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Two for Tulo and Lyle see’s the 9th!


Texas Rangers vs. Colorado Rockies

1st game of series.

My 16th game at Coors this year.



Before the game I headed in and went to the Pavilions for batting practice within a few minutes. Tommy Kahnle picked up a ball from the warning track and said high and he tossed it up to me. This was only my 4th ball of the year. It was pretty cool because I usually do not get to many toss ups. Then I head over to the first base wall to see if I could get some autographs and Brandon Barnes was one of the first to sign and I had just got a photo of him printed of his triple on opening day. Charlie Blackmon and Mike McHenry signed. So while I was standing there Marc Stout from root sports came up to me and asked about the 2 photos of photos I took of Charlie Culberson on Saturday night. He said that Charlie really like him and I said I had extra copies of them on me and he said he would send him over. Charlie then came over and I gave him a the photo of his swing and the black and white of him running to second from first. He also signed a copy of each for me.

both photos appear in my post about Saturdays game:


I thought that was cool that he saw the photo’s on twitter and I was able to get copies of them to him.


Jordan Lyle started the game for the Rockies he had an incredible outing He got the first 6 batters out, that he faced and the Rangers did not get a hit off him till the 3rd inning, it was a double by Elvis Andrus.


Martin Perez started for the Ranger he has been pitching very well this year and then he came to Coors!! After a pretty efficient 1st inning, where he struck out Brandon Barnes and got drew Stubbs and Troy Tulowitzki to ground out. The second inning things changes as Carlos Gonzalez started the inning with a a double and Nolan Arenado he a 2 run home run to left field to give the Rockies a 2-0 lead. Before this game Perez went  46 inning without having a homer hit against him and went 26 inning without giving up a run.


with 2 outs D.J. LeMahieu hit a ball to Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre. who threw to Prince Fielder at first and it thrown high and Princed got the ball and tagged D.J. the ball fell out of his glove and the umpire called him out. Walt Weiss came out and used his challenge and the call was overturned. here’s the link to the play :


With the challenge that brought up Jordan Lyle who has been hitting well, but did strike out in the at bat. Someone said it was weird to do that to get to the pitchers spot. I thought it was a good idea, because Lyles can hit and if he got out which he did it flips the line up so Brandon Barnes would hit lead off in the 3rd. inning. Barnes did lead off the 3rd and it benefitted the Rockies when he hit a lead off double and would score  the Rockies 3rd run of the game, on a Cargo sac out.

The Rockies scored 2 additional runs in the 5th and 7th inning both the same way Drew Stubbs got the first hit of each inning a double and both were followed by a Troy Tulowitzki home run. Tulo has been hitting like crazy lately batting almost .600 at home and over .400 for the year. Once again it is great to see him hitting and playing the way we knew and expected him to hit over the past few years. He must be seeing beach balls being thrown by the pitcher. He also just won the April MLB player of the month and is making a case to get it in May as well.

The Rangers did score a run in the 6th inning. Shin-Soo Choo started the inning with a double and advanced on a Drew Stubbs error in center. Choo then scored on a Josh Wilson ground out to Tulo at short stop. The Rockies had a 7-1 lead.


This is what a Rockies pitcher looks like pitching in the 9th inning, he almost went the distance.  He also batted, hit a single and scored the Rockies 8th run in the 8th inning. Like I said earlier he had an incredible game and kept the Rockies in this game.


He was removed in the 9th after Beltre hit a lead off single in the 9th. He gave up 7 hits and 2 runs the second was Beltre in the 9th. He struck out 5 and only walked 1 in his full 8 innings he pitched He pitched 104 pitches 71 for strikes.


 Nick Masset pitched the remainder of the game. Masset was just called up from Colorado Springs, the first batter he faced was Prince Fielder who he walked then Alex Rios hit into a double play. He then gave up 2 single and the second Rangers run scored. The run really did not matter when you are up by 6. I would have left Lyles in till he was in a little more trouble then just giving up a single. But the Rockies got out of the inning and took he game 8-2.

It was another great start for Lyles who has been pitching great since his call up in early April for an injured Tyler Chatwood and kept himself in the starting spot and is now 4-0 with a 2.62 ERA. The Rockies are now 20-14 and 2 games back of the first place Giants.

So that is it for this one and the Rockies have another game at home before heading to Texas for 2 and then continue on a road trip to Cincinnati and Kansas City.  I will be in Kansas City for that 2 game series first mini road trip of the year!!!

See you at Coors and Kaufman!

I also have to Thank E to the MNF’n B Yo for getting 5 guys on my 2014 team project since I was not able to make Sundays game he brought my 16×20 to the game and got me Ryan Wheeler, Chris Martin, Eric Young and Mike McHenry. Then this game got Blake Doyle while I was waiting for Charlie Culberson thanks E to the MNF’n B Yo!!!!



