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Sky Sox fall short to the Redhawks.


Oklahoma City Redhawks Vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox

The Redhawks are the triple A Affiliate of the Houston Astros.

This was my first game to the Springs this year.

This day started really early for me I left my house at 7:15 in the morning to go snowboarding at Keystone. After 19 lift rides and 30,000+ vertical feet and 5 hours of snowboarding I took the 135 Mile drive from Keystone, Colorado to Colorado Springs. I took about 2 hours and 15 minutes.


It being Jackie Robinson Day I got on chair 42. It took about 4 runs to sink up and be able to get on this chair 3.

After arriving and getting my ticket I did some early Easter Egg hunting out behind Security Service Field!


found 10 Baseballs Most Minor League Practice balls and a few Pacific Coast League baseballs.

After waiting for Jared to arrive we headed in to the stadium.



 Christian Friedrich was warming up in the bullpen. I was able to get Wilton Lopez on my Rockies team project since he was sent down a few days ago. It was then time for the game to start.


Christian Friedrich throwing the first pitch to the  Redhawks Austin Wates.


He struck out swinging.

Friedrich would give up 2 hits before getting the second out of the inning also a strike out to John Singleton. After a Error by Ryan Wheeler at third and 2 more singles the Redhawks scored 3 runs and Friedrich got out of the inning after facing 8 batters. 3-0 Redhawks


The starting pitcher for the Redhawks was Michael Foltynewicz. He also started the game with a strike out his was looking to Jason Pridie.

Tim Wheeler would hit a double but would not score, the Sky Sox did get a second base runner on base it was Matt McBride who walked. The Redhawks got the best of Friedrich in the second Ronald Torreyes started the inning with a single followed by a Wates single. Friedrich walked the bases loaded, walking Gregorio Petit. The fourth batter of the inning was George Springer who hit a grand slam to give the Redhawks a 7-0 lead. Springer was called up to the Astros the next day and made his MLB Debut he went 1 for 5 with a walk in the game against the Kansas City Royals. In this game he went 3 for 4 with a walk.

After the Springer homer Friedrich settled down and got the next 3 batters out to end the inning. he then pitched well the next 2 innings sitting down 9 Redbirds batters in a row. He would give up a lead off double to singleton in the 5th who would score and the Redhawks had a 8-0 lead.


Mike McKenry got things started for the Sky Sox in the 5th with a double. He would score on a Tim Wheeler single.

8-1 Redhawks


Wilton Lopez came into pitch for the Sky Sox in the 6th inning.

Christian Friedrich left the game after 5 innings giving up 8 hits, 8 runs, walking 1 and striking out 4. After settle in and falling behind the 5 runs he did then have 2 good innings. It still looks like he needs some work but looks like he will be back to the way he pitched 2 years ago soon.


Matt McBride led off the 6th for the Sky sox and here he is diving back to first. He would get out at second on a ball hit by Ben Paulsen. The Sky Sox did go on and score 2 runs in the inning.


1 on a Kyle Parker triple that scored Paulsen. Parker then scored on a McKenry single 8-3 Redhawks.

The Redhawks scored another run to give them a 9-3 lead in the 7th. The Sky Sox then had a very good inning in the 7th. The first 2 on a Tim Wheeler 2 run home run, ben Paulsen then hit a homer of his own with McBride on base. Kyle Parker hit one for him self to go back to back with Paulsen. 9-8 Redhawks.


Rudy Owens came into pitch for the Redhawks in the 6th and was responsible for 5 of the Sky Sox runs the 2 in the 6th and 3 in the 7th. Chia-Jen Lo pitched the rest of the 7th inning for the Redhawks  and was responsible for the 2 other runs in the 7th.

The Redhawks scored 2 more in the 9th and the Sky Sox scored 1 more in the bottom of the 9th. They also had some base runners in the 8th but were unable to score them. That was it for this one the Sky Sox lost 11-9. This was a pretty good game and the Sky Sox did have a few opportunities to get the lead in this game and like the Rockies had trouble getting the timely runs. Tim Wheeler did come up a triple short of the cycle going 3 for 5 with 3 RBI’s. Mike McKenry also hit well also going 3 for 5 and he had 1 RBI.

After the game I took the hour and a half drive back home, in total I drove about 300 miles and spent 5 and a half hours just driving this day. But it was a great day doing 2 of my favorite things to do in Colorado Snowboarding and Baseball.

So that is it for this one I will be back at Coors on Friday when the Rockies return from there road trip to San Fran and San Diego.

