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Rockies split a split sqaud double header.


Salt River Fields @ Talking Stick


Game 1 Reds vs. Rockies

Game 2 Diamondbacks Rockies


So once again the day started early first I got up before 6 and started the post from the day before than I had to get ready to get to the stadium and got there probably a little after 9. I met up with EB who only need 1 person to get to sign a baseball to get the 40 man roster and I am not sure who he needed!!!!!


I think it was Jorge or Jhoulys or some possibly Boone Logan not quit sure!

Mary was hanging out before work and took a photo next to the fence she has been asking for since Salt River Fields opened in 2011.


This year the added it! We now call it Mary’s fence!


The pitchers were out throwing some bullpens that is Christian Friedrick and  Boone Logan on the mound.


Christian Friedrick throwing.


While we were waiting for players to get done we had a catch of our own. (Photo Courtesy of Mom)


The Rockies this year are having and autograph table on the concourse the signers today were Dustin Garneau and Rex Brothers.


Today Jared and Rachel were at Salt River Fields the came down yesterday and was at the Rockies vs. Cubs. Here is a photo of Jared with Mom.


It was an OK day for autographs here is Charlie Blackmon signing.


Brett Anderson was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. Here he is pitching to the Reds lead-off batter Brandon (touched my ball) Phillips. Explanation: Last year at the World Baseball Classic Brandon was signing autographs and I threw my ball to him he missed it and it fell in the dugout so he signed another autograph or so, picked up my baseball and tossed it back without signing it! Here is a link to that original post: http://roxaddict.mlblogs.com/2013/03/14/world-baseball-classic-usa-vs-italy/   

Since one of my awesome friends got me a autographed ball this year!

So Phillips lead off by grounding out to 3rd. Than Ramon Santiago hit a single. Anderson than struck out Joey Votto followed by Ryan Ludwick grounded out.


Mike Leake was the starting pitcher for the Reds. Charlie Blackmon grounded out by hitting back to Leake. Charlie Culberson got on base by hittin a single. Michael Cuddyer would fly out to right and the inning would end when Culberson did not get back to first and ended the inning for the Rockies.


The Reds got on the board in the 2nd. Chris Heisey started the inning with a double and scored on a  Devin Mesoraco sac fly to right field and Heisey scored (1-0) Reds


Matt McBride trying to leg out a hit during his second inning at bat. he was the second out of the inning.


Josh Rutledge taking a pitch for a ball during his at bat.


Jason Pridie takes a lead off second base he was the only Rockies runner in the second inning.


Josh Rutledge also trying to leg out a hit during his 2nd inning at bat. He was out and ended the inning.


The Rockies score their first run in the 3rd inning. D.J.eMahieu lead off the 3rd with a walk and scored on a Charlie Culberson double to left. This run tied the game at 1. The above is a photo of Michael Cuddyer taking a swing that ended up flying out to center field to end the 3rd inning.


Sam LeCure was the second pitcher of the game for the Reds he pitched the 4th inning for them.

The Rockies did pick up and additional run in the 5th inning. Once again LeMahieu would get on base to lead off the inning this time with and single and scored on a single by Charlie Blackmon. (2-1) Rockies


Wilin Rosario scores the Rockies 3rd run of the game. Wilin hit a single to get on base and scored on Matt McBride single. (3-1) Rockies


Louisville Bats Legend Corky Miller in the 7th inning. I saw that somewhere I did not make up the Louisville Bats Legend! I have seen him play in Louisville 2 years ago on my road trip. He grounded out in the inning.


Jordan Pacheco field a softly hit ball by Roger Berndina for the second out of the 7th inning.


Matt McBride makes the grab at first for the Berdina out.


Adam Ottavino pitching in the 8th inning.


Tyler Matzek came into the game to pitch in the 9th inning. The first batter he pitched to and walked was Chris Nelson. Nelson is an invitee for the Reds this year after being with the Rockies, Yankees and Angels last season.


Matzek walked 4 consecutive batters the third batter he walked was Louisville Bats Legend Corky Miller! OK that is it for the use of that dead horse!

IMG_9502After the 4th walk which scored Nelly for the Red second run of the game.


Matzek was than removed from the game. He has been known to have control issue through his Minor League career, But when he is on he can be totally lights out. Not this day.


The Rockie got out of the inning with a double play. Here is Rosell Herrera turning the double play at second.

That was the end of the game and the Rockies won this one 3-2. After this game we had to leave the stadium and get ready for the second game of the day at Salt River Fields. Between games I headed to the Diamondbacks side to watch their batting practice. I go to that side because there major league practice field is more accessible than the Rockies side. After dropping my bag off I headed back to my car to get some stuff for the Diamond backs to sign. Along the way I found and Easter egg. That was the 4th ball of the trip. I got back just in time for the end of the Diamond backs BP and was able to get Marc Trumbo to sign a card and Martin Prado.

