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Eight was great, Nine was denied!


Diamondback vs. Rockies

Game 3 of series my 9th of the year at Coors.


After a cold snowy week this series the weather was pretty nice and this was the best weather day it was about 60 degrees and sun through most of the game it was a great day for baseball.

It was also another day to celebrate the 20 Years of Rockies history. It was Eric Young bobble head day. My day started early as I headed to the stadium at about 9:30. When I first heard that the Sunday games were going to start at 2:10 I was like wow I have an extra hour before I have to get to Coors, yeah that hasn’t happened the 2 Sunday games we have had this year. I have been getting there earlier than when the games were at 1:10. So I headed out to the players entrance to see if I could get any autographs and I got 3 I had an 11X14 print signed by Wilin Rosario, Matt Belise on my team project and a card signed by the Diamondbacks relief pitcher Heath Bell. After a while I got online to enter the stadium I went in the E gate and got my Eric Young Bobble head. I brought that to my car and headed back in for the Sunday autographs. The first line I got into because they were not yet labeled was Adam Ottavino’s line which I had nothing for him to sign so I got on another line which was Reid Brignac’s line and was able to get him to sign my team 16X20. The other 2 signers today were Jon Garland and Rex Brothers. Because of the larger crowd and the give away the lines were long, I did attempt to get on Garlands line because I had a card for him to sign. I figured because of the length of the line I would not get his autograph so I just waited to head down to the wall.


Eric Young was at Coors for his bobble head day and he and his son Dallas came out for the first pitch.


Dallas  actually threw out the first pitch.


He threw to big brother and Rockies outfielder Eric Young Jr.

He threw a pretty good pitch.




After first pitch Jordan Pacheco came over and signed a few things for us in the crowd. I did not have him sign anything then I only had a 8X10 of a photo I already had a copy signed. After the game he stopped out back and I had him sign it anyway.


EB makes a special guest appearance in this photo!


Wilin Rosario and Juan Nicasio head in from the Bullpen for the start.


Juan Nicasio throwing the first pitch to the Diamondbacks Geraldo Parra. He would fly out to Carlos Gonzalez in left field. Nicasio would face 4 batters walking Paul Goldschmidt and the others 3 got out. The Diamondbacks starter for this game was Brandon McCarthy. He Sat the first 3 Rockies batters down in the first inning and faced 4 in the 2nd. Troy Tulowitzki lead off the 2nd inning with a single but was left on base.


It is time to play find the Ranter in the Pavilions!


Stu Coles waves Juan Nicasio. around third on Jordan Pacheco’s double.


Nicasio getting to home plate.


He gets passed Miguel Montero’s diving tag to score.(1-0) Rox

The Rockies would score 2 more on a Calos Gonzalez hit Eric Young Jr. and Pacheco both scored (3-0) Rox.


With Cargo on second Tulo doe the all too familiar pop up to an infielder. Only needed a single swings for the fences in my book that is another lost RBI for him that bring the total to 9 additional RBI’s that he could have had. That would have him leading the National League with 26 instead of having 17 being 5th. Just saying this is one of those situations that it would benefit the team if he wasn’t swinging for bad pitches and just was a little patient at the plate like when he hits home runs when the Rockies are up by 6!

The D’backs score 2 in the 5th bringing the Rockies lead to only 1 run. Now how important is clutch and timely hitting.


Rosario hit a sure double to center and tried to stretch it to a triple and was out at third. IMG_8131

Being called out.


Walt Weiss heads out to get Juan Nicasio after a lead off home run by Didi Gregorious his second of his career. A.J. Pollack is on third and Gerardo Parra second. Pollack made the second out on a soft hit from Martin Prado that Adam “Brooklyn” Ottavino tagged Pollack between third and home. Parra would score on a Paul Goldschmidt single. (3-2) Rockies

The Rockies Would get a 4th run in the 6th on a Tulo Home run. Yes it was a RBI and a homerun but it could of had been 2 RBI’s for the day and a 5-2 Lead.


Adam “Brooklyn” Ottavino pitching in the 5th inning.