 See You Their!




Playing at their worst against the worst.


Astros vs. Rockies


Today I headed to the stadium after work which means I miss a little bit of batting practice, mostly the Rockies 15 minutes or so as I came in the were on their last group. The Astros than took the field. Their first group hit pretty well but not necessarily where I was. In the second or third group one came out and went over Dan’s glove and caught me in the arm and I did not get the ball the very next ball was hit 2 rows behind me and I got it on the rebound roll. We noticed earlier in batting practice that they were hitting the 50th anniversary baseball from the Astros last year. The one I caught was a commemorative ball.  That was the only ball from batting practice but defiantly one for the collection.

After batting practice I headed over to the wall for autos and Todd Helton and Jeff Francis signed. I did get a card signed by Todd and got Amy a Jeff Francis card signed since she had a few and he got my stuff last week and I had nothing for him to sign it is great to get things done for players.


The Bullpen Crew heading in for the start. Jim Wright, Jerry Weinstein, Yorvit Torrealba and starting pitcher Juan Nicasio.


Juan Nicasio throwing the first pitch to the Astros Brandon Barnes. he struck out Barnes to start the game. Jose Altuve grounded out and the next batter Jason Castro was walked. J.D. Martinez hit a single and Carlos Pena struck out to end the inning. The Astros did not score in the inning and Nicasio got himself out of the inning.


Martinez dives back to first.


Jason Harrell started the game for the Astros.


Carlos Gonzalez was the first runner for the Rockies after Dexter Fowler and struck out and D.J. Lemahieu grounded out. cargo walked he was scored on a Michael Cuddyer single and bad throw to first which he moved to second and Tulo who also walked to get on base moved to third.

The Rockies got a second run in the 2nd inning Yorvit Torrealba scored on a Dexter Fowler double. An additional run was scored in the 3rd inning; the score was 3-0.

The Astros did score a single run in the 4th. Jason Castro started the inning with a single and scored a few batters later. Nicasio did benefit when Pena grounded into a double play with Martinez on base.

During the 3rd inning Jose Altuve at bat I finally got something that has eluded me for years. I finally got my first MLB game ball in a MLB stadium. It was a ricochet off the LED board between the lower level and club level. It hit the board and bounced off someone and down an Aisle where I picked it up. I have gotten them in Spring training and Minor League stadiums but this was my first in a MLB Stadium.


This is the ball with the Rockies 20th Anniversary Logo.

The Astros started the 6th inning with 5 consecutive hits Castro, Martinez and Pena hit singles.


Juan Nicasio was taken out of the game after the Pena single and Jose Lopez came in and the hits just kept on coming. Chris Carter and Matt Dominguez hit back to back home runs off Lopez. Lopez than got 3 consecutive outs including 2 strike outs. Adam Ottavino pitched the 7th and 8th inning and Josh Outman pitched in the 9th.

The Rockies bats were really cold for most of the game. Swinging at bad pitches and trying to hit the no men on base grand slam home runs. SMALL BALL! Try it, it works.


Tulo makes contact in the 6th inning. The Rockies did score a run in the inning with 2 outs Dexter Fowler walked D.J. LeMahieu and Cargo both had hits. Cargo got out at second on the Tulo hit to short.


Cargo lead off the 9th inning with a single. Followed by a Tulo single, Cargo stole second.


Not sure what Tulo was swinging at on this pitch but he did get a single!


Tulos hit in the 9th.


Michael Cuddy fell victim to the swinging at bad pitches as well he struck out for the first out of the inning.


Todd Helton hit a sac fly to left and Cargo scored.


Nolan Arenado also swung a little wild during his 9th inning at bat. He also struck out for the final out of the game. This was the Rockies 3rd lose to the Astros in the 4 games played this week. The Astros came into this game 16-37 the second worst team in baseball behind the Miami Marlins. After this game they 17-37 and 3 of the 17 are against the Rockies that is kind of sad. It seems like we have been playing down to teams like this and than have trouble against the better teams. These should have been a few games that should not of been lost. The bats have to get going in a timely manner. We are getting the runners on base and not home. In the 4 games against the Astros the Rockies left 38 runners on base. 23 in Houston and 15 the 2 games at Coors. A lot of lost opportunities during this game and the entire series.

Well that is it for this one. The Rockies take on the Dodgers this week end the last place team in the National League west. Lets see how this turns out.

See You At Coors!

Cargo figures out Houstons launch codes!!!!


Astros Vs Rockies

Game 4 of series

My 25th game of the season.