After meeting back up with EB we headed back into the stadium.


Before the game I was able to get some more autos on my team project and in my Spring Training magazine. The signers on the concourse were Mike McHenry and Gregg Burke. I had McHenry sign a locker tag that I got at Fanfest from last year when he was with the Pirates. I was also able to get Nolan Arenado on a ball that he tossed up last year that I caught during warm ups.


 The Second game was against the Diamondbacks. I did not really take many photos this game I think I took a total of 31 photos the whole game slightly because I was tired and second every now and than I just want to hang out and watch a game which is what I may try to do this year every few games so may not be posting every game I am at this year.


Pedro Hernandez was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. He allowed 1 hit in the 1st it was a double by Aaron Hill.


Wade Miley was the starting pitcher for the Rockies.

The Diamondbacks got on the board in the 3rd inning with a solo shot by Aaron Hill. They scored a second run in the 4th inning. Martin Prado scored on a Chris Owing single.


Tulo leaving the game after being hit by a pitch in the 4th inning. He left the game because his pride was hurt and sent for X-Rays and they have came back negative, negative for a heart, brain or personality!


The Rockies first run came in the 5th inning when Michael McHenry hit a double scoring  Paul Janish.

IMG_9561He look Cargo!!!! He played this game he went 0-3

putting together this post for 3 hours and need to get functioning!

Another great day at the ballpark.

The next game will be at Phoenix Municipal when the Rockies play the A’s.

See you around Phoenix halfway through this trip!


The Bats chop down the Braves!


Gwinnett Braves Triple A affiliate of the Braves Vs. Louisville Bats Triple A affiliate of Cincinnati Reds

Louisville Slugger Field, Louisville, Kentucky

This was my 13th game of the road trip, 10th Stadium in 5 states.

I stayed the night in Lexington after checking out of my hotel I headed to Louisville it was about a hor and a half drive between the 2 cities. It was about 1:30 when I arrived in Louisville for this 6:05 game time. So I decided to check out Louisville. The First place I went was the home of the Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs. I did not take the tour or anything I just checked out the outside. This is the entrance by gate 1. The Kentucky Derby Museum is also located at this entrance. I did go in but the tours were sold out. So I checked out the gift shop. After a few minutes in there I decided to head back outside and it was pouring rain. Before i went in I did get some photos outside.

This is a Barbaro statue. Barbaro won the 132nd Kentucky Derby  in 2006. He was than injured in the Preakness and his racing career ended.

Here is another photo of the front  with the Kentucky Historical Marker.

I then headed to downtown Louisville where I wanted to go to the Louisville Bat Factory. My plan was to park near the stadium and walk the few blocks to the factory. Due to the rain those plans were scrapped. So I took a few loops around the city in my truck and then went and got lunch. After I decided to park at the stadium. By that time it was 2 late to go to the Bat Factory. I just walked around the stadium and got my tickets.

Here is a look of Louisville Slugger Field from the parking lot.

This is a Pee Wee Reese statue located outside the entrance on the first base side of the stadium. Trying to find the ticket window that was open was kind of difficult the ticket booth outside the main entrance located in the outfield was closed and there was this one window opened on the side of the building.

O.K. see the red sign on the left of the building. That is where you purchase tickets. the outside from the street does not really resemble a stadium and all the doors lead to banquet rooms located between the street and stadiums concourse.

This is the main entrance of the stadium in the outfield. That was the closed ticket window. But would be a great place to purchase tickets. The window was opened when I entered the stadium but not sure when it did open. Between when I took this photo and the gates opened. At this entrance they had a statue of Paul Horung. He went to Notre Dame and played for the Packers. He was the #1 draft pick in 1957 and was originally from Louisville.

A few minutes after the gates opened I headed into Louisville Slugger Field.

This was my first look at the field and inside the stadium.

Here is a look down the left field line towards home plate.

While walking around the seats I noticed this gem of an easter egg in a cup holder. Unlike the South Atlantic League ball in Lexington, I took this one! That took the pressure of trying to get a ball off and I could just watch the game and take photos.

This is a look from right field. There is a pretty good view of the city sky line from spots in this stadium. Here you can see a some of the building tops.

Here is another look from a little closer to centerfield.

On the right field concourse they had a carousel like many other stadiums do. Also located there is the playground.

It was game time and here is a look of the Louisville Bats in line for the National Anthem.

Here is the Bats Starting pitcher Chad Reineke pitching to the Braves lead off batter Jose Constanza.

Constanza would hit a single to lead off the game.

Constanza dives back to first. The Next Batter Josh Wilson hit a double scoring Constanza. (1-0) The next 2 batters got out.