Nicasio pitched very well this game. Only giving up 3 hits and 2 runs. He Struck out 3 and walked 3. His pitch count was very high for his 4.1 innings throwing 95 pitches. Including a 13 pitch at bat to Parra in the 3rd.


Adam Ottavino got to bat in the 5th. He did strike out. Many may not realize but he is a switch hitter and batted lefty for this at bat.


Cargo hits a long fly ball to center that was caught by A.J. Pollack in the 5th inning.


After a double switch in the Taking Chris Nelson out of game, moving Jonny Herrera to third and Rutledge to second. Josh Outman who had been called up from The Springs pitched 7th inning. He would get the 2 batters out that he faced striking out Parra for the last out of the inning.


Former Rockies pitcher Matt Reynolds pitched the 7th inning for the Diamondback. we have seen him a few times this weekend but this was his first appearance in a game for the D’backs in this series. He got all 3 batters he faced out in the inning.


Here is Reynolds making a play and throwing to first on a EYJ ground ball back to him.


Wilton Lopez came in for the save in the 9th inning and lets just put it at he did not get it and the Rockies had their first home loss of the season. When he came in the Rockies only had a one run lead and they lost (5-4) Now how important would Cargo scoring on a Tulo single in the 3rd would of helped! IMG_8203

Here is A.J. Pollack scoring the losing run for the Rockies. Didi Gregourious scored the tying run on a Pollack double.


Dexter Fowler who walk as pinch hitter for the pitchers spot runs to third on a Josh Rutledge single. The Rockies did put up a fight, but were not able to come back on this one. there was 2 out when Dex reached third. EYJ came up with Dex on third and Rutledge on first. EYJ would ground out to Paul Goldschmidt at first to end the game. It was only 1 lose at home but it would have been great for the home streak to continue.

Well that is it for this one, I need to get ready for snow series2.0 against the Atlanta Braves! I will be there for all games that they can get in the next 2 days!

See you at Coors!

5-1 and the bats are getting it done!


Padres vs. Rockies

Game 3 of Series and my 3rd of the year.

Rockies up 2-0 in the Series


This year the Rockies have gotten new graphics on the score board.


Today was the first autograph Sunday and what is a better way to start off is with the first Rockies 1993 Team members signing the first line I got on had David Neid and Gerald Clark. Since I already had both of them on my 1993 team project I had Gerald sign my Ticket stub and David Neid signed the photo I had in the 1993 post of him throwing at Shea. The Photo above was of the signers of the second group I went to and it was Freddie Benavides and Gary Wayne. I had Benavides also sign my ticket stub and Wayne on the 1993 photo since he was not there on Saturday.


Eric Young was the next line over. I did not get anything signed by him.


After the autograph session was over we headed to the wall and bullpen coach Bo McLaughlin stopped and signed a few for us. I did not have anything for him to sign and he is on my team photo for the year.

IMG_6477Amy had her @JPstyles shirt signed.

Today being a Sunday day game a few starters did not start and the bench guys took the field.


Pacheco was at first,  Reid Brignac at 2nd and Jonny Herrera started at short.


Jhoulys Chacin and Wilin Rosario heading in from the bull pen.


Jhoulys Chacin throwing the first pitch to the Padres Evereth Cabrera. He and Will Venerable would both get out Cabrera grounded out to Brignac at second and Venerable flew out to Dex in center. Mark Kotsay hit a single and was left on base.


Rene Lacheman does his thing giving a ball to a kid and his spiel,  It is great to listen to. We have been watching him do this in the Springs for years and it is great that he now gets to do it in Coors. IMG_6514

Edinson Volquez started for the Padres. The Rockies roughed him up quick.

IMG_6523Eric young Jr. got a lead off double and advanced to third on a wild pitch.

IMG_6532Dexter Fowler than hit his 4 fourth long ball of the season. 2-0 Rockies.


Carlos Gonzalez hit a double and also advanced on a wild pitch. He scored on a Brignac double and the Rockies took a 3-0 lead.

