 1st. and 2nd. inning striking out 3 in the 2 innings.


Merril Kelly started for the Bulls I saw him pitch in relief in Durham and also in the triple A All Star game. He did get the Knights first batter of the game out and then the second batter Marcus Semien hit a triple to get on base. IMG_4304Jordan Danks would follow that up with a single that scored Siemien and put the Knights on the board with a 1-0 lead. Josh Phegley hit into a double play to end the inning. with 2 outs in the 2nd the Knights threatened to score again.


Michael Taylor started with a single and Dan Black followed with a single. Kelly struck out Blake Tekotte to end the inning and the Knights left 2 runners on.


After pitching a perfect 2 innings Kelly gave up a hit to the Bulls Ray Olmedo got a single. He would advance from 1st. to 3rd. on a passed ball and then score on a balk by Kelly. That is a rough way to give up a run and that tied the game at 1.


Olemedo sliding into third after the passed ball.


It was close but he was safe.


In the bottom of the third the Knights would score 2 runs on a very interesting call. With Danks on second after a 2 out double. Phegley would come out and hit the ball deep to right center.


Now I was not able to tell if the ball hit the rail or the wall.


They stopped him at second and then reviewed the play. I did not know there was a review in triple a.

IMG_4404After the Umps discussed the play it was ruled a home run and Phegley proceeded around the bases and the Knights took a 3-1 lead.


 In the 4th inning I took a quick walk around the stadium. This is a look from right center during Wilson Betemit at bat.


He ended the inning with this fly out to Taylor in right.


This is a look of the stadium from what know is around center field. This photo was taken either over or through the fence from the street.


Matt Davidson grounds out in the 4th inning.


Ali Solis gets a double in the 5th inning.


He was safe on the slide.


He would score on a Olmedo single 2 batters later.


That gave the Bulls their second run of the game. The Knights still held a 3-2 lead.


Siemien hit a solo homer in the bottom of the 5th to extend the Knights lead to 4-2.


The Knights also have their own creepy mascot race and this one was not so bad. It is Jerry the Jester who is in the lead in this one, king Mecklenberg and Queen Charlotte all character having to do with Charlottes history (somewhat) I know Queen Charlotte is, Mecklenberg is the name of the county the city of Charlotte is in. So Jerry was winning till the Knights mascot knocked him down and King Charlotte won. He leads the season with 22 wins closely followed by Queen Charlotte with 21 and Jerry the Jester has 10.


The Bulls brought in their second pitcher of the night Doug Mathis in in the 6th inning. Merril gave up 4 runs on 7 hits in his 5 innings of work. He did strike out 5 and walked 1.

IMG_4582The Knights brought in a second pitcher in the 6th inning as well Matt Zeleski. Chris Beck their starter went 5 giving up 2 runs on 5 hits and did not allow a hit till the 3rd. He struck out 5 and walked 1 also. Zeleski pitched 2 inning holding the Bulls and allowing only 1 hit.


Jarrett Casey pitched the top of the 9th for them.


Casey did give up one hit to Olmedo who was 3 for 4 tonight breaking up the no-no in the 3rd and an RBI in the 5th.


Robby Price came up with Olmedo on second.


He flew out to left to end the game and the game was over and the Knights won 4-2.


The Knights celebrate their win.

this was a pretty cool stadium. It does sell out and this night there was only general admission and standing room only seats which the general admission is for outfield seating and standing room only is for where ever you can stand. It was a pretty cool stadium that had features of many stadium I have been 2 before. Like the Home Run porch which reminded me of Columbus and they had a lot of group areas. IMG_4564

Like the Budweiser Home Plate Club and the Diamond Direct Lounge on the second level along the first baseline.

So that is it for this one I will be in Cleveland for an Mariners vs. Indians game on Thursday night!


Pelicans bash the Dash!


BB&T BallPark

Winston-Salem, N.C.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans vs. Winston – Salem Dash

The Pelicans are the High A team for the Texas Rangers and the Dash are the white sox High A affiliate


Game 2 of road trip.



This is the second game I have attended at BB&T Park, I came here on my trip in 2012. For more on this Ballpark, check out that post: http://roxaddict.mlblogs.com/2012/07/01/grabbed-the-keys-and-dashed-to-winston-salem/

Before the game the Pelicans were 59-37 on the year and the Dash were 44-53. The pelicans won their division with a for the first half with a 44 and 24 record and the Dash finished 14.5 game behind them with a 14 and 39 record. They Both play in the Carolina Leagues Southern Division.


This game we sat on the third base side, near the Pelicans Bullpen. This is their starter Chad James warming up before the game.


Tyler Danish was the starting pitcher for the Dash.


With 2 outs in the first inning the Pelicans Nick Williams hit a triple. It could have resulted in a run if the batter before him Edwin Garcia did not hit into a double play. The first batter of the game Chris Garia got on base because of an error to the Dash’s second baseman Joey Demichele.


