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The Indians get Housed by the Clippers!



Columbus Clippers vs. Indianapolis Indians

Victory Field, Indianapolis, Indiana

Columbus as you may know from the other game I have seen them is a triple A affiliate of Cleveland Indians and The Indianapolis are the Pirates affiliate. This seems like It became a Columbus Clippers trip.

This is my 9th and last game of the road trip. This is also the 4th game I have seen at Victory Field since family lives in Indy it is always a great day.


The center field entrance for Victory Field.

Since this is my 4th trip to Victory Field I am not doing to much of a write-up about the stadium.

Here are old posts that include Indianapolis.


Last year the Indians Also played the Clippers.



Graham Godfrey was the starting pitcher for the Indianapolis Indians. Here he is throwing the first pitch to the Clippers Ezequiel Carrera who would hit a single to get on base. Carrera would steal 2nd and advance to third on a Ryan Rohlinger ground out. IMG_0173

Tim Fedroff also hit a ground out in the inning for the 2nd out but it would score the Clippers first run of the game, scoring Carrera.

IMG_0176Indians  second baseman Jared Goedert making the throw to first for the second out of the inning.


This was the first game this trip that Daisuke Matsuzaka did not start both the game I saw in Columbus and the game in Durham he had started. Todays starter was T. J. House. The Indians lead-off batter Darren Ford also got on base with a single.


Matt Hague also hit a single in the first and would score the tying run for the Indians.


Ford got caught stealing between second and third.


 Matt Hague would make it to second while they were chasing Ford. Ford was tagged out by T.J. House they then also tagged Hague thinking he was out but he was safe.IMG_0214

 Hague crossing home plate for an Indians run.IMG_0238

 Matt Carson would hit a one out single and then score the Clippers go ahead run in the 2nd inning on a Luis Hernandez single. Nate Spears scored the second run of the inning as show above on a Godfrey wild pitch. On the wild pitch Hernandez was stealing and got caught trying to get to 3rd. (3-1) Clippers


He was tagged out by the Indians Russ Canzler. This was Canzlers first game with the Indians. He was traded from the Orioles organization, he was playing with the Norfolk Tides for Tim Alderson. He also played for the Durham Bulls in 2011 and I have seen him play with them that year.

IMG_0273 Godfrey came out to warm up in the 4th and injured himself and the trainer for the Indians came out.


He would leave the field. It looked like it was a leg issue but not sure. He would leave the game pitching 3 complete innings giving up 3 runs on 7 hits striking out 2 and walking none.

IMG_0285 Zach Thornton took the mound for the Indians in the 4th inning.


T.J. House pitching in the 4th inning.


Lucas May watching a pitch go by at his 4th inning at bat.


Somewhere around the end 6th inning I did my wander around the stadium here are some photos from then. Jared Hughes came in the game to pitch for the Indians in the 7th inning.


Roberto Perez gets out in the 7th for the second out of the inning.


Here is a look of the field and skyline from behind home plate.


I then headed up to the second deck behind home plate. Ivan De Jesus put down a bunt single.


Blake Wood who came into pitch in the inning for the Clippers was unable to field it and throw to first.


De Jesus taking off for 2nd, He would reach second with no throw. He would remain at second and the Indians would not score in the inning.


 Juan Diaz making contact for a single in the 8th inning for the Clippers.


The ball rolling to the outfield.


Perez at first base. He would get out at second on a ball hit by Jeremy Hermida to first, Matt Hague would throw to short stop Brian Bocock back 2 first for the double play really nice play by the 2 of them.

IMG_0452A look from left field as Andrew Lambo bats in the 8th. Bryan Price came in to pitch for the Clippers in the 8th.

IMG_0455A look at the stadium from the left field side with the Hoosier lottery foul pole.


Clippers short stop Juan Diaz throwing to second base for the out at second. Jerry Sands was out at second.

IMG_0475Luis Hernandez made the turn for the double play.

IMG_0476But was unable to get Bryan Bocock at first.


The Clippers had a second chance at the double play and this time….


Making it on a ball hit by Lucas May to end the inning.


Lucas May catches a pitch that went past Luis Hernandez in the 9th inning. After the Indians would end the 9th inning with a double play of their own!


Ivan de Jesus flew out to Matt Carson in right field for the first out of the 9th inning.


Darren Ford did not put it that far into the field he popped out to the Clippers second baseman.


The third out of the 9th was on this swing by Jared Goedert,

IMG_0554Roberto Perez missed the ball the ball bounced out in front of the plate.


 Goedert did not even try to run to first and was tagged out. That was the end of the game it was a very anticlimactic end to the game nobody realized that the game was over for a second or 2 after the tag. The players were just standing there and the crowd did not move. The Clippers won this one 6-1 over the Indians and that concludes the 2013 road trip I will be heading back to Denver o Monday and will miss the Home Run Derby but will be back home for the All-Start game really wish I was going to be at the game but something don’t work out the way you want.

Can’t wait for the second half of the season and Coors should be real interesting.

Glad I got this game in victory Field is one of my favorite stadiums and is why I always try to make a game there when I am in Indy.

Well that is it for this game road trip and 1/2 of the 2013 season.

Thanks to everyone who makes this trip what it is from letting me stay with the, driving with me on legs of the trip getting me tickets and just being there for me during this grueling trip. A real special thanks to my awesome boss and staff I work with. Who cover at work for me while I am on these baseball adventures. So far I have traveled over 4000 miles and still have about 1100 back to Denver

Well have a great break for the next few days See You at Coors.

Thanks again to everyone who follows my blog and adventures!