As always I headed to the Pavilions for batting practice not long after arriving I got a ball from Rockies. While the Astros batted I caught one leaning over the section divider rail. and not long after that a third, that was also a catch. The Second ball i ended up giving to a kid that was wearing a birthday cake hat. It was his sixth birthday. I believe his name was Philip. Hope He had an awesome birthday at Coors.

Like usual I headed to the wall for autographs once again Jordan Pacheco signed and since he was at dex and friends earlier in the day I know don’t have much left for him to sign.

I did get a photo of him signing this fans Jersey. The funny thing is the next morning I saw someone posted the photo from the phone to the left on twitter.

Geoff had him sign a ball that he caught that Jordan fouled off.

Jeremy Guthrie throwing the first pitch to Jordan Schafer. Schafer and Jose Altuve both got out. The next 2 batters Jed Lowrie and Carlos Lee both hit singles before Chris Johnson flew out to Michael Cuddyer to end the first.

Jose Altuve being thrown out at first.

Bud Norris was the starting pitcher for the Astros.  Dexter Fowler started the inning off right by walking. Dex once again has seemed to really gain patients at the plate and draws the walk aswell as hitting over .500 in this series.

Marco Scutaro followed up with a single. Once again Carlos Gonzalez came to the plate and for the 4th consecutive at bat he hit an HR.

Cargo getting high-five from Todd Helton after his HR.  This was a Rockies record for consecutive at bats being HRs.

Michael Cuddyer scoring on a Todd Helton 2B this was Heltons 562 career double. The Rockies scored 5 runs in the first. The Astros did score a run in the top of the second. (5-1)

This game I sat out in the pavilions in right field. I rarely sit out there it is always fun but doesn’t alway make for great photos. I always like the view from there before sunset. This is a view during Cuddyers at bat in the second. That is Dex diving back to the base.

 Wilin Rosario scoring in the 2nd inning. He got on base with a single and stole second. Ok the Rockies scored 4 runs in the second. 1 in the 4th and 1 in the 6th.. the Astros scored 1 in the 2nd and 3 in the 4th. I somehow don’t have photos supporting the play in those innings.

Here is Guthrie still pitching in the 7th inning and this was only his 79th pitch. He did let up a fifth run. 10-5 Rox. That Ruined my original title for this game which would of been Ten Four over and out but well the fifth run ruined that. Guthrie finished the 7th and Matt Reynolds came in to pitch the 8th. Guthrie let up 12 hits, 5 runs and only stuck out 1. But it was a good performance for his since he has been having trouble pitching at Coors. Good thing he got some major run support. It is great seeing the offence get things going in this series.

Matt Reynolds pitched a great 8th striking out the sides.

Cuddyer catching a ball to end the 7th inning.

D.J. LeMahieu tosses to Helton for the final out of the game. Josh Roenicke pitched the 9th for the Rox. 

The Rockies head to the field from the dugout to celebrate the sweep!!!

Roenicke and Rosario celebrate the win.

The rest of the team gathers the 11-5 win by second base.

The next picture kinda says it all…

…and is the creative BNW for this post.

Break out the brooms it is a SWEEP!!!

That that is it for this great series. Now the Rockies take on the Dodgers and thing are looking good. Hint hint since I am writing this after game one of that series!!!

So thats it for th game.

Now I mentioned dex and friends earlier in the post. Dex and friends is a Radio show on 102.3 ESPN radio on Thursadys when the Rockies are in town at Jackson’s on 20th and Blake across from Coors. Dexter Fowler and another player answer questions in person and talk baseball and the Rockies it is pretty cool this was the third time I attended. The first the other player was Jeremy Guthrie and the second time it was Chris Nelson. Todays guest was Jordan Pacheco.

Here are a few photos from Dex and friends.

Mary and Amy where there. We all were a little late because we thought it started at 1P.M. but it started at 12P.M. This is cool because the players do sign some autographs and take photos I had the Photios from dexters walk od triple signed One of him at first with his fist in the air and another after he stopped at third and eveyone started charging at him. As well as the photo from his wens HR. All three photos can be seen on the previous 2 posts from those days.

Mary with Dex

Me and Jordan Pacheco.

It was a cool day at Dex and friends and a Great night at Coors.

I will be at Coors all weekend. So see ya there. Check back for the Dodgers game one post soon.

For now see you at Coors.

Also I would like to congratulate The N.Y. Mets Johan Santana on getting the first NO Hitter in the history of the N.Y. Mets.