Pelicans Chris Bostic fouling a ball of during his second inning at bat. This photo really has no relevance to the game but was pretty cool with the bat on the ball!  The pelicans did get their first run of the game in the top of the second on a Kevin Torres single that he tried to stretch to a double but was out at second. Since the run did score before the out The Pelicans took the lead 1-0.


Bosics second at bat in the 5th inning was a little different it was a inside the park home run for the 2nd run of the game for the Pelicans. The Pelicans took  the 2-0 lead in the 5th.


In the bottom of the 5thwith 2 out the Pelicans starter Tyler Danish got into trouble after a walk to Cleuluis Rondon, who scored on a Jacob May double to cut the Pelican lead to 1. (2-1) Pelicans after 5.

..and when You’re at the Bottom of you 5th..!! (Just doing that to humor anyone who listens to the Rockies games on the radio!


 Jefferson Olacio  came into the game for the Dash in the 7th inning. Danish who pitched 6 complete innings only giving up 2 runs, on 6 hits striking out 6 Pelicans batters.


Chris Bostic once again got on base in the 7th this time a single that bounce off of pitcher Olacio ..


…and Dash shortstop Rondon made a great play on the grass and preventing it from going to the out field.


Things started getting really bad in the 7th when the dash tried to pick of Bostic and he got to second on a error by the first basemen  Keon Barnum.


Bostic end up on second.


Nick Williams tosses his bat after walking in the 7th. Olacio seamed to loose all control of his pitches he was hit batter Luis Mendez, walked Chris Garia and Williams in the inning.


Olacio was taken out of the game. In the inning he gave up 5 runs on 2 hits 2 walks and 1 hit batter. Not what I would say was a great inning. This game was a slight pitchers duel till this inning. It was kind of like watching the Rockies bullpen implode.


Brad Goldberg came into pitch for the Dash.


The first batter he faced was Jorge Alfaro who tripled 3 runs did score on that triple which were 3 of the 5 charged to Olacio. Goldberg would give up an additional 2 runs in the 8th inning and the Pelicans would extend their lead to 10-1.


 Cody Ege the 3rd Pelicans pitcher of the game came in in the bottom of the 8th. Their starter Chad James was removed from the game after 5. he gave up 1 run on 4 hits. Josh McElwee pitched the next 2 and gave up no runs and no hits.


 Zach Isler pitching for the Dash in the 9th inning. if you were wondering what happened to The Rockies low A affiliate Ashville Tourists manager Joe Mikulik well that is him coaching 3rd base and he is now the Manager of the Pelicans. I wonder if it had to do with the restructuring of the managers in 2013 when he was taking off the field for some half ass job created by our  front office that removed the guys who were managers off the field and they were more of advisers and were replaced with different field managers.


Well it looks like Joe is doing a good job with his new team they have a pretty good record this year and won this one 10-1.

Once again there were fireworks after the game this is my 2nd game and 3rd baseball event I attended this week and 3rd time I have seen fireworks.



So that is it for this one. The Next game will be in Greensboro for a Grasshoppers game vs. the Hickory Crawdads.

See You around.

Grabbed the Keys and Dashed to Winston-Salem.


Frederick Keys Vs. Winston-Salem Dash

BB&T Ballfield Winston-Salem,N.C

The Frederick Keys are the high A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. The Winston-Salem Dash are the high A Affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. The both are in the Carolina League.

The Dash hosted the 2012 High A All-Star game. Which was California League Vs. Carolina League. The Modesto Nuts Tyler Matzek played in this game which is the Rockies High A affiliate in The California League.

Before heading to Winston-Salem I headed to downtown Charlotte to view the future site of BB&T Ball Park Home of The Charlotte Knights.

This is the home plate for the Future Stadium. The Construction is set to start in October and will Be ready for the 2014 season.

So than I headed about an hour and a half north to Winston-Salem. I arrived at the stadium bout 1 hour before the stadium opened. Got my ticket and walked around the outside of the stadium. This stadium opened in 2010.

Here is a look from outside the stadium. This Stadium is also called BB&T BallPark. Not sure how that will work once they build the stadium of the same name in Charlotte. These teams are in 2 different leagues.

The front of the stadium is also where the V.I.P. and player parking. This is the best view I was able to get of it without being on the highway that is next to the stadium.

The stadium is not located to far from the downtown area.

After walking around the stadium and hanging outside the stadium, I headed inside. Here is a look from behind home plate.

As always I took  walk around the stadium to see what it has to offer. They did not have much about the team history but the did have these boards bout players who have played in the Carolina League. This one is of Dwight Gooden. They also had 24 of them that I saw. Some of the other players were Wade Boggs, Albert Pujols, Carl Yastremski, Jim Thome, Lenny Dykstra, Barry Bonds, and Lawrence “Crash” Davis the name was made known by the Movie Bull Durham. Davis was really a mid infielder, not a catcher like in the movie.