The Padres Scored a run in the 4th inning and the Rockies went on to score one also in the 6th inning. (4-1) Rockies


Jhoulys Chacin pitch 6.2 innings and than was removed from game by Walt Weiss. He let up 1 run, 6 hits, 2 strike outs and did not walk anyone. He also threw 99 pitches and has a 1.35 ERA in his 2 starts.


Edgmer Escolona cam into the game and he pitched the remainder of the 7th and the whole 8th inning.


Cargo taken a pitch for a ball and was walk in his 7th inning at bat.


With Cargo and Fowler on Wilin Rosario hit his third home run of the season.


Wilin at home plate after his run around the bases. (7-1) Rockies


Jonny Herrera hit a triple in the 8th with Chris Nelson scoring the Rockies 8th run of the game.


Yorvit Torealba pinch hit for the pitcher in the inning and scored there 2 run of the inning and final run of the game. (9-1) Rockies


Wilton Lopez came in to pitch the 9th inning for the Rockies. After getting Yonder Alonso and Jedd Gyorko out things got a little shaky letting up a single to Chris Denorfia and a double to Alexi Amarista.


He held the runners on base and john Baker flew out to Dexter Fowler for the final out of the series.

The Rockies swept the Opening series against the Padres and the last 2 in Milwaukee. They have a 5 game winning streak and are 5-1 on the season and leading the league with 13 home runs. Ooops 14 Cargo just put one in McCovey Cove as I wrote this!

I think this road trip will be a big test and if things go well we should be ok. Going to two very none pitching friendly stadiums At&T Park in San Francisco and Petco Park in San Diego. I am also interested how the game at Petco will change this year with the new dimensions.

So that is it for this Opening Weekend. It was great hangin with everyone and being at Coors once again. Meeting some of the 1993 guys was an awesome experience and see the Rockies play some great games again made it even better. It has been along time since we saw good games at Coors the hitting has been incredible and the pitching has been doing a really good job keeping runner of base and working out of situations when there are runners on.

Well that is it for this one, I will be at Coors the whole home stand against the Mets and Diamondbacks.

See You at Coors!

Day 2 wasn’t as much of a zoo!


Padres vs. Rockies
My 2nd game of the season!

This was a very interesting day at the ballpark. The Rockies continued to celebrate their 20th Anniversary with the 1993 Rockies players signing autographs at 3 different spots on the concourse.  I did not see a single part of the game till the 4th inning, besides the little bit I saw on monitors around the stadium. I did not get my 1st pitch I was behind a wall on the pavilions for that. But with good reason I was waiting on-line for the first of the 3 spots for signing. The line I started on had Andy Ashby, Rick Mathews, David Neid and Eric Young Senior. I had everyone except David Neid sign my 1993 opening Day photo. I had Neid sign a ball that I am also having Todd Helton sign, they are the only 2 players ever to wear the #17 in Rockies history and I am pretty sure nobody else ever will. IMG_6267

Here are all 4 of them signing. Beside having what you had signed they had team photos of the 1993 Team. If you look at my post on the 1993 Opening day I had a photo of Alan Ashby signing over the dugout at Shea. http://roxaddict.mlblogs.com/2013/04/04/1993-opening-day-at-shea/ here is a link for that post if you did not see it. Ashby is in the foreground Rick Mathews is to his right followed by David Neid and Eric Young. I also had Eric Young sign a photo of my photo of him and EYJ I took last year that he really like and I offered him one and mention that Junior did have a copy of it! I told him I would give him one if he decided he wanted one on Sunday.


Rick Mathews signing my 1993 photo.

As I was walking away from the table a woman ask if she could see the photo and I said yes and she said her husband was in it. It was David Neids wife and she introduce me to her son that was born slightly after opening day and is going to 20 years old. That really kind of put things in perspective. After we ran over to the area under the Rockpile where the second group was signing. At that table was Gerald Clarke, Mark Knudson, Armando Reynoso and Freddie Benivides. They all spoke to everyone and they all commented and really liked the photo. Gerald Clarke commented and asked me about my goatee, wanting to know how long that took. All the players thought it was cool when I mentioned that I was actually at the game at Shea.