Felix Pie was one of those outs. Here he is watching his hit ball that the Bats second baseman scooped up and made the out at first.

Jordan Parraz would come up with 2 outs and a man on.

 He would reach base on an error. Scoring Wilson (2-0) Braves

Jordan Parraz would than steal second which would result in another error and he would safely make it to third base. The Next Batter Terry Tifer flew out and it was the Bats turn to bat. They would go down in order the Braves would not do anything in their next at bat. Reinecke faced 4 batters the only one reaching was Jose Yepez who hit a single.

Neftali Soto lead the second off with a double for the Bats in the second. He and Dioner Navarro would score on a Xavier Paul home run to take a 3-2 lead.

Paul hitting his 3 run Home Run.

The Braves would again tie the game in the 3rd with a Ernesto Meijas solo home run.

The Braves also scored 4 runs in the 4th inning. Yepaz lead off the inning with a solo home run, followed by a Lance Zawadzki triple and a double by Constanza. Felix Pie would hit a single. The Braves would score 4 in the inning. (7-3) Braves. The braves sent 9 batters to the plate in the inning. Meija also hit a ground rule double in the inning advancing Pie to third. Pie would make the final out of the inning at home when Bats third baseman Henry Rodriguez hit it to him and he threw it home to get Felix Pie. ( I was not going to use Pies first name but then it would look like Rodriguez  threw home to get Pie) ahhh fun with last names.

The Bats switched pitchers in the 4th as well. Kanekoa Texeira would pitch for them.

Xavier Paul dives back to first after his 4th inning single, he was the only Bats baserunner in the inning.

During the 6th inning I decided to do my wander around the stadium to get a few shots from different locations. Not much happened in the 5th and 6th inning for either team and I jus watched the game with limited photo taking. So we now fast forward to the 6th!!!!

Dioner Navarro hit a single for the Bats in the 6th, He flew out to center. For those that don’t know I use the out photos that I have the ball in the photo because it is hard to do so when I do get the ball in frame I like to use it because it is a good photo. Not always relevant to the game but just a good photo.

The Bats 3rd pitcher of the day Carlos Fisher pitching to the Braves Jordan Parraz in the 7th. Parraz hit Lead off double. Webb would get the next batter out Terry Tifee and hit by Jose Yepez with a pitch, neither would score and the Bats would get the Braves out of the inning.

Terry Tifee gets tossed out at first. for the first out of the 7th inning.

Fisher being removed from the game by Louisville Manager David Bell. Travis Webb would come in to pitch for the Bats.

Here he is pitching to the Braves Lance Zwadzki.

Cody Puckett at bat in the 7th inning. He would lead off the inning with a double. He would score in the inning. (7-4) Braves.

Didi Gregorius would also get on base after striking out and the catcher dropping the ball he safely made it to first he would than score on a Henry Rodriguez double. (7-5) Braves.

Julio Teharan was taken out of the game. Jaye Chapman came into pitch for the Braves.

A look towards left field as the sun sets.

Between the 7th and 8th inning Duo design performed a routine. They are a Strenth and balancing act that performs in Las Vegas. They also performed with Cirque Du Soleil and can be seen at Circus Cirsus in Las Vegas they also performed after the game.

Donnie Joseph pitched the 8th and 9th inning for the Bats.

Constanza hit a soft hit (it may have been a bunt but not sure) that was fielded by Bats catcher Navarro…

…and he reached base.

Than stole 2nd. He score in the inning on a Felix Pie single. (8-5) Braves

Navarro would make a great play to get Zawadzki out at first for the final out of the 9th inning.

After Cody Puckett struck out to start the inning pinch hitter Mike Castanzo hit a double. .

Castanzo sliding into 2nd.

The following batter Denis Phipps walked Did Gregorius flew out for the second out. The next batter Corky Miller walked and then so did Neftali Soto to score Castanzo. (8-6) Braves

Dioner Navarro came up with bases loaded and hit the ball to deep right field a fan reached for the ball, it bounced of him and back into the field.

First base Ump Will Little signals a home runs as Ernesto Meija raises his arms in disbelief. From my vantage point the fan did reach but it look like it hit him above the rail so it would have went out any way. Even if it was ruled fan interference it would have been a double which would have tied the game.

Navarro steps on home as he teammates gather around to celebrate their walk off win.

Braves manager Dave Brundage dispute the call with the first base umpire. While the Bats celebrate in the background. After the Umpires spoke to each other the call remained and the game was over. The Bats won 10-8.

This was another exciting game on this trip. Another one decided by a walk off. Louisville Slugger Stadium was another really nice stadium beside the difficulty to find a ticket window!!!!

That is it for this game. After this game I headed to Indianapolis for a Indinapolis Indians game the next day, the drive was about 2 hours.

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