So as I headed to my seat players started heading out for warm ups here is a look as they were running.

This is the Dash’s starting pitcher Matt Heidenreich warming up in the bullpen. He is 7-2 on the year for the Dash. The Dash were 47-36 heading into this game and 1st in their division.

Miguel Gonzalez catches in the bullpen.

Juan Silvero gets some throws in during warm ups.

Heidenreich throwing the first pitch to the Keys John Ruettiger. Ruettiger lead the game off with  single. The keys would send 5 batters to the plate and had 2 hits, Ty Kelly also hit one.


Ruettiger got on first because the Dash’s Michael Johnson pulled his foot off the bag.

The Dash’s Marcus Siemen started the game off with  hit to left and tried to stretch it into a double.  He was tagged out at second. Carlos Sanchez grounded out and Brady Shoemaker struck out.

Carlos Sanchez takes a swing in the first inning.

Brady Shoemaker swings for the strike out.

Travis Adair strikes out for the 2nd out of the 2nd inning.

Birdzerk was also there Birdzerk is an on field entertainer that travel from stadium to stadium. You can youtube Birdzerk and check out the on field antics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu327EnLxxY this is a clip from another game.

Miguel Gonzalea gets the first hit for the Dash in the 3rd inning. The Dash would only get 2 hits off the Keys starting pitcher Trent Howard in 5 innings. This game was a complete pitches duel til the middle of the game. Beside the 2 hits in the first for the Keys they only had 3 other baserunners a walk in the 4th and 5th inning and a Ty Kelly hit in the 6th.

Here he is on first with the first base coach.

Trent Howard pitching in the 4th inning. In the 4th I took a little walk around the stadium to get some different views of the stadium.

Here he is pitching to Trayce Thompson from behind home plate.

The arrow shows where my seat was down the first base line.

The score board after 4 innings.

Heidenreich still pitching strong in the 5th inning. He did walk a batter but kept the No,No in tack.

The walked batter Johnny Ruettiger steals 2nd.

Trent Mummey swings and hits and grounds out to first.

Brandon Erbe warming up in the 5th.  He would come in to pitch in the 6th.

Ty Kelly batting in the 5th. this is a look from right field.

Kelly sends one up the middle.

Kelly stepping on first.

A little bullpen fun!

Dylan Bundy flew out to right to end the 6th inning.

Marcus Sieman sac bunt in the 6th moving Michael Johnson to second.

David Hankerd watches the ball fly to right center for his home run in the 6th inning scoring 3 runs for the Dash.(4-0) Dash

Between the 6th and 7th inning they had a baby race. After a minute or so no baby moved, the one furthest from the start one which did not look much different from this photo. After about 15 seconds I gave up and went for water.

Garabez Rosa hit a solo home run  in the 7th inning. (4-1) Dash

Ruettiger crash lands into second for a stolen base in the 7th.

Chris Basset warms up in the Dash’s bullpen.

You know it is hot when the tranning staff comes out and brings the Ump. cold towels. It was 99 degrees at first pitch and still 97 in the 8th inning.

Carlos Sanchez sliding into second on a Brady Shoemaker hit Sanchez ended up on third and Shoemaker on second after a bad throw. You can see the ball passing the keys second baseman Kelly.

Matt Bywater pitched for the Keys in the 8th inning. The dash scored 4 more runs in the inning. 3 comimg from a David Herbek triple with bases loaded. (8-1) Dash.

Turning first when he got the first run of the iining hitting a single scoring Sanchez.

After getting into trouble in the 9th Basset got out of the 9th and the game was over. In the inning he walked 3 gave up a hit and 1 run. (8-2) Dash was the final score.  The Stadium in winston-Salem was really nice also had a childrens ply area in left center and a number of patio ares in the outfield. The childrens area featured a Carousel which I thought I had a photo of but guess it did not take because I am having trouble with  lens.  i met a bunch of nice people at this game. The area I was sittin in had a Cub Scout pack that was going to camp on the field after the game.

It was a hot night in Winston-Salem and worth the drive. this game was not on my schedule and I did not even know about it til some mentioned the team in Winston-Salem the night before. I looked it up and found out that this was the last hoe game for them while I was in the area. This was also my first high a game. After the game I went to the bullpen and was able to get a ball from the bat boy who was cleaning it up. It was a Carolina Legue Ball that was way abused. It had a huge gash in it right over where it says Carolina League .

Here is a look at it. Not the best but still a ball and from a League I do not have one from.

That is it for this one. My next game is Tuesday or Wenesday in Greensboro.

For more info on the Winston-Salem Dash visit thier website :http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t580

Frederick Keys: http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t493

or The Carolina League: http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=l122