Here are the guys signing, Left to right Freddie Benvides, Mark Knudson, Armando Reynoso and Gerald Clarke. Thanks to Garret who got me a Mark Knudson card signed and also helped get my EY photo signed. This was close to the entrance but you than had to go through a maze of ropes to actually get back to the table for auto graphs while that inning the Rockies scored their first run on a Michael Cuddyer single, Josh Rutledge scored.


I was by one of the T.V’s when that happened and here is a photo of the replay!


Gerald Clarke signing my photo. This line took the longest of the three but it was pretty much because They all spot to everyone for about 30 seconds to a minute which was cool.

we than headed over to the third and final group which was located by the B Gate and The Blue Moon. In that group was Bryn Smith, Jerry Royster, Jayhawk Owens, Bruce Ruffin and Steve Reed.


That is Bryn Smith in the corner I had him sign my 1993 photo and then asked if he could sign a 1993 team photo that they had at the table and monogram it first Rockies win. He was the first Rockies to record a win. it was on April 9th 1993 at Mile High. The others I had sign my 1993 photo. IMG_6308

Here is Bryn signing a team photo that they had at the table I also got one of them from Rick Mathews and Alan Ashby at the first table. They both had some pre signed ones in front of them.


Jayhawk Owens signing my 1993 photo.


That was the first 3 innings. this is the first look I had of the field the whole game and it was in the beginning of the 4th inning. I than headed over to where I sit.


This is John Garlands 43rd pitch of the game and the first I had seen so is that still considered a first pitch. The Rockies were up 1-0 heading into the inning the Padres did get a run in this inning.


Tyson Ross was the starting pitcher for the Padres.


Evereth Cabrera commits an error on this ball hit by Josh Ruthledge in the 5th inning. The Rox scored 3 in the inning 4-1.

IMG_6337Rutledge at first base.


Troy Tulowitzki crosses the plate after a Michael Cuddyer home run in the 7th.


Cuddy low fiving third base coach Stu Coles.


ohh yeah you guessed it, Just as Creepy as last year. OK so I thought of other races that would work well with other sponsors the Frontier Airlines animal race, The Kwall Paint, Paint bucket race have a Black, White and Purple bucket of paint race. Just throwing it out there!! If they do change this I want props!

I think this guy was mocking the running man!


Never a smart idea.


Nice take down!

Dump ass still put up a fight after they caught him.

Always amazed at way someone would do this.

The only cool thing about this is they bring you out through the bullpen!


Dexter Fowler slides into second after a 8th inning hit to right field.


Foot on bag ball in glove glove a 2 feet above Dex…


… there is the tag as he is standing up..


..and was called out.


Dex questions the horrible call. IMG_6410

The argument ensues and out comes Uncle Walt!!! Thanks for that line EB!


dex leaves field as Walt Weiss continues to argue the call. This ump was in horrible position to even make a call at second. I though they said that the umpiring would be getting better this season. Well so far less than a week in it does not seem that way.


This was Walt’s first time out to the field to argue a call.

Not much else happened and here is Tulo throwing to first for the last out of the game.


Todd Helton makes the catch and for the second day in a row at home and fourth time in a row this season the Rockies are shaking hand and hi fiving on the in field!!!


The Rockies were 4-1 on the season after this game. That is great start for a team that was not expected to do much, but this team is a lot different this year than last and we are loving it. I know it is early but things are looking good for the team. I think the change in management and coaching staff is working well. I like Jim Tracey and the others that are gone but something is just clicking this year.

here are a few photos of my autographs


These are the cards they gave out with Alan Ashby, Rick Mathews and Bryn Smith’s autographs. IMG_6725

The 1993 Opening Day photo.


The David Neid signed ball. I had him side panel it so there is room for the second autograph, That other #17.


Eric Young Jr. and Senior still need to get EYJ on it. Started a few projects this day!

Well that is it for this one got another one from this opening weekend series.

See you at Coors!!!

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