The Rox rocked in Arlington!


Colorado Rockies Vs. Texas Rangers

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas

This is my 34th MLB game of the year. 38th including the Minors. 2nd on road trip.

My 9th MLB stadium. Including the 2 old NY Stadiums and Cominsky Park.

The stadium from down the block on Nolan Ryan Expressway.

A closer look.

A view inside Rangers Ball Park.

A few players were on the field warming up when we arrived. Matt Reynolds was the first to come over.

Matt Belise throwing in the outfield.

Alex White stopped by on his way out to the field and signed for us also. After throwing he came back oer and gave Amy a ball.

After hanging out by the wall I did a loop to check out the stadium. This is one of the places in centerfield called Ryans Express. There is a bunch of places out there to get food and beverages. There is also a few photos to sit at and watch the game on a large screen or with direct view of the field.

Here is a look at a Nolan Ryan Statue in center field in the background you can see part of the large video screen.

A look from the inside of the home plate entrance which is the entrance where we first entered the stadium.

Here is a look at the retired numbers and players for the Rangers Nolan Ryan, Johnny Oates and Jackie Robinson. I also found it interesting that Some guys named Albert-son, Dr. Pepper and Jose Cuervo was also retired in Arlington stadium!!!! Ok maybe not but found it funny that they had these sponsors in the same section as the retire numbers.

While I was walking around Rafael Betancourt signed on the third base line.

Chris Nelson, Michael Cuddyer and Tyler Colvin during warm ups.

Chris Nelson throws during warm ups.

Cuddy taking some cuts!

The bull pen staff heading to the bullpen for the start of the game.

Todays starting line up.

Colby Lewis throws the first pitch to the Rockies Jonny Herrera. Jonny would hit a single steal 2nd and 3rd. He would than score on a Jason Giambi single. Lewis did strike out 3 Rockies in the inning.

Carlos Gonzales fouls one-off during his at bat in the 1st. inning. He was one of the strike outs for Lewis in the inning.

Giambi hitting a single to score Herrera.

Giambis hit looked like it may have been caught.

It got passed Rangers center fielder Craig Gentry.

Michael Cuddyer at the plate in the first he was the third strike out of the inning.

Josh Hamilton loses his bat in the 1st.

During the 2nd inning we met up with Chris from Rock Nation. If you have not checked out the rock Nation Website do it after you read this post!!


Here are Chris with Amy and I

The Rockies scored 3 runs in the 3rd while we were hangin out on the concourse.

After we met up with Chris we headed to wander the stadium we really did not get far. We stopped and saw the rest of the game from above the Rockies bullpen.

Josh Hamilton catches a Tyler Colvin hit to center. He moved over to center when Gentry left the game.

Here is a look of some of the bullpen members trying to keep cool in the shade.

Nelson Cruz hit a HR to the Rockies bullpen in the 5th. After Jeremy Guthrie tried to throw it to someone in the crowd that missed Adam Ottavino tossed it to someone else. After he did that Amy said to him that she gets the next one if it is a Rockies HR. Well Wil Nieves hit one to the Rockies bullpen.

Adam Ottavino kept his promise and tossed it to her!!

Here she is with it. This was Wil Nieves first HR with the Rockies.

Check out Amys Blog. http://takefromblake.mlblogs.com

I think Jeremy Guthrie is embracing his new role in the bullpen. i think he has a future in field maintenance if thing don’t pan out there. I hope he does not have to make the switch. He did real well in his first appearance in the bullpen the other night in Philly.

Josh Outman pitched into the 5th inning. This is his 78th pitch. what happened to the 75 pitch limit? He did pitch well but it got a little out of control in the 5th. the Rangers score 6 in the inning. including Nelson Cruz’s 2nd HR of the day off Ottavino.

Dex Making a catch in the 5th. I think it was hit by Ian Kinsler.

Ottavino while he was warming up in the 5th inning.

Here he is heading in from the bullpen.

Rex Brothers heading into the game between innings.

So the Rangers have a race with these 3 dots. Like our random dental products race.

Not creepy!!!

Michael Young slide into second after his lead off double in the 7th.

Rockies celebrates their 11-7 victory over the Rangers. This series is now tied at one game apiece.

Can’t wait for the third and final game from Arlington. This is a really cool stadium. this is the statue at the front of the home plate entrance. In Memory of the Rangers fan who passed away after a fall in the stadium last year. Shannon Stone and his son Cooper and All Fans Who Love the Game.

Another look at the front of the stadium.

Now this is a look of the Cowboys Stadium. This building is crazy looking. It is HHUUGGEE!!!! I think it has its own weather pattern!

That is it for this one. Having a great time on this trip. Looking forward to the 3rd game of the series tonight and my 3rd game of the trip. Go Rockies.